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Posted at 7:52pm on May 18, 2008 Sunday Open Thread

And the emerging narrative on sexism

By Adam C

This is a Sunday Open Thread. I'll kick it off but noting that the last week has seen a continuation of a small narrative from the Democratic race: Sen. Obama as sexist. I doubt that's true anymore than "Republicans are racist." But that won't stop it from making headlines if a major issue happens. Right now it seems there has been a string of small incidents that some see as evidence of sexism:

* Calling a reporter "sweetie" in a condescending tone, which he apologized for any noted that it is a habit of his. I'm not sure talking down to female reporters is a good habit to have when he starts trying to win back Hillary supporters.

* When talking about Sen. Clinton, Obama has used calculated phrases like "when the claws come out" and "when she's feeling down periodically she launches attacks." Some Democrats see this as a calculated attempt to define Ms. Clinton as a "female candidate" and to play up negative stereotypes of women.

In sum, Jennifer Rubin describes this thusly:

had a Republican done the “sweetie” and “claws” routine, every NOW representative worth her salt would be on the air calling for heads to roll.You want double standards? Got ‘em right here. In this wonderful post-partisan, post-racial era, someone forgot to tell the liberal media establishment and their beloved candidate that sexism is passé.

If this is all they have, the argument won't get very far. But if Sen. Obama does or says something worse, then this list of small problems will explode into a narrative that "Obama is sexist." This is the same phenomenon that took minor issues (flag pin, inability to bowl, and not crossing his heart during the pledge) and made them well known after the Rev. Wright flap made stories on "Is Obama patriotic or anti-American" acceptable. If "Is Obama sexist" catches on, each of these quotes will haunt him.

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Posted at 5:05pm on May 6, 2008 McCain on Judges: A Report from Wake Forest

An issue where Republicans never lost their way

By Adam C

I attended Sen. McCain's talk today on judges. I've watched a lot of the Senator's events and traveled with him for a few days in NH. Yet, almost all of this talk was new material and worth commentary.

First, the talk coincided with Sen. McCain's record as a supporter of judicial restraint, his opposition to judicial rulings based on their own experience instead of the law, and his opposition of stealth nominees. Senator McCain criticized Justice Stevens' reliance on "his own experience" to determine that the death penalty is unconstitutional rather than relying on the law or the Constitution.

Second, Sen. McCain is signaling that he wants to win this election on the issues. He definitely believes that judges are an issue that unites the right and middle of the country behind judges who rely on the law and not their own political views in making their decisions. Focusing on the judiciary is probably one area where Republicans can unite a majority of the country behind their view because it used to be the unanimous view of the country before the Warren Court's dedication to inserting politics into the Court's decisions.

Third, Sen. McCain got most passionate when discussing the Senate's inaction on considering nominees. He sharply criticized the Democrats and especially Sens. Obama and Clinton for their obstruction in the face of a judicial "emergency." Sen. McCain seems to see the deliberate, political delay as an abuse of power which rankles him in a way that I've only seen before when he was discussing the corrupt pork-barreling of Congress.

Finally, McCain discussed specific cases and examples, which is a first since I've been watching him. He discussed Kelo and the "Under God" case in detail. This added needed substance to otherwise broad themes and helped explain the importance of judicial philosophy to a largely neutral crowd of college students.

Overall, the combination of Sen. McCain's record on judges, his comments on the issue, and his campaign promises should make the judiciary an issue where McCain receives significant support from the conservative movement while he helps win over non-ideological voters to the common sense notion that judges should follow the law, not their own political opinion.

Videos below:

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Posted at 7:25pm on May 5, 2008 Monday Open Thread

Leno rips Ds; Fred on McCain and judges

By Adam C

Instapundit has an interview with ex-SEN Fred Thompson discussing SEN McCain and judges. That will also be the topic of McCain's talk tomorrow morning at Wake Forest. I'll be attending and probably reporting back mid-day or in the evening.

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Posted at 3:34pm on May 5, 2008 North Carolina Republican Choices

GOV, LTG, and Judges

By Adam C

As a current resident of North Carolina I will have the chance to vote in tomorrow's primary. While I am looking forward to finally casting a ballot for Sen. John McCain for President, that is not one of the competitive races.

Republicans face a choice for Governor among 4 good candidates:
Pat McCrory, Mayor of Charlotte
Fred Smith, State Senator
Bob Orr, Former State Supreme Court Justice
Bill Graham, Businessman

For Lieutenant Governor, there is another 4 way race:
Greg Dority, Businessman
Robert Pittenger, State Senator
Timothy Cook, Businessman
Jim Snyder, Former State Rep, 2004 LTG nominee

See below for a discussion of these races:

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Posted at 1:08pm on May 4, 2008 Sunday Open Thread

I hate to be the bearer of bad news

By Adam C

But even Rasmussen has picked up the shift away from Rs and toward Ds over the past two year. The monthly survey found in April 2008, Ds outnumber Rs by 10.0%, in 2007 it was by 5.5%, and in 2006 it was 3.9%. For perspective, in November 2004, the D lead was only 1.6% and in November 2006 it was 6.1%.

So right now, Rs are just as numerous as election day 2006 but Democrats have added 4% to their numbers. This is the worst relative showing since Rasmussen started taking monthly samples in Jan 2004, beating out the last two months which were D +9.1 and D +9.7. Feb, March and April 2008 have been the worst months for Rs compared to Ds in the 4 year history of this poll.

Sen. McCain may be able to pull out a win by winning over sufficient I and D voters but the House and Senate will become increasingly Democrat if a ten-point party ID differential persists.

Republican leadership seems silent on the deteriorating position of the party. And there is not much effort to identify policies and ideals that will bring people to the Party.

Open Thread.

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Posted at 4:43pm on Apr. 30, 2008 Open Thread: This One's for the FredHeads and McCainiacs

Er... and the Jindalists... or whatever we call them

By Adam C

well heck, it's for everyone. But this is great news for Fred, Johnny Mac, and all of their supporters:

Former GOP presidential candidate and close McCain friend, Fred Thompson, is set to join the presumptive GOP nominee during his visit to North Carolina next week. Since losing the South Carolina primary on Jan. 18, Thompson has been absent from the limelight-even choosing to drop out of the race via written statement.

McCain is set to make a timely visit to the Tar Heel State, where primary voters go to the polls on Tuesday, and hopes to scoop up some media coverage. He is set to hit Charlotte on Monday and deliver a speech at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem the next day.

Great to see Fred is back after his break and helping his friend. I hope to make some of the NC events and report from them depending on my schedule.

[UPDATE] - Jindal on Jay Leno talking about LA and, of course, denying interest in the VP position:

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Posted at 10:11am on Apr. 21, 2008 Sen. Obama Getting Heat for Comparing Sen. Coburn to a Terrorist

Sen. Obama has not recanted or apologized for the comparison

By Adam C

Sen. McCain personally addressed the offensive comparison yesterday:

...I think, really indicates Senator Obama's attitude, is he had the incredible statement that he compared Mr. Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist, with Senator Tom Coburn, Senator Coburn, a physician who goes to Oklahoma on the weekends and brings babies into life -- comparing those two -- I mean, that's not -- that's an attitude, frankly, that certainly isn't in keeping with the overall attitude.

I commented on this comparison when it happened. I still find it flabbergasting that the media has not followed up on this. Does Obama not see a difference between violent acts of terror to make a political point and running for office to change the law? Does Obama not know about Ayers violent past? That Ayers has never repented? That Ayers wrote a defense of his violence and a regret that he didn't do more? That it was published on Sept. 11, 2001?

I can only imagine what the media would be doing if a Presidential candidate had gone to a fundraiser at the home of an abortion clinic bomber. But for some reason Obama's fundraising at the home of an avowed, unrepentant terrorist seems to be a-okay with most of the media.

Reporters should be asking whether Sen. Obama understands the difference between pro-life politicians and people who set bombs to kill innocent people.

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Posted at 12:28am on Apr. 20, 2008 Flat Tax Comeback?

It seems to be popping up a lot recently

By Adam C

After Sen. McCain announced his economic plan which included a broad outline for a flatter, simpler tax system. To ease concerns about major changes to the current system, the new flat tax would be an optional alternative to the cumbersome, ludicrous system we currently have.

Since then, I noted that Sen. Specter has voiced support for a flat tax.

And now I see Sen. Alexander (R-TN) has come around to the logic of a flat, simple tax.

The Alexander proposal calls for giving taxpayers the option of paying a flat tax, set at 19 percent for the first two years it would be in effect and at 17 percent thereafter. He said that taxpayers would need only to file a one-page form.

At least according to his opponents, this plan is similar to Forbes' flat tax which Alexander opposed. Along with the moderate Specter seeing the logic, it seems the more conservative Alexander has come around as well.

If Sen. McCain makes an optional flat tax a major reform project, he seems to be lining up support from the right to the center. If he can get a few moderate Ds to sign on, Americans might finally have a one page tax form. Brilliant.

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Posted at 9:24am on Apr. 19, 2008 Meet Mark Sanford

His Record as South Carolina's Governor Puts Him on Everone's VP Shortlist

By Adam C

Brendan Miniter of the WSJ interviewed Gov. Sanford recently and has a good look at his record. I recommend all VP watchers read the whole article, but here are a few teasers:

But even as the state has leaned left on spending, he has managed to tilt it right on education, health care, hurricane insurance and taxes. This year, he proposed that South Carolina react to the economic downturn with a tax cut....

Nonetheless, Mr. Sanford has enacted a voucher system for prekindergarten students, created a statewide charter school district (local districts won't approve new charters), and has pushed for, though not won, vouchers for nearly every child in the state.

Consider this an Open Thread

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Posted at 1:52am on Apr. 18, 2008 SUSA Does a Poll Drop

Red, Blue and Swing State Head-to-Head Polls

By Adam C

Polls are below the fold. Overall, they show a mixed bag as to overall competitiveness. McCain does surprisingly well in NY and MA against Obama but loses ground in the coastal West and upper Midwest (WI, MN, IA) if Obama is the nominee. KY, OH, NM are places where Clinton is stronger than Obama as an opponent.

Most of the movement over the last month is within the margin of error. That lends credence to these trends and it makes the places where significant movement happened more credible.

The big areas of movement include NM which shifted from -6 for McCain against both Ds to +6 against Obama and +3 against Clinton. Also VA went from a tie in both races to a McCain lead of 16 against Clinton and 8 against Obama.

The KY difference is still astounding but it is showing up over time. Clinton makes the race a tie now (it used to be a 10 point McCain lead), but Obama as the nominee makes the race 63-29 for McCain similar to March's 64-28.

Finally, I don't know how SUSA can do this polling and not include PA, FL, and MI. Hopefully that will change over the summer.

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