McCain on Hannity: Ware's Heckling "Unfortunate"

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This one's short, sweet, and to the point.

Say what you will about all the fuss over CNN's Michael Ware heckling McCain in a speech. Say what you will about all the hub bub over whether Ware actually heckled. Say what you will about whether McCain was in a far too contrived setup when he toured Baghdad...the trip that set up "heckle-gate" in the first place.

Out of his own mouth just now on Hannity, McCain confirmed there was talking and laughing coming out of that man's mouth while he (McCain) was speaking...and the Presidential wannabe could only muster a moderately diplomatic "Sean, I think it was just unfortunate."

More below the fold...

Hannity has a Monday & Thursday segment in which he talks to the candidates and allows callers to talk with them as well. McCain was up first today, and theirs was the standard fare for a Hannity love fest.

The significant pieces of McCain's time were first, the admission that he was heckled (and there were several categories of people there to confirm it was Ware), and second, that he felt after his recent trips there that his role in running for office would have to, first and foremost, focus on telling the American people that there is another WHOLE story about what is going on in Iraq that the media isn't telling us.

He talked about visiting a market in Baghdad where recently 200 people had been killed by an explosion, and that the whole area was now under reconstruction. He discussed how the people acted; the people there were hopeful, worried about security, and anxious about being able to pick up the pieces and move on (my words).

He mentioned that there was a WHOLE different view of things in Iraq from his perspective than that which our local media provides. And, he suggested that he believed it was very important that he bring that message back to America. America needs to know this can be won, it MUST be won, and that even though it will be long, and hard, and MUST be done for the future of the Iraqis, AND the American people.

Asked how he felt about the 60 minutes piece yesterday...whether he felt (like Hannity) that it was an unfair "hit piece", all McCain could say was:

If I complain, it will only make things worse. I'm just going to tell the American people this is going to be a long, hard, tough fight and that we MUST win it. And we CAN win it. And, I'm the most qualified person in the field of candidates for seeing to it that we DO win it.

I'm not on THAT bandwagon just yet, but after so much rhetoric it is very refreshing to hear politicians start admitting that the media has gone out of its way to tell us only one side of the story in Iraq, and that things are in fact much different than they would have us believe.

Ware's childish antics notwithstanding, a case can be made that the media should stop being taken so seriously, and that Ware is a poster child for the childishness they exhibit in telling us what they want us to hear, rather than what they actually saw.

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many positives. But then I was similarly amazed in 2000.

I have often thought to myself that if 9/11 happened in 1999, we would be in the final 2 years of McCain's presidency.

A good man who has dissed Republican core voters too often and has some serious fence mending to do.

Still, a good man.

...or a good Senator or a good Republican are all open for aggressive debate.

Whether John McCain is a good man was settled long ago. He is, and always will be, a hero.

"We want great men who, when fortune frowns, will not be discouraged." - Colonel Henry Knox

He irritated quite a few conservatives with McCain-Feingold and his "maverick" schtick, but he's solid on Iraq and the larger war, and he's solid on federal spending.

Sucking and ruining since October 2003.

on CNN 5 minutes ago and said he was one of the best reporters out there. Then his sidekick guy read an email saying Fox's coverage of the war wasn't honest. Boy, I hate CNN more and more everyday.

Just took a new assignment where I have to do a little traveling. Got stuck in the Raleigh airport where they had CNN playing on every tv. I can honestly say I haven't watched CNN for 3 minutes in the last three years. I could not believe what they were saying. It was the Wolf B show and I swear it was just on and on with a complete left kook point of view. And they call Fox unbalanced? What a joke!

The worst part is that all these people standing around waiting for their planes were just staring at the screen listening like drones. I was tempted to write the airport a letter suggesting they take this one sided bunch of bull off the air but figured I wouldn't get far. No wonder our politics is so screwed up.

I can honestly say I haven't watched CNN for 3 minutes in the last three years. I could not believe what they were saying. It was the Wolf B show and I swear it was just on and on with a complete left kook point of view. And they call Fox unbalanced? What a joke!

So 3 minutes in three years is a valid sample for determining the political leanings of a network?

That being said, I only watch CNN or Fox when I'm eating an egg McMuffin and it's on the TV at the McDonalds. Anyone who takes their marching orders from either source is, well, um, a typical member of the American sheeple (which is too bad).

It's one corporate mentality or the other. Far as I'm concerned, "right" or "left" leaning media are just pandering for viewers from a given demographic. You'd be surprised how much the lefty blogosphere despises Wolf B.


Now, watch this drive.

I get tired of Republicans letting the MSM get away with this type of behavior. Republicans should always hammer the point home that the mainstream media is not an honest broker of truth.

McCain would get a lot of conservatives to rally around him if he took on the media and how they slant coverage of Iraq.

McCain, however, still thinks the media loves him because he's a straight shooter.

Unfortunately, McCain's entire candidacy has been a result of the MSM tirelessly promoting him because he was a thorn in Bush's side. Now that McCain no longer serves the media's agenda, they will turn on him quickly.

I have to say I am slightly amused by his predicament.

"Back in the thirties we were told we must collectivize the nation because the people were so poor. Now we are told we must collectivize the nation because the people are so rich. "

William F. Buckley, Jr.

at this time but I'm going to send McCain a check. We need to keep a loud voice on the war in this campaign. It is THE issue for me and a loud positive voice is needed. Iran is trying to go nuclear. America is in as much peril as we have ever been.
If he does nothing more than keep terror the top issue I'll send him money to keep it going.

with absolutely no proof of your accusations. What "people" have confirmed this story other than McCain? Even Drudge stopped pushing this after about ten minutes because of lack of proof.

It might interest you to know that Ware has consistently stated over and over on CNN that a withdrawal of US troops will lead to genocide and chaos in Iraq. He just also happens to report the truth about the current conditions in the country.

But, I guess if he is such a fool and a traiter then we should not believe him when he actually agrees with YOU.

This is going to blow up in McCain's face as yet another lie (like being able to stroll casually through Bagdad) that will end up making him look like a fool.

And I sort of liked McCain before he started pandering to the far right so blatantly.

Please. Lord knows I'm no fan of McCain and I was going to pass on commenting on this blog, but you've pushed me way over the edge with that little bit of stupidity.

I am going to pass on your comments vis Ware, they don't even begin to come to the level of worthy of commentary.

With respect to McCain, his problems with the "far right" (or "me" if you prefer) are rooted in his stance on immigration "reform", his attempt to gut the first amendment for the sake of incumbents, his foolishness with G14, then there's Kyoto and ANWR. And that's just the easy short list. He's not "pandered" or retreated on any of these things.

You've been here a whole six days. They haven't been notable and this post is just a joke. If you can't do better than this, you can go somewhere else now. You should go somewhere else now. This site is generally not ADA compliant when your "disability" is rank stupidity.
Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.

I will reiterate what you obviously didn't read in the first pass of the post-McCain said he was, in fact, heckled...and there were diplomats and others there to confirm it was Ware doing the laughing.

And, since you missed my intro-"say what you will", he was heckled and being heckled by a journalist during a speech doesn't give much of a positive impression on your impartiality on reporting news, now does it.

Ware's god-like truthfulness and lack of bias notwithstanding, he does a fairly poor job by his actions of representing his profession as unbiased and "fair and balanced" regurgitation of observed facts and events, now doesn't he?

McCain is but a backdrop to the point of this know, the one you missed?

The media is not telling ALL of the story about what goes on in Iraq. That, my dear casual skimmer, was the point.

McCain aims to tell of HIS observations...can we assume you choose to believe a journalist who finds it appropriate to laugh and snort and interrupt a US Senator during a speech about his personal observations and experiences? Great choice, that. Enjoy your kool aid.

haystack's 12th:
Conservatives (and Presidential Candidates especially) shall offer no aid and comfort to the opposition in times of legislative conflict (and ensuing political campaigns).

which is why I am asking you to NAME the individuals who have "confirmed" this story. You say "diplomats and others" have confirmed it. Name one.

You would ridicule a lefty blog for attacking Brit Hume or someone on Fox for something like this without actual confirmation. From everything I've seen the tape does NOT show Ware laughing, Ware denies it, and another journalist said the laughing was coming from the back of the room when Ware was sitting in the front.

But, I guess this is Red State America where someone can be accused of being unprofessional with absolutely no proof other than y'all wanting it to be true.

I MAY do the work to give you the names of the Diplomats and the others McCain suggests confirmed with him that it was Ware. The problem is that your next move would be to work to discredit the sources. This is the typical M.O. when "Red America" tries to talk to "Blue America". We give facts, you discredit the sources. You give facts, and when we do likewise to discredit them, you call us what...fascists? Bigots? Which one is it this week?

It really doesn't matter to you whether I provide you a name, because you clearly have decided Ware is telling the truth and nothing else matters.


Enjoy the koolaid.

haystack's 12th:
Conservatives (and Presidential Candidates especially) shall offer no aid and comfort to the opposition in times of legislative conflict (and ensuing political campaigns).

I am SURE that I do want to go there. In fact, in the name of harmony, if you can name ONE person other than McCain who was there and saw it first hand (and provide us the link to the source where you got the name) I will promise to donate money to the Redstate to Iraq fund. No further arguments from me. Deal?

Haystack says:

McCain said he was, in fact, heckled...and there were diplomats and others there to confirm it was Ware doing the laughing.

I'm in for $10 to McCain (I'll send it to Haystack who can verify it's legit and he can then send it to McCain's campaing fund) if you can cite a primary source who can say "I saw Ware heckling and laughing at McCain" (or anything close - I won't nit pick). You can't use something like:

There was laughter and chuckling. -McCain on Hannity

This rises to the level of "some people say" reportage. Reporting that McCain said "There was laughter . . ." is accurate, but a far cry from the fuller assertion being made: Ware heckled him and witnesses confirm this.

Y'all could be right (or right). But wishing doesn't make something so. This is at the same level of claiming Dubya almost plugged in an electrical outlet to a hydrogen car's tank and nearly blew himself up. When it's investigated honestly by a skeptical reader, it turns out to be bunk.

Same here, I say.

That being said, I was laughing at Mccain's absurd assertions about the peaceful state of affairs in Iraq. Something about that bullet proof vest he was wearing and the two soldiers wearing helmets next to him smacked of BS propaganda - that and his own retraction of his initial statements regarding how free and easy everything was.

Now, watch this drive.

in reporter clothes I got some property for sale.

Ware is a complete tool because he says over and over that the US has to stay in Iraq indefinately to save it from falling into chaos.

Glad we can agree on something.

Your thought processes are beyond repair but you could at least have the courtesy to spell check the crap before you throw it against the wall.
Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.

Ware saying we need to stay in Iraq does not recuse him from being an arrogant little (expletive removed in deference to the posting guidelines) for acting like a little spoiled child during McCain's speech.

It also doesn't automatically make him innocent for having acted thusly in said speech.

haystack's 12th:
Conservatives (and Presidential Candidates especially) shall offer no aid and comfort to the opposition in times of legislative conflict (and ensuing political campaigns).

Do you watch Michael Ware's report regularly? If so, how often?

is it is chaos in every square foot of Iraq and it is hopeless.
Do you have a quote that says stay and fix it?

COOPER: Some Democrats are calling for a cap on U.S. troops. Also, some Republicans. Or some sort of phased withdrawal. What would happen if the U.S. did begin to withdraw? Is the Iraqi government capable of ruling, of providing security for its people in Baghdad and the rest of the country?

WARE: Not at all. It's widely acknowledged by the U.S. military and the administration and analysts and anyone in Iraq that if America were to pull out, then there would be a nightmare almost beyond imagination that would unfold in Iraq.

I'll take your word for this quote but he stops short of saying that he believes that we should do the right thing.
When reporting death and destruction he does it with glee.
His hatred of Bush is obvious and through that view he wishes for our defeat. He's not alone in holding that view. There are many in this country that hope for the same out come because of that hatred.

but here in the far right I can tell you without equivocation that McCain has never once pandered to us.

And I'm one of the ones who will never, ever vote for him. But not for your reasons.

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

McCain's "stroll" through Baghdad was truly his "Dukakis Moment", and no amount of criticism of Mike Ware is going to change that. It's simply amazing how far the man has fallen in such a short time. He's toast.

"Dukakis Moment": as understood generally, I think, is shorthand for an image which was intended to convey one message, but because of the candidate's inherent implausibility in the situation, actually conveys the opposite. Thus, Dukakis in the tank, a photo op intended to convey strength, resolve, etc, actually conveyed weakness, preposterous posturing etc.

In other words, for McCain's 'stroll"in the market to be analogous to Dukakis in the tank, the following elements would have to be present:

1) McCain would have to be a non-military figure, indeed an anti-military figure, whose appearance in amilitary setting is, in itself, absurd. But McCain, in addition to a distinguished career as a politician who has been a supporter (that would be in contrast to Dukakis) of US military efforts in the Senate, is of course an Annapolis graduate, pilot and Vietnam war hero.

2) The walk in the market would have to be inappropriate or over-the-top in some way -- so that it would invite ridicule. But in fact it was (as far as it went) a rather modest but straightforward demonstration of the situation in baghdad -- not a posturing by McCain.

3) There would have to be an intention to portray McCain in some kind of heroic role -- to dramatize his resoluteness etc -- but on the contrary, this was a rather non-military setting.

Criticism of Mike Ware -- as I've said before, Mike Ware is not the issue here. He's a left-wing, antiwar shill -- so what? The point is that the MSM have seized on this episode to discredit McCain, who happens to be entirely right on the issue.

When the surge succeeds, as it will, McCain will look prescient, courageous and smart. doesn't mean he will be President, but he is far from toast.

Too complex.

Let me simplify. A "Dukakis Moment" is when a candidate does something that makes him inescabably look or sound stupid.

Dukakis wasn't stupid.

McCain isn't stupid.

They both LOOKED and SOUNDED stupid.

Dukakis in a tank wearing a too large helmet.

McCain in a Baghdad market wearing a bullet proof vest, surrounded by soldiers, and later stating that you could "walk freely" in Baghdad.

Technically, he was correct.

Now, watch this drive. making them publicly correct her foreign-policy gaffe, then.

Probably a better example there, what with the general consensus that she messed up*. Something not true of McCain's statement, mind you.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC.

*Oh, sure, you get some hyperpartisans who aren't going along with that. I mean normal people.

McCain was a victim of a NYT hit piece. Nothing more. A reporter heard McCain's words, then searched around for some Iraqi vendors who would contradict him. For a better perspective, read Petraeus on PBS. What's more, McCain's statements that Baghdad is comparatively safer are borne out by the facts.

Sucking and ruining since October 2003.

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