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Too bad the Governor Isn't One

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California Governor Schwarzenegger is dealing with a self-made budget crisis (I told you so, and so did Assembly Republicans), as Gray Davis-level spending increases have led to a budget deficit just as large as the one Gray Davis left behind. He's planning to deal with it by calling an emergency, which can force the legislature to pass a bill to re-balance the budget. He's formally calling for spending cuts, but the Democrats want to raise taxes.

So guess what? Sacramento Republicans are signing a no-tax pledge, says the San Diego Union-Tribune and Republican votes would be needed for any Democrat-led tax plan. And we know they're going to try for a tax hike.

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Just compare these statements from Speaker Fabian Núñez of LA and Republican Leader Michael Villines of Fresno. First the Republican side:

Assembly Republicans look forward to working with the Governor and our colleagues in the Legislature to address California’s growing fiscal crisis. Our state faces a projected $14 billion budget deficit and the recent passage of a $14 billion government-run health care program will make California’s fiscal problems even worse.

State spending has grown by 44 percent over the last 4 years. Hardworking Californians should not be forced to pay for the fiscal mismanagement of the Democrat party. When California families don’t have enough money to make ends meet, they assess their priorities, save for the future, and live within their means. Their state government should be required to do the same.

As we have said before, our state does not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem and it must stop. Make no mistake, Assembly Republicans will not consider tax increases as a solution to California’s overspending problem.

I hope this special session on California’s fiscal crisis will bring all sides together to craft much-needed budget reforms that will prevent similar situations in the future. Only by reducing spending, living within our means and reforming the budget process will we bring California back.

Villines is nice and direct, identifying the problem and the solution. But Núñez is anything but:

The governor’s decision to declare a fiscal emergency recognizes the serious ongoing imbalance between the services Californians require and the resources available to fund them. Prior to the governor’s official declaration, I will be conferring with the Chair of the Budget Committee and other members of the Assembly as we prepare to do our part to address these problems. The Assembly is committed to working with the administration and the Senate. Now is not the time for drawing any lines in the sand or for hyperpartisan posturing that will make potential solutions more difficult to achieve. As I have noted previously, this state of fiscal emergency should strengthen our resolve to tackle major threats to the state's general fund and economic well being by fixing our broken health care system and blunting the impact of the foreclosure crisis.

Our dear Speaker prefers to dance around without specifically saying what he wants to do, except for his highly careful reference to "threats to the state's general fund." He wants to raise revenue.

So yes, I love California Republicans. I just wish we could elect a Governor someday.

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Neil, we had this conversation a few months ago...

The republicans had a conservative candidate with a long record, ie, Tom McClintock. The republican establishment decided to throw McClintock under the bus in favor of Arnold. Many voters went along with the chirade...

Did anyone really think that Arnold, who is married to a Kennedy, would be a real republican, let alone a conservative republican ? The warning signs were there from the start, yet voters are too easily taken in by slick campaigns and fancy slogans.

Now the republicans are about to make the same mistake by voting for Rudy McRomneybee. Then in a few years conservatives like yourself will be unhappy with our nominee if he should win...just as we are all unhappy with our California governor now.

I'm not an agent, I just write books

I do not believe that Arnold is a conservative, but that is the worst argument I've ever heard for proving it...

W.C. Fields for President!

In the Recall election there WAS no primary. and McClintock got what, a quarter of the vote? There were your Republicans voting for him right there (I voted Ned Roscoe to protest the state party endorsing Schwarzenegger despite the party base clearly favoring McClintock, but my first choice was McClintock).

In 2006, McClintock wasn't on the ballot for governor.

So actually, you're completely wrong. When we got the chance, we voted McClintock over Schwarzenegger for Governor. The conservative Republicans gave him a respectable showing in the recall election, however he never ran against Schwarzenegger in a primary.

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Arnold said many things prior to the recall election that raised red flags that anyone with proper eyesite should have seen. Now you can all whine about another phoney republican who let you down. Or, you can take my advice and start learning about these candidates BEFORE you vote for them.

I'm not an agent, I just write books

In Illinois the Democrats are pretty much a few votes away from VETO-PROOF majorities in the legislature. Not that it matters much since Illinois has a Democrat governor too, but certainly won't be fun if a Republican ever wins the governorship here again and realizes that the legislature doesn't need him to pass laws at all...

I have the distinct honor of working closely with Senator McClintock during this presidential election cycle. The disastrous choice of star struck GOP leaders will resonate in this fiscal crisis.

I must say this is what happens when we don't stay true to our values. A unbending coalition of Republican legislators and activists could have prevented this starting 6 years ago. But many compromised values for a need of belonging or keeping good graces with the powers that be.

We are not losing elections because we are not being enough like Democrats as our Governor has suggested but because many look at the Republican party as a group who can not find the principles they stand on.

If we don't stand for something then we will fall for anything. Being a Republican conservative is not picking and choosing just those area's that fit our needs. Being a conservative is an ideological way of life. It has three staples: fiscal conservatism, social conservatism, and pro-military conservatism.

Now let's return to the issue at hand. Senator McClintock and others have been championing this cause for some time now and the question is "What are we going to do about it?"

It seam to recall the last time a Governor put us in this position he wasn't Governor for very long.

When will be realize that there IS a difference in who we elect. If we as a part do not start building a solid conservative platform then the party is doomed to insignificance. We need to STOP supporting officials because they are popular... look at what it gets us. Perhaps this will be a wakeup call and in 2 years we will have the collective revelation that we should have elected Tom McClintock or recruit him to run again. AND THIS TIME SUPPORT HIM.

As you can see I am a bit passionate about this issue. We should not spend money we don't have. We should not be spending our kids into the poor house to make a few headlines or to appease a few special interest groups so we can get their money during the election cycle.

Let this be a precursor to what we will see if we do not have a true, well rounded conservative as president.

Thompson is the true Presidential conservative when the others pay lip service. Comparing the other top tier candidates we find:

Huckabee - undisputed foreign policy challenges. Recently in a debate, Senator Thompson had to explain why brining prisoners to US soil posed a legal issue. Agree's he and Obama share similar views on various important issues.
Giuliani - socially not conservative. I don't think anyone will challenge that.
McCain - Again wants to give amnesty in some for to those here illegally. This stance almost took him out of the presidential race.
Romney - his current stances are conservative. The question is will these be his stances when the tides of popular polls change.

Let's get back to being Republican and hold our legislative officials to a conservative platform and not a pick and choose platform in which they can still call themselves Republicans.

My friends, we are facing challenges from all area's of our lives with attacks on our kids (SB777) to attacks on our finances. It is time for real leadership and for us to stand behind them.

Richard Rios
Republican Roots

also serving as:
California State Political Director
Fred Thompson for President

"The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it.

Yeah, it would have been nice had the party establishment been in tune with the base back in the Recall election. Even though Bustamante probably could have beaten McClintock straight up, at least Bustamante would have been a) weakened by his 'disloyalty' to the party and to Davis, and b) not weakening our resolve against bad policy by undermining our party unity.

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Richard Rios
Republican Roots

also serving as:
California State Political Director
Fred Thompson for President

"The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." -- Ronald Reagan

Arnold was decent at first, but when he lost the ballot measures in 2005 (and they were pretty darn good ones) he changed drastically. Call it the Stockholm syndrome; he suddenly wanted to be liked by all the groups that sabotaged the initiatives. So he did an abrupt 180. Crying shame.

I think he only seemed not too bad because revenues spiked at just the right time (and just too late to save Davis).

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A minority party cannot always afford to maintain strict ideological purity. The California GOP has always chosen super-conservative candidates in the primary elections, and then lost badly in the General Election. Tom McClintock was on the ballot for State Controller in (I think) 2002, and he was on the ballot for Lt. Governor in 2006. In both cases he was beaten badly, because the majority of Californians will not elect a true-red conservative.

It's all well and good to say that we are losing because we are violating our core principles, but that isn't always true. If our core principles are far outside the mainstream of the electorate, unwavering fidelity to our ideals will not bring about electoral victory. Don't believe me? Just ask the libertarian party, the green party, or every Republican or Democrat who has lost elections for being too far out of the mainstream (starting with, God bless him, Tom McClintock). When the majority of the electorate is liberal or moderate, running hard to the right will only alienate them. There just aren't enough die-hard conservatives in California to win an election, even if every single one of us shows up on election day.

Schwarzenegger is not a super-conservative Governor, but he is better than Gray Davis, and he is better than Cruz Bustamante would have been. And if he's the best we can do in the People's Republic of California, then I'd rather have him in there than not. That's why I volunteered for his campaign (along with those of Tom McClintock and Tony Strickland) in the 2006 election cycle. We can't afford to marginalize ourselves into the permanent minority in order to hold firm to our ideals.

There is no President but Lincoln, and Reagan is his prophet

I'm a Californian and I remember the CLOSE election results. Your statement that McClintock lost badly is just flat out wrong.

He lost by less than a percentage point for Controller in 2002 (.3%). In 2006 McClintock barely lost by 3.9% because hotbeds of conservatism didn't have a great a turnout because the head of the republican ticket, Ahnold Schwarzennegger, excited few on the right. Both times McClintock took on popular and well-funded dims.

If the CA Republican party would pull its head out of its rear ends, it would raise more money and properly fund such conservative candidates. Instead, the pubbies fight uphill with little money against a well funded DemonRat machine.

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