Who's Afraid Of Big Bad Fred?

Everyone Else In The Race It Seems

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“Rasmussen has Fred and Rudy tied at 24% each with Romney and McCain tied at 11% each.

Someone must be afraid of Fred Thompson. Rudy is probably the obvious choice, given today's poll numbers. But I'm sure Romney, McCain, and even the Democrats are afraid of Fred now too. And if you need further proof, behold the apparently coordinated attacking points against him.

Fred is a lobbyist, the Huffington Post proclaims. Not just a lobbyist, George Will tells us, but a lazy lobbyist. And not just a lazy lobbyist, but a foreign agent lazy lobbyist, the Nation would have us believe. And the icing on the cake is Washington Insider cum journalist Jeffrey Birnbaum picking up the attacking points and trying to advance the ball. Here's how Jeffrey starts the advance

But over the past three years he showed up every two weeks or so at a lobbying and law firm in downtown D.C. to plot how best to persuade Congress to help a British company.

His main assignment: to use his connections to then-Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) to extract information about goings-on inside Congress and use it to benefit his multibillion-dollar client.

In exchange for this insider wisdom he was paid a cool $760,000.

To my knowledge, Jeffrey hasn't done a deep lobbying profile of Rudy yet, despite Rudy having been in the race for much longer than Fred.

In any event, where do I start?

Read on . . .

First we should remember that Fred has been practicing law for 27 years, excluding his time making laws in the Senate, and has only had 6 clients on whose behalf he has lobbied. A couple of those, including the alleged role lobbying for Haiti, were nothing more than a phone call or two on behalf of friends of his, according to a background source of mine who is close to Fred's campaign.

Second, is the asbestos litigation really something to attack Fred on? Virtually every person in Washington dealt with the asbestos litigation in some way after the Supreme Court told Congress it needed to take a look at it. The effort was bipartisan and needed.

This again is another example of both why Fred Thompson is running and why he is running such an innovative campaign. The inside the beltway crowd, from the media to the politicians, love to pigeonhole anyone and everyone and presume each candidate is the sum of one of their parts instead of the whole.

They are all in for a rude awakening with Fred's campaign.

And should they be scared? Hell yeah. Look at today's poll numbers.

The LA Times has Fred at 21% to Rudy's 27%.

Rasmussen has Fred and Rudy tied at 24% each with Romney and McCain tied at 11% each.

I'd say a whole lotta people got a whole lotta worrying to do.

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because he has yet to throw an INT. But then again, he has yet to throw much of anything. Of course, he may end up being Tom Brady.

I'm excited to see more of Senator Thompson. Unlike many, I like a lot of the GOP candidates, and could vote for several without any hesitation. I hope to add Fred! to that list too.

Everyone loves the rookie quarterback coming into camp when the other roster quarterbacks lack arm strength and/or can't hold onto the football.

If the rookie is really good, the others are eventually sent to the bench.

This early poll, about which I know very little, means only that Thompson is a force with which to be recknoned; or, as Erick put it, feared.

The nipping at the heels is so predictable, and a sign of growth. Fred is now becoming a Major Contender, even before he has "formally" announced.

As a movement conservative and forlorn George Allen supporter, vintage 2006, I have been following the Fred Thompson campaign/non-campaign with great interest. It looks like he is positioned to make his move and add some significant excitement to the race.

He is not Ronald Reagan, but he may be a Man for His Time. I hope and pray that he steps into the opportunity and delivers solid conservative policies, an uplifting vision for the party and the country, passion, and the ability to communicate same across the broad spectrum of the voting population.

Go Fred Go!

Let the tsunami begin!!!

"Judge a man by his enemies". Looks like a lot of other people also think Fred is the main man judging by their attacks. Decathlon Man, you've got it right!

See Fred Run.
Watch Fred Run.
Run Fred, Run.

I think its safe to say one of the Bush White House's greatest failings is communication. Ditto for Dubya himself. I wouldn't expect either Fred or Rudy to suffer from this malady. And that, I find encouraging.

Did I say I want Fred to run?

That is the most encouraging thing about those two candidates indeed. Particularly Fred. I need to see him in action, but I have a good feeling about it. Nothing has driven me mad more than the Bush 43 Admin's inability to communicate. Starting with the President, of course.

"Grant what Thou commandest, and command what Thou dost desire." -Augustine

I don't think so. Given Clinton's commodities trading, Obama's ties to sleazy landlords and Edwards' quest for a solution to world poverty via hanging with the hedge funds, stuff like this is not going to hurt Thompson. Or Giuliani or Romney for that matter. None of the Dems want to talk about how they have made their money because the comparisons with any GOP nominee will not be flattering.

Just the usual MSM playbook on consevatives at work here. When examining dems, they fawn on how "hillary is so smart, she'll be able to spin her way out of that situation" or "barack's drug use just shows how well connected to the people he is", ad nauseum.
With republicans, it's more about asking when they stopped beating thier wives type of stories.
They really are pathetic.

Regarding Fred!, right now I am leaning his direction because I have some problems with the other candidates, no one seems to tie up all of the loose ends as well as Thompson does (at least for me). Overall though, we have one of the better fields in recent memory - there is something to like about most every one of them, well, maybe not RonPaul or McCain (Ok maybe something about McCain).
I think the dems envy our depth on the bench - every candidate has more going for them than any dem.
A bad case of contender envy if ever I saw one.

In this upcoming election, we need to elect a leader. Someone whose persona is synonymous with leadership. That person is John McCain.

Fred Thompson has been around leadership, but that doesn't necessarily make him a leader.

I'm worried that the Thompson boomlet is more about an image and personality than it is personal leadership qualities.

We need gut checked leadership, not poll tested and advisor driven leadership.

Even Rudy Giuliani has gut checked leadership.

FYI: The numbers to look at, Are the number above the name not the bottom.

1.Fred Thompson 44.5%
2.Ron Paul 26.6%
3.Rudy Giuliani 10.4%

1.Bill Richardson 20.9%
2.Barack Obama 18.6%
3.Mike Gravel 12.1%

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