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Posted at 10:09pm on Jul. 8, 2005 Christopher Hitchens and the Boiling Point

By Leon H Wolf

If you are the kind of person who watches liberals on a regular basis and wonders, "How is it that reasonable people on that side of The Big Ditch don't boil over on a regular basis?" then Christopher Hitchens is presenting an interesting case study for you right now. If you've ever wanted to see what it looks like when a liberal reach the boiling point with other liberals, we humbly offer you this, below the fold:

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Posted at 7:52pm on Jul. 7, 2005 Two For Flinching

By Leon H Wolf

I know that I am in disagreement with several of the other editors in saying this, but it appears, from what we have been hearing, that "The Deal" is somewhat affecting the President's nomination calculus - as in, he wants to nominate people who won't be filibustered.

Politically, he's correct to do this, since he's learned the lesson that when the chips are down on judges, the Senate will flinch. Given the way the court is currently constituted, with the three SCOTUS retirements currently on the table, three very strong nominees will be needed to break the court's 32 year stranglehold on abortion politics.

The margin for error is already razor thin, and in a battle this close, there is always a penalty for flinching. I know that many believe that The Deal has somehow ensured that a conservative nominee can get through a SCOTUS nomination process (no word on how it will fare through three in less than a year), but it is demonstrably less effective than the removal of the unconstitutional filibuster altogether.

And more importantly, it serves as a reminder to both the President and the Democrats of what the Republicans do in the midst of a high-stakes judicial nomination battle.

So far as they know now, they flinch.

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Posted at 12:20am on Jul. 7, 2005 The Philosophical and Political Implications of Atheistic Evolution

By Leon H Wolf

Recently, this site has been inundated with numerous diaries about the validity of the theory of evolution. On a personal level, I found the diaries for the largest part to be out of place here at RedState - not because the debate between proponents of ID and evolution does not have a political aspect, but rather because these diaries did not involve it. It occurred to me that perhaps the time was right to examine what the full philosophical and political implications of atheistic evolution really are, and they're not so innocuous as you might think.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a thread to discuss the scientific validity of evolution. If you would like to involve yourself in such a discussion, please participate in one of the above three diaries. For the purposes of this story, we will grant the assumption that atheistic evolution is true, and see where it leads us.

UPDATE: Some people are apparently unclear as to the meaning of the above "IMPORTANT NOTE". If you post in this thread something along the lines of "evolution is just scientific fact, you can't deny scientific fact," that falls clearly under discussing the scientific validity of evolution, and as such is not welcome in this thread. Again, you are encouraged to participate in any one of the other three threads conveniently linked at the top of this post.

Read on below the fold:

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Posted at 12:56pm on Jul. 5, 2005 Beating Them With Their Own Club

By Leon H Wolf

A lot of people from both the left and the right have been bemoaning the most recent piece of judicial travesty to emanate from our distinguished SCOTUS, the Kelo vs. New London.

Apart from being a great issue on which both left and right can agree, the Kelo decision has also led to some very creative thinking about how to convince the court of the error of their ways.

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Posted at 3:51pm on Jul. 3, 2005 Loving Our Country With Honesty<br>Why Are Liberals Often Accused of Being Unpatriotic?

By Leon H Wolf

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, which for most of us in this great country means that it is time to reflect with thankfulness that we live in the great, free country that we do. For others, it is a time to reflect on the great evil that this country represents to them.

As I'm sure there will be quite a bit of posting material from the other editors on this site tomorrow about the birth of this country and what it means to them, I thought it might be worthwhile to examine how it is that residents of the same country can so often come to very different conclusions about the value and worth of their own heritage? Specifically, I thought it worthwhile to seek an explanation for the question, "Why are liberals often accused of being unpatriotic?"

In the spirit of the holiday, in which we set aside our partisan differences and take some time to revel in the fact that we are something more than just Democrats or Republicans - we are Americans, I offer this post as a public service to our liberal friends who often express puzzlement at finding their patriotism questioned by others.

Below the fold, I will not bash liberals' patriotism, but rather seek to explain why so many others do:

UPDATE: 7/3/04 4:26pm CST: Welcome, DailyKos readers, to RedState and my personal blog. I repeat for emphasis that this post does not explain why liberals are less patriotic, but only why they seem less patroitic. And further, that this does not apply to ALL liberals, but the ones of the kind mentioned in the link at the top of this page - and while we're mentioning it, this guy and others like him. Again, Happy 4th!

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Posted at 3:31pm on Jul. 1, 2005 Whence All the Fuss?

By Leon H Wolf

In light of the bombshell announcement of Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement earlier today, the news media and the blogosphere has ratcheted up the attention to previously unprecedented levels. Bloggers from the left and right are mobilizing for a political fight of never-before-seen proportions.

Everyone merely assumes that this is the proper course of action, and very few people seem to be stopping to consider the question: why is a nomination to the SCOTUS such an important political fight? For that matter why is it a political fight at all?

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Posted at 1:41am on Jul. 1, 2005 The Follies of Identity Politics

By Leon H Wolf

Erick's response is below the fold.

When Dick Morris once punditized that Condolezza Rice could take siginificant voting chunks away from Hillary Clinton because she was female and black, Steven Warshawsky of American Thinker famously quipped in response:

[T]his is nothing but crude identity politics masquerading as political analysis.

If Erick's source is correct about the reasoning the White House is using to arrive at a Garza SCOTUS nomination, it appears that forces within the White House have fallen prey to the same seductive, yet false political reasoning that Warshawsky rightly skewered. Not only will nominating Garza to the SCOTUS not be effective, politically speaking - if he is nominated simply because he is Hispanic, it is also the wrong thing to do.

More below the fold:

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Posted at 3:05pm on Jun. 30, 2005 Iranian President-"Elect" Fingered by Ex-Hostages

By Leon H Wolf

In a potentially explosive development, at least five of the former hostages taken in Iran in 1979 have identified President-"Elect" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as one of their captors. Lest we forget, the 1979 takeover of the U. S. Embassy in Tehran and the resultant year-long standoff which ultimately left eight U. S. Soldiers dead severed official relations between the United States and Iran, a condition that remains today.

The White House appears to be taking the claims of the former hostages seriously, and if an investigation turns up a concrete link, it could push the already simmering temperature of U.S./Iranian relations over the boiling point.

More below the fold:

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Posted at 2:58pm on Jun. 28, 2005 Americans Optimistic About Iraq<br>MSNBC Despairs

By Leon H Wolf

A Washington Post poll released yesterday contains quite a bit of positive public sentiment for the war in Iraq. Not that you'd be able to tell that from MSNBC's coverage of it, however.

The poll indicates that 52 percent of Americans "currently believe that the war has contributed to the long-term security of the United States, a five-point increase from earlier this month" and further that 53 percent of Americans are "optimistic" about the situation in Iraq, and that only one in eight Americans favor an immediate pullout from Iraq. Further, the poll noted:

And overwhelming majorities believe the Iraqi people are better off now because of the war and will be better off in the future as a result of the U.S. invasion.

There were other findings suggesting that negatives views of the conflict are easing somewhat. Currently 51 percent believe that the war has contributed to the long-term stability of the Middle East, up nine points from a year ago. And the proportion who said the conflict damaged the United States' image with the rest of the world fell to 67 percent, down nine points since last June.

Not surprisingly, the MSNBC headline headline for this story was this: "Americans Skeptical About Claims on Insurgents." The corresponding headline of the moment: "WP: Doubts About Iraq."

The good, the bad, AND the ugly below the fold.

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Posted at 6:12pm on Jun. 27, 2005 In Praise of Bono

By Leon H Wolf

Whenever "artists" of various stripes take to the airwaves to promote political causes, it's generally sure to cause much eyerolling at the hopeless naievete of the drug-addled celebrity of the moment. Who can forget Bo Derek's unintentionally hilarious appearance on Hannity and Colmes to plead for the cause of wild horses?

But it appears that Bono, quite apart from producing some great music throughout his career, is cut from a different mold. Bono's recent appearance on NBC's Meet the Press, was, in comparison to most of his celebrity counterparts, incredibly insightful and realistic.

It also contained the personally bold maneuver of breaking celebrity orthodoxy and praising President Bush. More below the fold.

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