Ordinary, Decent Criminal Watch: 07/03/2008

This is one of those good news / bad news kinds of stories.

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Via Instapundit: first, the bad news:

At about 5 p.m. yesterday [July 3, 2008], an unidentified thief with a police record broke into a red van that had been parked at 53rd Street and Second Avenue in Brooklyn's Sunset Park for about a month, a source told The Post.

He was stunned when he looked inside - it was filled with gas cans and Styrofoam cups containing a mysterious white substance with protruding wires and switches.

The good news? The would-be thief drove said van safely out of the way, then called a cop that he knew to report the situation. No word yet on whether it was an actual bomb or not (reportedly, the license plates don't match, which itself sounds suspicious), but the cops have indicated that the thief isn't likely to get charged with anything.

And, do you know something? I'm fine with that. If that thing was a bomb, it was set up right next to a school.

Moe Lane

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Although I am curious as to what the "mysterious white substance" is.
4.62, 0.51

when Eddie Valentine, the organized crime boss, finds out his employer is a Nazi and turns on him:

"I may not make an honest buck, but I'm a hundred percent American."

You and me both.



Something seems VERY off about this story.

I used to live not far from this intersection, and it strikes me as highly improbable that a van could have been parked on the street there for an entire month without attracting the attention of the authorities. Is the claim that it had been there for a month only the word of the thief?

The van would have had at least four (and maybe as many as eight) parking tickets after a month, depending on whether they sweep there once or twice or a week. In NYC, you can get towed for a whole lot less than this.

And if it's sat there for a month already without exploding, then a "Samaritan" thief driving it to a "safe location"--or anywhere else--is hardly necessary.

The other possibility that occurs to me--the only scenario that makes much sense--is that the van was parked off the street on private property and hence wouldn't have been towed.

So what was it parked next to? A ballet studio and a small Muslim school?

Could the van and its contents have been the property of that ballet school? What's a ballet school doing (potentially) with explosives? Really makes you wonder.

Even if it proves not to be a bomb, and there were a fair amount of gas, it could just be a huge problem. What I like about the story is this:

Then he got out and called a cop he knows from his run-ins with the law.

This is the exact reason why community policing works. Even (some) bad guys respect the police and will do the right thing (occasionally).

And if it does turn out to be a real bomb he should get some sort of city funded help to quit being a criminal.


It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

Heard this on the local news thursday night, they said they believe it might have belonged to an Chinese national they picked up in Ct. for something similar, apparently he lived around the area but was arrested in Ct. for having a van bomb almost like this.

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