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Posted at 3:04am on Jul. 22, 2005 The NYT Drops a Bombshell... Sort Of

By Leon H Wolf

The layers of this Rove story are peeling away one by one, and I'll be the first to admit that the news gets weirder the further down one goes. It still looks fine from a legal standpoint (provided Rove did not lie to investigators), but as the information leaks out, it seems that one question is emerging out of the ether that will be crucial to my continued defense of Rove - did he see the memo that marked Plame's identity as secret? If so, did he see it (or some other piece of information that clearly identified Plame's status as secret) before he spoke with Novak?

I have been a fierce defender of Rove throughout this entire mess, but I have steadfastly maintained that if it turns out that Rove did learn of Plame's identity from classified sources, and did intentionally leak that identity to the press, I won't stand behind him. I'll not be dragged down to the level of James Carville, defending the indefensible on technicalities and throwing my own self-respect under the bus for the sake of my party. But I want to make this clear for any lefties who might like to seize the opportunity of this post to make a ridiculous "Republicans Jumping Off Rove's Bandwagon" post: Rove denies having seen the memo, and I still believe him. If Fitz tells me differently I'll be the first to bite the bullet and demonstrate the difference between a Republican partisan and a Democrat partisan: I'll call for his resignation, rather than defending the indefensible.

That said, I'll not relinquish my right to take the media to task for their complicity in this leak, either.

So, the question that remains is, did Rove see the memo? The New York Times takes a look below the fold:

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Posted at 11:12pm on Jul. 21, 2005 Developments on Rove

By Leon H Wolf

To my horror, I am wading into the waters of Rove after a hiatus that was entirely too short. However, the developments are piling up, and it seems that the conclusion of this whole affair may be just around the corner. Let us pray that that is the case.

UPDATE [07-22-05 00:20:00 EST by Leon H] Captain Ed makes the case that the evidence points to Rove NOT having seen the memo, or at least that the memo wasn't the source of the leak. Worth a read.

Further, Mark at Decision '08 takes a look at the growing mini-story attached to the Wilson affair involving Scooter Libby and Tim Russert. Apparently, Libby is now saying that he learned of Plame's identity from Russert. According to Russert's lawyer, he told the grand jury, in effect, "That ain't so." Or did he?

Please - did Russert tell Libby that Joe Wilson's wife tapped him for the Niger trip, without giving a name? Did Russert say she was an "analyst", not an "operative"?

None of this came up when Russert chatted with Matt Cooper on his "Meet The Pravda" show last weekend.

Mark my words, the Media's getting dirty on this one.

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Posted at 3:57pm on Jul. 21, 2005 A Stick in the Eye of the LATimes

By Leon H Wolf

The Los Angeles Times has officially won the race to drag John Roberts' wife Jane Roberts into the fray of his impending confirmation hearing:

WASHINGTON — While Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr.'s views on abortion triggered intense debate on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, there is no mistaking where his wife stands: Jane Sullivan Roberts, a lawyer, is ardently against abortion.

A Roman Catholic like her husband, Jane Roberts has been deeply involved in the antiabortion movement. She provides her name, money and professional advice to a small Washington organization — Feminists for Life of America — that offers counseling and educational programs. The group has filed legal briefs before the high court challenging the constitutionality of abortion.

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Posted at 2:53pm on Jul. 21, 2005 Gang of 14 Gives Roberts the Nod

By Leon H Wolf

As I said long ago, the net result of "The Deal" was that the judicial fight in the Senate had morphed from a fight against the tyranny of 45 into a fight against the tyranny of 14, with Don McCain at the head. Predictably, after the nomination of John Roberts, the media went scrambling to find out whether these self-appointed gate-keepers for the President's nominees intended to cause trouble.

Luckily for us all, the Gang of 14 has decided to extend their protection to Roberts.

Some good news and some bad below the fold:

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Posted at 6:39pm on Jul. 20, 2005 "He Must Answer Questions!" Part 2

By Leon H Wolf

Yesterday, in response to Chuck Schumer's shrill demand that John Roberts must answer any question he can think of, and that refusal to answer questions on specific cases and issues is a serious matter indeed, I blasted this contention into oblivion by demonstrating that Ruth Bader Ginsburg didn't answer any questions about much of anything, and sailed through confirmation easily.

Today, with just a smidgeon more research, I have unearthed futher evidence that will hopefully put this tiresome meme to death before it is even fully formed, as we will consider the confirmations of Stephen Breyer and Sandra Day O'Connor herself.

UPDATE: [07-20-05 00:04:00 EST by Leon H] As I predicted, the "He Must Answer Questions" shrieking has begun. Read the comments to get a flavor for the nonsense we should soon expect to filter over here, but Armando's post itself is instructive:

I tell you what I suspect - he does not want to discuss Roe. And that is unacceptable.

It's good to know that Ginsburg and Breyer also behaved in an unacceptable manner during their confirmation hearings. We eagerly await the calls from the Kos community for their immediate resignations.

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Posted at 12:21am on Jul. 20, 2005 The Incredible Chuck Schumer

By Leon H Wolf

I generally try to avoid posts that poke fun at either Teddy Kennedy or Chuck Schumer on the basis that they're such easy targets, it takes all the fun out of the sport. It's about like hunting cows in Southwest Oklahoma. However, Schumer's response to the Roberts nomination is just too juicy for even me to resist.

Watch the amnesia-afflicted Schumer self-discredit below the fold:

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Posted at 10:05pm on Jul. 19, 2005 Who are the Enemies of John G. Roberts?

By Leon H Wolf

First of all, let me just offer a big THANK YOU to Erick for all his hard work on following this story, which has been incredibly draining on him and his time. He's kept us appraised well ahead of the curve.

Now, one of the complaints that is sure to come up in regards to John G. Roberts is that he has very little paper trail that would commend a belief in him as a solid conservative. Indeed, when I went searching today for material on Google, I found very little written by Roberts or his supporters concerning his positions.

However, I found quite a few pieces written by his enemies, and they paint the most telling picture of all. Who are the enemies of John G. Roberts? Find out below the fold:

UPDATE: Harry Reid said earlier today that John Roberts had "suitable legal credentials," but I don't see why we ought to hold that against Roberts.

UPDATE: Apparently, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is going ballistic on television right now (we hope to have a transcript soon), claiming that the Democrats are going to fight Roberts tooth and nail over Roberts. The good news on Roberts keeps piling up. Schumer is also claiming that he voted against Roberts's confirmation to the DC Circuit, which is weird, being that Roberts was confirmed by unanimous consent. Apparently, the President of the Senate thinks as little of Schumer as we do.

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Posted at 10:30pm on Jul. 18, 2005 Waxman Finds an Aluminum Bullet<br>What About the SF 312?

By Leon H Wolf

The latest twist in the increasingly bizarre and complex Rove/Plame "scandal" is the emergence of a new supposed silver bullet that Henry Waxman (D-CA) has supposedly found, the SF 312 Non-Disclosure agreement, which has already made its first appearance here on RedState. After a cursory examination of the form, it appears that Rep. Waxman and his sycophants at Kos have once again made the mistake of spending too much time around folks who think exactly like they do - which often leads to the error in which one begins to believe that their fervent wishes are actually facts. Logically, it's called assuming what one is trying to prove. Sadly (not really), the Democrats are going to soon find out that the bullet they are firing is made of aluminum, not silver.

UPDATE: I've taken some time to read over this form and the attendant executive order, and basically what it says is that if anyone violates the order, then it is up to the President to discipline that person according to the President's discretion. This can be anything from a reprimand (Bad Karl! Bad!), to a dock in pay, to firing. Totally and completely up to the President.

In other words, even if Rove is found to have violated the terms of his NDA, it means precisely zilch to those who are looking for his scalp.

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Posted at 2:35pm on Jul. 18, 2005 Are We Leonard Shelby?

By Leon H Wolf

I've been grappling with the newest liberal talking point all morning, and it appears that I finally understand it. It's not that it's particularly hard to understand, it's just that it's so monumentally stupid that it's hard to believe that this is the best effort they have left.

Their newest talking point involves such incredible mendacity that it could only be succesful on the pitiable Leonard Shelby, whom the media believes that we have suddenly all become.

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Posted at 11:58pm on Jul. 17, 2005 More Rovelations

By Leon H Wolf

The New York Times continues the almost daily dribble of exculpatory information about Bush advisor Karl Rove, and the farther we delve into this "scandal", the clearer it becomes that not only did Rove not intend to out Valerie Plame as an agent, not only did he not break the law, not only did he not come by his information from access to confidential information, but also numerous media figures have been sitting on exculpatory evidence concerned Rove, all the while perpetuating a feeding frenzy of "scandal" about him.

Three days ago, when the information was yet more incomplete, Tom Maguire explained the Media's culpability thus:

In which case, there are reporters out there who know they have given testimony to Fitzgerald that would help Rove and Lewis, and are keeping quiet - not to protect a source, not to preserve confidentiality, but, I guess, because Fitzgerald asked them too.

This might even have made sense while the investigation was being ignored - Fitzgerald might have explained that he is trying to establish whether there was knowledge of Ms. Plame inside the White House prior to the reporters passing the news, and that he can't conduct a sensible investigation with reporters presenting a seemingly exculpatory but incomplete story to the public.

However, in the current revved-up atmosphere, I promise you - if the media is really just keeping quiet about their role in this, well, I can't imagine how I could respect our media less, but I will think of something.

Time to get thining, Tom.

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