Ain't gonna work on Maggie's Farm no more.

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At the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, Bob Dylan was introduced to thunderous cheers. What happened next is the stuff of legend.

Dylan came out, backed a blues band, and plunged right into a raw, blazing, hard blues rendition of “Maggie’s Farm” — a song that has about as much in common with standard folk music as chalk does cheese. There were boos, jeers, astonishment, and outrage. Pete Seeger is said to have threatened to take an axe to the sound equipment. Dylan fed off the audience’s mixed, but very vocal reaction. (Around 3:00 to 3:40 in the video below shows him answering the jeers with defiance and amusement.) “Like a Rolling Stone” was also in the set. Then later, after more commotion and confusion, Dylan returned, all by himself, to play an acoustic set — which concluded with a haunting version of “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.”

The episode is commonly acknowledged to signify Dylan’s declaration of independence from the moribund protest movement of the folk singers. Folk music had jumped the shark, and Dylan was not going to let these ragged commies go home from their folk festival unconfronted with that fact.

In our day of farm bill outrage, moribund movements, and a crying need for Conservatives to declare independence from the GOP leadership that is careening toward oblivion, this 1965 episode seems to me somehow apposite.

Open thread.

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Nice by Risky

I'll look forward to that clip when I get out of work.

You are right, Zimmy let them have it but good! He was making damn sure everyone understood where he was coming from. I wish we could somehow transmit every jangly, searing lick of those guitars into a message our current crop of Republican's could understand. That clip is a keeper. Thanks.

What the hell is going on out here? - Vince Lombardi

Groups of private citizens, independent conservatives and republicans, should form organizations that recruit candidates and present them with contracts (no earmarks, no tax hikes, etc...). This way, the energy is bottom-up rather than top-down.

The Pols would know that straying from their contracts would mean the end of their careers.

Pols of both parties tell people what they want to hear at home and then hope noone will notice them in Congress. I think people can take more power and actually make the pols work for us. We have to stop being so passive.

P.S. I'm a big Dylan fan. His career and music runs very counter to the conventional view of him as a 60's lib. My Back Pages is basically a refutation of political leftism.

"The most dangerous form in which oppression can overshadow a community is that of popular sway" -James Fenimore Cooper

His career and music runs very counter to the conventional view of him as a 60's lib.

Full agreement. See:

And the Lord upon the Golden Horn is laughing in the sun.

Tim Russert sure sounds like he cut the cheese in this clip.

Check out the comments section here. My favorite:

Little Kid Lover says:
May 21st, 2008 at 1:17 pm

It was the short toot kind, not long rumbling bubbly kind that is truly hilarious.

And thank god old Russ, didn’t reflexively put his hand to his but cheeks then bring it back up for a whiff.

There are quite a few more "nuggets" of funny. Go check em out.

Yes, I'm still 5.

Now also found at The Minority Report

Just a typical, small town, white girl...

The ultimate point you are making, hmmmm, that's tracking with some thoughts I got cooking.

Unfair. Unbalanced. Unmedicated. -- IMAO

...lots of pols in both parties could use a sharp stick in the eye to remind them of how far their precious policies have strayed from the ideals that made this country a paragon of prosperity and freedom.

On a Dylan aside, a friend of mine joined the Catholic brotherhood in 1979 and gave me all of his Dylan albums. I still have them stored in my garage - almost tempted to buy a record player so I can listen to them again. Anyone who hasn't read Dylan's 2004 autobiography, Chronicles, should take a chance and pick up a copy. It's a great story about following your personal vision even when it means swimming against a seemingly insurmountable tide.

"We want great men who, when fortune frowns, will not be discouraged." - Colonel Henry Knox

I'm sorry, I don't think this is going to work. If you've read Jonah Goldberg's book Liberal Fascism (which I highly recommend) there is a chapter of the book entitled "We are all Fascists Now". The purpose of this chapter is to illustrate that traits of fascism have crept into our daily lives and our popular culture so thoroughly that even the most strident conscious anti-fascist unwittingly engages in it. I'm afraid that we are at that point now when it comes to socialism, and have been for quite some time. The basic assumptions of socialism - that government has an obligation to "take care" of people - has so thoroughly drenched our discourse that to go back would require mass lobotomies. So, we can fight against the 100 Republicans who voted for the farm bill. We can even see to it that they are all defeated at the polls. They will only be replaced with 100 more Republicans who would also cast the same vote if they had the chance.

As Darth Vader or the Borg or some other really evil bad dude said, "it is useless to resist." We are all socialists now.

Identifying the cancer a,d recognizing how far down the road we are to socialism, THAT is the first step. But to surrender first thing?

Not me, brother.

Unfair. Unbalanced. Unmedicated. -- IMAO

message of defeatism from it. Buck up. Yes, it might get worse before it gets better, but I leave you with this hopeful sign.

Even the Euros, who had been totally Borg assimilated, Are now waking up and saying NO! to more socialism. Did you know that most Euro nations now have a lower corporate tax rate than we do?

Americans have a much lower threshold. and will rebel, but yes, it will probably have to get worse before it gets better.

"Nothing works like freedom, Nothing succeeds like liberty"

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