Congratulations Chris Hackett

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RedState endorsed Chris Hackett looks set to win tonight in Pennsylvania 10. This follows on Pete Olson's win in Texas 22. It's a good night for conservatives in Pennsylvania.

Oh, and congratulations Hillary for finally breaking Obama's glass jaw. And by the margin you beat him, even with Operation Chaos in full operational mode, you did well. We'll be sure to use your precinct by precinct victories against Obama come November. Thanks for doing our GOTV targeting for us.

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What's the breakdown by demographics? How did Hillary do among various age groups, whites, blue-collar, self-described Christians, etc.?

I assume Obama swept nearly 100% of the black vote and 80% of the college liberal vote.

...students who actually voted, rather than just talking about it and making videos and crap?

With any luck the Democrats are going to forced into making very hard decisions in Denver. What's better is they aren't any good at it.

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*Nice comment on the precinct GOTV study. Count PA for McCain at this point, hahahahahaha!

89% of the PA precincts reporting and Clinton with a 10% lead, although only a +3 in delegates thus far, yay plurocracy!

Some initial exit poll analysis via CNN would most likely replicate across the country. I envision a 55%-45% for McCain at the rate the Dems have put themselves into. Three cheers for Operation Chaos anyone?

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If Hillary ends up with the popular vote, she will play Gore to Obama's Bush, and they will truly...

Recreate 68.

"The most dangerous form in which oppression can overshadow a community is that of popular sway" -James Fenimore Cooper

Fortunately Childers didn't win outright and that one's headed to a run-off. If we lose that seat and LA-06, though, we could be looking at losing 20-30 House seats this year.

to not give away our strategy to the democrats; however, I don't think the dems would make use of the knowledge anyway... Now if some congressional candidates can make inroads, even if just a few, to make the numbers closer.

It looks like Hackett will win and also Thompson in Open Race for Peterson seat

Interesting to note it looks like the Dems nominated O'Donnell to go against Tim Murphy and not Hafer daughter as predicted.

running is the question. While she won the primary tonight, not nearly by enough. If i was her i really would call it already she honestly has less than 1% chance of the Nomination and she has too know that. I thought she had to win by 12% to even consider carrying on. Because according to Delegates and the results if she wins all remaining contests by the 55%-45% she is currently winning by she would have to win 63% of all remaining Unpleged superdelegates that wouldn't happen on her best days.




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5! by Darin H

Dems, lol.

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