NY-24: Arcuri Borrows Bill Clinton's Defense in Fundraiser Flap

'We hired a girl, a woman, who did some work for us,' says Democrat

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Democrat Corruption WatchA 31-year-old fundraiser who worked for the re-election campaign of freshman Rep. Michael Arcuri (D-N.Y.) is likely to be called as a witness in the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal, the woman's lawyer told an Upstate New York television station.

Meanwhile, Arcuri for the first time publicly addressed his campaign's connection to the Spitzer confidante, telling WKTV, "It's one of those things where there's absolutely nothing whatsoever. In fact, we welcome the scrutiny. We hired a girl, a woman, who did some work for us, who also did some work for Eliot Spitzer, and that's where the story begins and ends."

That "girl" is Kristian Stiles, who began working for Spitzer in her mid-20s. Her connection to Arcuri lasted from July 2007 until March 18, two days after the New York Times reported she was under federal investigation for her unusual ties with Spitzer.

Arcuri paid Stiles more than $44,000 to serve as a fundraising consultant in New York City. The large sum of money for just nine months of work has raised questions, especially because she did similar work for Spitzer. A source with knowledge of New York City fundraisers told me this week it seemed rather odd that Stiles would be paid such a large sum for such work.

Aside from WKTV's Joleen Farris and a Utica, N.Y., blog JusticeDenied13501, Arcuri appears to be getting a pass from local media. The daily paper, Utica Observer-Dispatch, has a history of going easy on him, dating back to the 2006 campaign.

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Live in upstate NY - - Arcuri our rep. As if it isn't bad enough that NYS had Spitzer for Governor, now this.

I guess high taxes that drive out business isn't enough for our politicians - - let's add some political corruption for flavor.... watching.

The posts on JusticeDenied13501 are signed Susan Arcuri!!!!!!! Maybe I am misreading it but is this women related to Arcuri?

But then I found this post explaining who she is and why she writes the blog.

Thanks - - I wondered if she was his ex-wife or something!!! Makes you wonder if Mrs. Spitzer will ever get a blog - - now that might be worth reading.

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