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Posted at 1:41am on Aug. 6, 2005 8 Days and Counting

By Leon H Wolf

Prologue: For those who are new to the story, a compendium of the basic facts of the case can be found here.

In the first newspaper editorial I have seen on the Air America case that we have covered extensively here, the New York Times Arizona Republic (!!) has finally caught on to the fact that something stinks in New York, and it's not going away (Hat tip: Brian Maloney). Most of the following material is review for those who have been following the story closely, but notice their interesting conclusion:

The nugget of this story is just astonishing:

In early 2004, the directors of the nascent Air America network were scouring the nation for potential contributors to its start-up. One of the network's directors, Evan Montvel Cohen, appears to have partially solved the problem by arranging loans from the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club that eventually totaled at least $480,000, and possibly more.

According to reports, Cohen was in an advantageous position to secure the loans: In addition to directing Air America, Cohen also served as development director of the Gloria Wise club.

At the same time, it is worth noting, Cohen also secured loans to himself. All told, he borrowed more than $800,000, according to club officials.

In this case, "borrow" seems to be a loose term. The club's president says Cohen made at least one of the Air America loans - $213,000 - without her approval. Cohen no longer works for either the club or the network, and there is some indication that the current owner of Air America, Piquant LLC, may not have been aware of the loans at the time it purchased the network on May 24, 2004.

For the Boys & Girls Club, meanwhile, the results have been disastrous. The New York Department of Investigation announced in June that city grants and contracts to Gloria Wise - about $10 million worth - were to be suspended because its officials had approved "significant inappropriate transactions and falsified documents that were submitted to various city agencies."

You don't have to be a Columbia School of Journalism grad to sense that this developing story might have legs.

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Posted at 2:57pm on Aug. 5, 2005 The Line Between Evil and Monstrous

By Leon H Wolf

A friend of mine recently alerted me to this Charles Krauthammer piece on stem cells, which has a lot of "interesting" information from a bioethicist on the ethics of using human embryos for scientific experimentation. What was most "interesting" to me, in reading this article, was the line that Krauthammer attempted to draw between experimenting on human embryos already in existence, and creating new embryos specifically for the purpose of experimentation:

It is a good idea to expand federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. It is a bad idea to do that without prohibiting research that uses embryos created specifically to be used in research and destroyed.

Perhaps, in my own sheltered existence in which I am not a noted bioethicist as Krauthammer is, I am simply unable to see why such a distinction factually exists, or why one is less monstrous than the other.

On the other hand, it could be because the distinction is not valid at all, except as a salve to the conscience of one who has determined beforehand that he will do monstrous things, whatever the ethical consequences.

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Posted at 12:01pm on Aug. 2, 2005 Washington Post Carries Ted Kennedy's Water

By Leon H Wolf

The last time liberals wanted to smear a conservative SCOTUS nominee as a pro-segregation racist, they had to hold their nose and let paragon of moral virtue Teddy Kennedy do the dirty work for them:

"Robert Bork's America is a land in which... blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters...

Nowadays, they can just have the Washington Post do it for them. The latest shameful partisan smear is a transparent attempt to throw enough dirt against Roberts that hopefully some of it will stick. Their endgame remains the same: they hope to demonize the squeaky-clean Roberts to the point that his record will become "troubling" enough that they will seem "reasonable" when they block his nomination for refusing to answer questions that no SCOTUS nominee has ever answered.

More below the fold:

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Posted at 4:36pm on Jul. 29, 2005 Air America Embroiled in Scandal

By Leon H Wolf

Some of our diarists and commenters around here have mentioned this affair briefly, and the story is picking up steam that I thought it might be appropriate to visit the issue on the front page. If any of you are interested in a further breakdown of the story, I would refer you to Michelle Malkin and Brian Maloney, who have been on the case from the very beginning.

To summarize the facts of this case as they are known now, the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club of New York is currently under investigation by the city of New York for approving "inappropriate contracts" and also for destroying records. During the course of the investigation, one of the "investments" that came to light was a loan of $480,000 that the Gloria Wise Club made to a company called Progressive Media.

What was significant about this loan was that Evan Cohen, who was Director of Development for Gloria Wise was also chairman of Progressive Media. What has made this story significant politically is that Progressive Media was the company that owned and operated the liberal talk radio network Air America Radio.

More below the fold:

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Posted at 12:57pm on Jul. 29, 2005 Smearing Schmidt as a Smearer

By Leon H Wolf

Primarily due to the blogosphere, the special Congressional election in OH-2 is getting a lot of attention. The race pits marginal Republican Jean Schmidt against Democrat Paul Hackett, a civil affairs officer in Iraq. In this race, the Kossacks have taken to a relatively new tactic, they are actually inventing smears.

UPDATE (07-29-05 12:39:00 EDT) by Leon H: Sincerest apologies. It has been pointed out to me via email (and, I notice, by a commenter) that Hackett did, in fact, see combat, it is clear that Minamyer was in fact mistaken. In my defense, the original poster of the Kos piece in question was no more aware of this fact than I was, as he spent his entire post defending how dangerous it was to be a civil service officer even in non-combat areas.

In any event, I did not research this issue as thoroughly as I should have before posting it on the front page, and again offer my sincerest apologies for the mistake.

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Posted at 9:45pm on Jul. 27, 2005 Why We Love the Judicial Branch

By Leon H Wolf

Today, it's because they take the occasion of sentencing LAX bomber Ahmed Ressam to lecture us all about the evils of Bush administration policy regarding detainees. Oh, and also, Ressam stands a very good chance of leaving prison before Lynndie England.

More outpouring of love below the fold:

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Posted at 5:01pm on Jul. 26, 2005 A Lie of Insane Proportions

By Leon H Wolf

A tip of the hat to John Cole for discovering this incredible bit from DNC chair Howard Dean:

The president and his right-wing Supreme Court think it is 'okay' to
have the government take your house if they feel like putting a hotel
where your house is.

Staggering in its stupidity and mendacity. As party chair, we fully expect Dean to spin the facts in a way that is favorable to his party. We are coming to expect that he will also invent facts out of thin air.  Does Chairman Dean expect all of us to forget that as of this moment, there is still not a George W. Bush appointee to the Supreme Court? Not even one? In what universe can this Supreme Court be called "his"?

Second,  insofar as there are "right wing" members to the Supreme Court, they are indisputably named William Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. All of whom dissented with the majority in the Kelo case to which Chairman Dean is referring. The liberals, on the other hand (Ginsburg, Breyer, Stevens and Souter) unanimously thought that the government seizing your house to put a hotel there was a fine idea. The moderates (O'Connor and Kennedy) split down the middle.

At this point, you must believe that Chairman Dean was either deliberately lying or stunningly ignorant. Which leaves us to ask the question - was Chairman Dean completely ignorant of the current composition of the Supreme Court (including the fact that Bush has yet to have a nominee confirmed)? Was he also completely ignorant of the breakdown of the Kelo vote, or does he view Ginsburg, Breyer, Stevens and Souter as "right-wing"?

In order to believe that Chairman Dean was not completely fabricating reality, you have to ascribe to him a level of ignorance that is frankly beneath most first-time posters on the Democratic Underground. You'd have to believe that he was - well, you know, brain dead. We've previously seen that Dean sometimes lets his tongue get away from his brain, but it's fairly clear that something more devious is occurring here. This isn't an occurence of speaking irresponsibly, it's an occurence of deliberate falsification, which Dean should apologize for.

Update 4:18 EDT by Dales: Kathryn Jean Lopez makes a great point:

Wasn't it Nancy Pelosi who pledged her sacred devotion to Supreme Court rulings?

UPDATE 16:21:00 EDT by Leon H (with more help from John): Lest we forget the House vote on this below the fold:

UPDATE 12:19:00 EDT by Leon H:

Dear Liberals,

Please quit directing us to a link to this NBC TV affiliate in Utah which covered a speech Dean gave in Utah, in which he made remarks about the SCOTUS which, while factually correct, were still misleading.

The speech under consideration, as the article clearly notes, took place in front of the College Democrats of America, in Washington, DC. Thanks, please try again.

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Posted at 6:15pm on Jul. 25, 2005 Dereliction of Duty

By Leon H Wolf

In a recent RedHot post, I made a fleeting reference to this Instapundit piece about the failure of major media in this country to cover Muslim anti-terror rallies that took place this weekend all over the globe. However, in the wake of recent discussions on this site, it is high time we took the media to task in more strident style for their gross negligence in covering this important aspect of the War on Terror.

More below the fold:

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Posted at 5:41pm on Jul. 25, 2005 Who are they After?

By Leon H Wolf

Over the course of the last two years, those of us who have supported the war in Iraq have been beaten over the head with the canard that "Iraq isn't making less terrorists, it's making more." The implication, of course, is that if we would all just duck our heads in our little holes and not meddle with the Arabian peninsula, then Al-Qaeda would leave us alone.

Recent events have conspired to put this particular canard to death. First, there were the recent bombings against Egypt, who of course had no interest (financial or troopwise) in the Zionist assault on the Arabian peninsula. Now, in a story that has thus far flown much farther under the radar, it appears (with a tip of the hat to CQ) that Al-Qaeda has unsuccessfully targeted India. The significance of this development should be obvious, but Ed Morrisey lends us a hand:

Dear Liberal Friends, please take a few moments to actually read my post before responding. As I clearly state in closing, the notion that "more terrorists exist because of Iraq" is a debatable point. That does not mean that is the central point of my post, which I would like to see debated. The point of this post is that it's time to realize that the expulsion of Western interests from the Arabian Peninsula is NOT the Al-Qaeda endgame. Their endgame is nothing short of world (or at the very least, Eurasian/African domination), and the war in Iraq was not the beginning point of this objective.

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Posted at 1:38am on Jul. 25, 2005 Glamour Magazine Mourns the Pro-Life Shift

By Leon H Wolf

Given the extraordinary male dominance of the editorial staff, we all collectively almost missed a very interesting article that was stuffed all the way in the back of the most recent Glamour magazine. However, thankfully, some of us have people who live in our households who read these kinds of publications, so with a tip of the hat to Mrs. Nachos, let's examine The mysterious disappearance of young pro-choice women below the fold.

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