Geez Louise. I Hate To Do This, But . . .

The End of Alberto Gonzales

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Watching this C-SPAN hearing, can we get some recommendations for a new AG?

AGAG just might not make it past the *Republicans* today. Good grief.

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Do I hear a second?

Echoooo. Echoooo... Echoooo...

He's about three inches from being a full-fledged Dem. His seat would immediately go to a Democrat. He's hostile to the President....Oh, wait, this is a conservative site...nevermind.
Can't blame a Dem for trying, though, right?

The CIA has better politicians than it has spies - Fred Thompson

A random walk through my head at Indiscriminate Tastes

Specter. He is not doing well, overall, esp. considering that he has supposedly been "preparing" for weeks.

He'd make an okay AG.

He'd be replaced by a conservative, probably a conservative Republican at that.

Signature disclaimer: I'm not currently paid by any campaign, but I am available. Current preferences for President: 1) F.Thompson; 2) Romney; 3) McCain; 4) Gingrich; Guiliani removed 04/03/07

Miguel Estrada. If only...

"The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions."

fits of apoplexy.

But I actually think Santorum would be good for the job, but then I never thought Ashcroft was the evil reincarnate the left made him out to be, I wish Ashcroft was still the guy in charge.

He is my Senator, and although I disagree with him on many issues, I think he very strong on Constitutional issues and respects the rule of law.

He would certainly be replaced by a conservative in SC.

Would Lindsey Graham really give up his seat in the Senate to be AG for a year and a half?

talk of Orin Hatch being nominated? I seem to remember his vying for the position on MTP a couple weeks ago. I wonder if the White House already has a replacement ready.

"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it." -Mark Twain

And statesmen at her council met
Who knew the seasons when to take
Occasion by the hand, and make
The bounds of freedom wider yet
- Tennyson, _To the Queen_

If she was AG for a year or so, then she'd be qualified for the Supreme Court :-)

Signature disclaimer: I'm not currently paid by any campaign, but I am available. Current preferences for President: 1) F.Thompson; 2) Romney; 3) McCain; 4) Gingrich; Guiliani removed 04/03/07

I suggest we invoke the Mercy Rule from Little League baseball. That rule is invoked when there is a blowout underway and one team leads by 10 runs after five innings.

Heck, Gonzales got lit up for 6-7 runs before the Democrats even got up to the plate. The Republicans were teeing off on him.

Someone throw in the towel [mixing sports metaphors]. Gonzales is done. It's embarrassing now.

Feel sorry for the guy.

Once she gets over her own voter fraud trial in Palm Beach, she'd be a great nominee. If Schumer gives her a hard time, she'd call him "a boner-nosed harpie" and wouldn't that put him in his place?

Ann brags about her legal what's the problem?

This, you have failed to provide; if anything, you've actually accomplished the nigh-impossible, and shown us absence.

We are all heroes, you and Boo and I. Hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!

Doesn't that mean anything anymore?

Geez Louise indeed

“Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15.”
-Ronald Reagan

When I heard Bud Cummins, who lost his job in Arkansas to a Rove pick, I was immediately impressed that this fellow is many times more articulate and convincingly honest than the feeble and smirky AG.

Should have simply pulled out a copy of the Constitution and pointed out that firing US Attys is part of the executive Branch authority.
Then he should have simply stood up and thanked them for their time and company and excused himself and walked out.

it should have been said at the first hearing, where AG opted to either come unprepared or fudge a bit on what happened.

I think he is probably toast at this point, and the sad thing is that the Dems get to claim another head for their necklace, and will keep looking for more, even if it means burning others along the way, like Wolfowitz who got burned badly by the media and the left, but I haven't seen too many of them make posts recanting once it was learned the real story surrounding the world bank scandal.

But WHO was it that advised the president to address the issue in a primetime press conference a few weeks ago?

By having Bush himself speak the words "No Oath--No Transcripts" it was enough to arouse suspicions amongst average folks who had before then just seen this as a personnel matter that was being overblown by the Dems. Why didn't Tony Snow(at the time) announce this final offer? It would have been a oneday annoyance. But Bush gave it the megaphone and everyone heard "NO OATHS--NO TRANSCRIPTS" and most assumed that 'something ain't right'.

Yes, this is a flaming disaster on many fronts -- the President has the power to do this, it has been done before, it is none of the Senate's business, the White House has fanned the smoke in an apparent death wish to create flames, etc.

That said, two points remain.

First, it is not clear that the President gives a hoot what everyone else wants (a man's strengths can be his weaknesses). It is not clear that Gonzales will be on the way out.

Second, as jfpurdue01 intimated, no one with a day job is going take this position for eighteen months. It has to be someone bent on retiring very soon or someone who is already in the administration. That is not necessarily a bad set of candidates, but it includes very few people that are high profile enough to get much mention here.

Mr. Gonzales seems so dishonest, and to be doing such a poor job of fibbing, he makes Mr. Bush look even worse.

I don't know what to think. We're supposed to be patriotic and support Mr. Bush, but everything that comes out for the last weeks, really since the election, just looks worse and worse.
It all makes Mr. Bush look foolish, for even if he agreed with all these awful things, you'd think he'd cover for himself better.

I don't know if we can recover from how illegal and embarrassing all these things are, that the president and vice president and Mr. Rove are doing.

Where should a true Republican go to help his country, without looking so foolish and unethical as the party seems, now??

Mobying is a death penalty crime here. Awful mobying ... well, it should end in torture, then death. As I can't effect that, I'll just have to deactivate your account.

We are all heroes, you and Boo and I. Hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!

Ok. Off to tell AOL you're using their network to harass us. Ciao.

We are all heroes, you and Boo and I. Hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!

grounding time - no computer for him. What is a lonely 12 year old to do???
The CIA has better politicians than it has spies - Fred Thompson

A random walk through my head at Indiscriminate Tastes

Since when was it patriotic to support the man in charge. I respect and honor the office but I will never consider it patriotic to agree to support a policy of the president because I find that purely scary. I normally don't do this but I hope you reevaluate what it means to be patriotic.

Now onto AGAG.
I watched cspan for awhile and I must say he got beaten up completely. In management you maybe competent at your job but if nobody trusts your leadership then you will fail and this is exactly what has happened. If President Bush keeps him on I think it will turn into the Rumsfled situation all over again. There is only 1 year basically left for Bush to serve so put a temporary appointment in and lets move on because this sure isn't helping Republicans.

I'm not the political nut in this case. Too much deja vus with Libby here-throwing AG to the sharks because of a hearing. Who will the Dems look to have walk the plank next? I'm making Vegas odds of about even that one Bush adviser will pursued into resignation per month with this lot of bottom feeders.
But why aren't these Senators asking about something substantive like that Compeanos case where border patrol agents are jailed on the witness of convicted felons?
Why aren't they working on the supplemental or axing the AMT?
What a stalemate/Lynchmob cause they have nothing better to do.

Either Ann Coulter or David Limbaugh. The one not becoming AG can replace Ruth Buzzie Ginsberg on the Supreme Court the next time she falls asleep on the job.

The successful AG nominee can arrest the current occupant of the White House for impersonating a Republican President, which will put Cheney in charge until the next transition in 2009.

Cheney can then use the power of the Presidency to take the entire House and Senate Democrat leadership on a dove hunt. :)

is this guy. Perhaps we can look forward to someone like him again in 2009.

I had a recommendation but I just can't recall. I need to refresh my recollection. What was the question again?

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