Conservatives Crushing on Obama

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My inbox was stocked full this weekend with reports and opinion pieces about why even Republicans have a crush on Barack Obama. It is a fascinating little trend – and even I have fallen in line. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with Obama’s policies nor do I want him to run the country, but there is something endearing and dare I say – inspirational -- about him. He’s been compared to Martin Luther King and JFK – I can’t say his words don’t resonate with the same, shameless hope. His rhetoric is refreshing but could only be acceptable if it were backed by sound experience and policy. 

I see him as cultural leader. The world needs people like Obama – who represent a genuine spirit of optimism. Optimism, however wonderful and necessary, can be unrealistic. (I’m not a pessimist – just a realist!) He is refreshing – what people want to hear after these years of war and terrorism. But that is why an Obama presidency would be a decision based on instant gratification. We want peace and change and hope NOW.

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No matter how eloquently and powerfully he puts it, Obama cannot deliver that to us. His policies lead to a place of less sovereignty. Hope cannot withstand jihadists – and change is inevitable. It’s easy for any Democrat to piggyback off an unpopular Bush White House and Obama’s done it well – highlighting his trademark decision not to support ascending on Iraq in 2003.

Your average voter may think that made him “wise.” But, in all reality, it made him foolish for not acknowledging what we thought was a massive threat. Getting back to it, I found a Republicans for Obama web site, which was quite disturbing. Obama talks nauseatingly about bi-partisanship and fogs over his actual record of extreme liberalism.

According to an article today by Salena Zito, a Pew Research Center study shows that Obama is perceived as more liberal than Clinton among Democrats, yet is seen as more moderate than Clinton among Republicans. It goes to show that Republicans are unaware of how left Obama is. He’s done a great job camoflauging himself as moderate hasn’t he?

In fact, here is a list to help you understand:

• 100% from Planned Parenthood
• 100% from NARAL
• 0% from the Illinois Association for Right to Life
• 0% from Americans for Tax Reform
• 100% from the NAACP
• 8% from the American Conservative Union
• 100% from the NEA [teachers union]
• 100% from Children's Defense Fund [Hillary's old group]
• 100% from NOW
• 88% from the American Immigration Lawyers Association
• 0% from the Federation for American Immigration Reform
• 100% from the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees
• 100% from Americans for Democratic Action [gold-standard of old lefty groups]
• 0% from NRA
• 'A' from Illinois Citizens for Handgun Control

There is a place for Barack Obama – to lead a social justice movement or heck, be an inspirational speaker across the country – but “Commander-in-Chief” sure ain’t it. In the debates last week, Obama said it is “important to be right the first time” but how many chances has America had to see if he usually is? He may be inspirational but look at his record and see how wrong he was almost every time.

As Peter Whener in the Washington Post wrote today:

Barack Obama is among the most impressive political talents of our lifetime. If he defeats Hillary Clinton, the question for the general election is not whether he can transcend his race but whether he can reach beyond his ideology.

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and there are a few things to add. First, he is a likeable guy so there won't be as much animosity toward him yet. Second, we may not have a visceral reaction toward him like we do toward Hillary, however I doubt very much that will translate into any more votes, and for many of the reasons you point out.

Third, we don't have any extra animosity for him because there is no reason yet. He hasn't done anything yet.

If he were to become President and he tried to end the Iraq war, tried to meet with Ahmadinejad, and tried to institute universal health care, then we will see how much love we have for him.

I read the same piece while it was accurate it was totally nonsensical. Who cares if we don't have any animosity for him? Frankly, the entire media love fest with Obama is beyond the pale. Enough already. Here is a guy for "change" and no one bothers to hold him to substantive issues of change. If anyone actually challenged Obama they would see his all concept and no substance.

If someone actually held him to the standards of other politicians they would see his all charm and charisma and little substance. That said, it will happen at some point.

Here is how I deconstructed him

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor

The Provocateur

I don't think Obama would make a good President and I think he would beat either republican left, but I still hope he gets the dem nomination. At the very least, MAYBE he will manage to turn the liberal base away from hating America. Hillary certainly wouldn't do that. His policies are crap, but his rhetoric is refreshing from a dem candidate.

it really sounds good while you are hearing it, but an hour later you are hungry again. These is simply no "there" there.

Considering where the good doctor's head was, when practicing medicine, is it any wonder that the man has issues?

subtle there in the form of:

1 - vote for me because I'm like you (see skin pigmentation (and I'm not so bothered by this, but it does contradict the msm Known Fact, that he doesn't run on his race. Michelle is more explicit than hubby)

2 - The grievance argument is made is a subtle way. Not screaming like Jesse, but its made.

3 - He is for race based laws. He surrounds all this with soothing words, head cocks and pauses. Such a unifier. Such a man that didn't see a Black SC or a white Sc, only SC.


4 - He ticks of the far left war talking points

I get sick while still eating.

I'm like you today pooch. No dawg in the hunt. Waiting on Spring training for Braves and Tigers. Hope the Mets have to train in Venezuela Gordo!

Mike Gamecock DeVine @ The Charlotte Observer

In MY years, I only get to eat once every seven days -- no wonder I am cranky. Of course I poop more like every 3.5 days, so that should eliminate the belief that I'm full of poop.

There will be no spring training in Venezuela -- the clocks have all been turned back.

Considering where the good doctor's head was, when practicing medicine, is it any wonder that the man has issues?

You want him and the team to do well, and he has shown some flashes of brilliance, but you just don't trust him over the last two years to hold up his end of the bargain over the course of the whole season. It's too bad the Braves have so much salary tied up with him over this season, but if the worst happens, he is cut loose after Fall 2008, and the team can use that money to go after a younger pitcher with a better track record.

I suppose the Dems nominating Obama would be like the Mets trading for Santana. He's scary, but not unbeatable. I wonder if that makes Tom Glavine Joe Lieberman? And President Bush John Smoltz?

And wherever men are fighting against barbarism, tyranny, and massacre, for freedom, law, and honour, let them remember that the fame of their deeds, even though they may be exterminated, may perhaps be celebrated as long as the world rolls round. ~ Winston Churchill

And wherever men are fighting against barbarism, tyranny, and massacre, for freedom, law, and honour, let them remember that the fame of their deeds, even though they may be exterminated, may perhaps be celebrated as long as the world rolls round. ~ Winston Churchill

Barack Obama is the single most manufactured candidate in the history of American politics. If Republicans vote for him, there is literally nothing they won't vote for. That means for all intents and purposes that the Republican Party is now the Democratic Party, based on manufactured appearances, and it should just go home.

And truthfully, maybe Arlen Specter was right after all.

Is because he appeals to white guilt and he sounds authoritative. The Democrats know that he's more liberal than Hillary, but they also know that the rubes in the Republican Party will look at him and listen to him speak and say: "Wow, he sounds authoritative and forceful."

Part of the problem is that after eight years of GWB, Republicans have gotten used to carrying the water for a person who cannot speak publicly without tripping over his own tongue. As a result, Barack Obama sounds like a genius. This was known back in 2001: Barack Obama was widely seen as the best candidate to win because he's *articulate*. After eight years of people defending the malapropisms of a President who can't speak publicly without a TelePrompTer and two hours of intensive briefing, Barack looks and sounds like Wordsworth.

see the liberalism, far, far leftism, the baritone voice and pauses and head cocks won't matter.

Mike Gamecock DeVine @ The Charlotte Observer

I am a democrat who supports Obama very strongly, but I do not and ive never met anyone who likes him for any of the reasons ive seen here. I do not trust or like 95% of the politicians out there. I consider the Democratic leadership a joke. To me Obama is someone who does participate in the game, is one of only a handful of honest politicians, and he actually has the potential to make politics about the people not power or act like its a game. I realize this is a republican site which is why I never talk about why I like Obama, and instead I try to particiapate in other ways, but I feel with the new focus on Obama here, you should at least understand the movement.

Also, by the way he has come out in favor of merit pay, so I wouldnt say he just toes the party line in terms of special interest groups.

Barack Obama happens to be that once-in-a-hundred-years kind of guy who can stand on stage and broadcast an impressive-sounding position that's based on complete BS. He's the legitmate heir to the Clinton throne on that basis, and that's why Kennedy is supporting him.

Maybe John McCain's straight talk express can win in face-to-face debates, but I doubt it. In my own internal polling, I see Barack beating him, simply because he "messages" better.

We're in for a long, bad time in the wilderness, folks. Barack Obama is the aggregate sum of American hopes and wishes, seen through the lens of Hollywood liberals like Jeffrey Katzenberg. We might as well be voting for Shreck. But the thing is that Shreck is going to beat John McCain unless this party wises up.

I think there is no doubt that Obama is very liberal. But at the same time he does have idea, lots of them, and is very smart. I hate the empty suite references b/c there is no doubt that there is a lot of substance to him. Thats why I would have loved to see Fred Tompson win b/c we would have seen a once in a lifetime debate on the issues. And im not as confident as you that Obama will beat McCain, but the debate on the war will get very interesting. No doubt McCain will hammer Obama on experience, but if they end up talking about the issues, that could be a very interesting debate on two totally different world views that I think we could all appreciate. I think we both no we wouldnt get that debate w/ Clinton, as she dosent run on issues but instead would run on who can throw more mud.

I'm not interested in hearing Barack Obama's views on the issues. I know what they are already.

When was the last time we have had a presidential campaign with a genuine debate on the issues? With two big contrasts between the candidates. The reason why I read redstate almost daily is because I appreciate genuine and differences, and this is the most intellectual blog out there on the web. I would hope that everyone could appreciate a debate between two opposing belief systems, especially with so much at stake.

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"If we want to take this party back, and I think we can someday, let’s get to work." – Barry Goldwater

Kerry is a spokesman for the left like Chuck Hagel is for the right. Not only that Kerry is the most inarticulate person ever, and has been incapable of showing any real leadership on anything. I dont know anyone who was excited about voting for Kerry. Not only that, how was 2004 about the issues? I remember the words flip flopping a lot more than i remember some great debate on taxes or the war.

voted based on those issues, especially people whose votes were up for grabs. These were differences between the candidates, not defining themes of the campaign.

You dont seriously think that the 2004 election was one that focused on the issues. This was an election based on Bush hatred, Bush lied, Kerry is a flip-flopper, Kerry lied about his war record, Bush went Awol, Kerry dosent believe in anything, and Bush is the devil. Issues were snuck inbetween, but were certainly not the defining issues of the campaign.

What bothers me most about the coverage of Obama’s campaign is the way he is presented as the next Kennedy. Like that’s supposed to be a good thing? Politics aside, JFK is consistently regarded as the most overrated president in American history.

The talk of “New Camelot” says much more about the media than it does Obama.

He’s relatively young, charismatic & handsome. Big deal. Get over it & get to the substance, already. NBC did just a blurb on celebrity endorsements for Obama. This is awful for our democracy. FWIW, as a California Republican, I never jumped on the Governator bandwagon.

Lower taxes, almost certainly better on the social-conservative front, and no chance of him running like an abject coward from our national security obligations.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC. I've been usurped!

have an executioner, I suspect his soothing voice would make the last few seconds of like more palatable.

Mike Gamecock DeVine @ The Charlotte Observer

If the premise of this article is even close to true, I'll have even less hope for this country than I do now. Talk about a naked emperor... There's nothing there, and anyone on the conservative side of politics who can't see that is willfully blind or more shallow than I could ever have imagined.

but instead they at least admire what he is doing. They may like Obama, but not vote for him. The reason this is relevant is b/c it could affect how hard conservatives work to beat Obama in a general election. But I dont think he would necessarily get their votes, just respect.

You say you strongly support Obama for President.

Let's say he wins. Four years from now, what do you hope and/or expect will be different in this country?

Put another way: what has this man convinced you that he will accomplish, that you want to see accomplished?

You are certainly entitled to your views to say whatever you want whenever you want, even wherever you want.
My only question is, perhaps you need to change to a different blog.
You are called 'RedState' and crushing on the Senator candidate with the most liberal voting record of the candidates (regardless of how charasmatic and exciting he is) does not qualify as material for a 'RedState' blog.
Maybe you are going through a life-changing transformation and you should start a new blog about your new passion.

Erika said quite clearly he should not be President.

I also respect him in many ways. That doesn't mean I think he'd be a good President.

she posted was enough Obama for me. Do we really need to partake of the hype here with breathless Tiger Beat stories about him?

Disclaimers are worth nothing when the MSM regularly creates fake "Dissatisfied Lifelong Republicans" to suit their needs, and leftie "Seminar Callers" stalk Rush posing as conservatives...not to mention the Mobys who spout and breach here regularly. I'm not at all saying that's the case with Ericka, just that there is enough precedent to give pause.

Poor little Obama. He'll come back from his first meeting with Putin in a plastic bucket sliced, diced, chopped, and pureed. He'll make Carter look like Frederick the Great.

Well we all get what we deserve.

Your blog brings up another point, is the art of oratory dead? I'm just wondering what's the difference between straight talk like McCain, and inspirational speaking as Obama seems to be good at it?

Both McCain and Obama can be inspirational in different ways. McCain might be a maverick, but at least he doesn't disguise his maverick status. On the other hand, Obama is definitely inspirational, but he fudges his stance on political issues by articulating his mind so we're more focused on his mouth instead of his heart and mind.

Daniel 2:20 And he [God] changeth the times and seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding.

Being a good speaker dosent mean he is fudging his stands. He has been very clear about where he stands on the issues. He is pretty much a down the line liberal, but nontheless he hasnt changed his views or as you say fudged his positions.

You mean like when he voted "present"? I'll agree, that's about where he stands.

Then again, like calls to like.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC. I've been usurped!

Obamessiah's rhetorical skills are nothing but decorative platitudes, signifying nothing.

"Rainbows and unicorns and peace and love and unity! Vote for me!"


~ Beth ~
John McCain

2008 is going to be tough for the GOP. Obama will defeat us and will help elect Democrats up and down the ticket all over the country. Hillary Clinton will do the opposite. Why do you think all these red-state Democrats like McCaskill, Sebelius, and Ben Nelson are endorsing Obama? THEY ARE SCARED TO DEATH OF RUNNING WITH HILLARY AT THE TOP OF THE TICKET.

“.....women and minorities hardest hit”

Anti-Mormon candidates McCain and Huckabee used religion to get votes. Obama is seen as a candidate that will include Mormons in the discussion. McCain will not include Mormons. Huckabee will fill his cabinet with people who think like him -- not much room in that cabinet for Secretary of Interior Leavitt.

Obama is seen as a uniter and a person who would consider all options. He may turn-coat, but that is how he is campaigning.

Against McCain or Huckabee, Obama wins hands down as Republicans lose the west as Mormons either stay home or move as a block to vote for Obama (despite his liberal stances on many issues).
Mormons make up to 20% of the vote in the southwest/west. If they stay home or defect, kiss the Republican Candidate goodbye.


Are you some high level member of the LDS church, or are your prognostications based on too tight drawers or something?

I somehow doubt that McCain coming from AZ. is particularly well versed in anti-LDS rhetoric seeming that there are quite a few LDS folks in AZ, and he 's pretty well regarded in the state. But maybe you know better, or then again, go for a bigger size drawers, you'll feel better about yourself that way.

Proud member of the Barry Goldwater wing of the party !

of anything religious is tenuous at best (most probably biased), and is reflected your statements.

Formally known as Deagle... "Golf is a way of life..."

This Mormon wouldn't vote for Obama for all the tea in China (pun intended). The guy's less than an empty suit...

Jimmy Carter.

Envisioning when all that is Left is the Right.

Freedom and religion endure together, or perish alone. --Mitt Romney

Formally known as Deagle... "Golf is a way of life..."

I was ready to quit replying AGAIN! heh...
Formally known as Deagle... "Golf is a way of life..."

Makes me think of the "All American Patriots" web site from Sweden that supplies news to Google News.

Word on the street is that Ericka has security camera video of Barack huffing down a Salem on the loading dock before he wows 'em at Acme Arena. Clarence "Frogman" Henry is working on the soundtrack;)

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