Steve Kagan: Unfit to Serve

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Robert Novak followed up some John Fund reporting from last week on "Dr. Millionaire," freshman Democrat Steve Kagan.

Mr. Kagan claimed last week to have gone to a White House party only to confront Karl Rove in the bathroom, slam Vice President Cheney, and insult Laura Bush in front of her and her husband as a way to hack off the President.

Mr. Kagan should remember that his district leans Republican and his behavior, coupled with his votes this past week for America's Mother-in-Law's lefty agenda will win him few friends in his district.

Kagen told a group of activists that after he found himself in the restroom with Rove, he blocked the White House deputy chief of staff's departure by holding the door closed. According to Kagen, he then said: "You're in the White House and you think you're safe. . . . My name's Dr. Multimillionaire and I kicked your ass."

The new congressman said he said separately to both Bush and Cheney: "Thank you for coming to Green Bay. I couldn't have won without you coming." Kagen also said he approached Laura Bush and purposely called her Barbara, the name of the president's mother.

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In 1996, the last time this seat was open in a bad Republican year, the Democrat won. He lost in 1998. Looks like history may be repeating itself.

Heh by Finrod

Think he'll be asking John "Lambert Field" Kerry to help him campaign in 2008?

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Seems rather petulant but why is Mr. Kagan unfit to serve?

"There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were and ask why not." George Bernard Shaw

Because I said so? ;)

Well I can't argue with that. :)

"There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were and ask why not." George Bernard Shaw

when he inevitably insults, and is consequently injured by, someone with less restraint? There are many tough people in Green Bay.

There are many of them to be sure. Unfortunately none of them are paid to play football.

Add Kagen to the list of other D one termers like Nick Lampson, Tim Mahoney, Zach Space, Nancy Boyda, Tim Walz, the NH duo, etc, etc.

Then in January, 2009 some Wisconsin blogger (because a US Congressman doing it would be low class) can say, "Thanks for everything Steve-o, we couldn't have regained the majority without you."

And he has never had a permanent residence in Green Bay.

But he is indeed the toughest of all NFL players.

typing fast - BTW, Packer fan since John Brockington.

So Packers... this I will defend.

Oh for the days when a lady could slap an oaf in the face with impunity.

Looks very much like old fashioned lowclass reactionaries.

his boorish behavior. The link is here.

Envisioning when all that is Left is the Right.

...for calling Laura Bush "Barbara":

"I did that because I learned on the campaign trail that the meanest thing you can say to another gentleman is, 'He's a fine fellow.' And then you refer to his spouse by a different name."

Rich. Very rich.

but either way, whether it did or didn't, the man seems unbalanced. If true he's a savage, if false he's delusional.
Noting previous comments I would say that's sufficient reason to judge him unfit to serve.

"a man's admiration for absolute government is proportinate to the contempt he feels for those around him". Tocqueville

The Republicans ran the poorest campaign ever against Kagen. It was pathetic - all negative.

Kagen's practice is in Appleton - I live in Neenah which is all part of the Fox Valley.

Kagen's "reputation" is that of an arrogant Horse's a$$.

He isn't that scrupulous of a guy either.

In all likelyhood he's a one termer. But the WI Republican party has got to better than someone like John Gard. Who couldn't inform anyone on what he stood for.

Poorest. Campaign. Ever!

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