Breaking: Fred Thompson Has Cancer. It's In Remission.

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Fred Thompson announced this morning that he has cancer. It is in remission. He has no symptoms. He has not had any illness related to it. It is a very treatable form of lymphoma called "indolent lymphoma". He was diagnosed three years ago.

I'm wondering why he wanted to get it out there unless he's going to be announcing his candidacy soon (or wants to dampen expectations that he will).

Fred Thompson will talk exclusively to Neal Cavuto this afternoon at 4pm EDT about the issue.

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Best wishes to Senator Thompson for a speedy recovery.

"I'm kind of old-fashioned. I like to engage my brain before my mouth." Donald Rumsfeld

And as Erick wrote, the reason this is significant may be the real story.

A co-workers daughter went through lymphoma and now there are no traces of it anymore. I wish anyone with it the best of luck. Also have to give props to the doctors and researcher out there curing this stuff.

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...for the Senator and his family as well as the Tony Snow, Elizbeth Edwards, and their families. One can only wish them the best.

In regards to his campaign, I cannot see him in announcing knowing this unless he really thinks there's a void he has to fill in the crop of Republican candidates. Looks like Mitt may be my man once again.

Get well soon Senator!

Kudos to Fred Thompson for being honest with the people and wanting to serve the people! He is in remission. Doctors have said he is in remission and it is completely treatable in the unlikely event it returns. America needs Fred Thompson! HE IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE with the EXPERIENCE, STRENGTH and UNWAIVERING CHARACTER this country needs to lead us through the tough times ahead. HE HAS MY VOTE...I hope for our Country's sake he has yours too!

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