BREAKING NEWS: Sen. John Ensign Publicly Calls on Larry Craig to Resign

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In a strong, strong interview going on as I type, John Ensign tells Wolf Blitzer that Larry Craig should keep his word and resign.

Ensign says that if Craig really means what he says — that he cares about Idaho — Craig should resign immediately so the Governor can appoint someone new to begin building seniority now.

John Ensign is chairing the National Republican Senatorial Committee and his opinion has weight among Senate Republicans. He's very, very adamant that Craig should keep his word and go now.

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First there were the "Singing Senators", with Arlen and John A. I was hoping that Larry Craig was going to form the "Tap Dancing" Senators. They would tour old folks homes, public toilets and San Francisco bath houses.

Guess we'll get a chance to catch the act.

Proud member of the Barry Goldwater wing of the party !

it was clear that he understood the lingo and exactly what is going on. He may have tried to play it off, but he knew the culture so this "I was entrapped" and "I was railroaded" doesn't hold any water.

Get out of the way, Larry and let the governor put someone in who will guarentee a win in 2008.


I hope he'll say the same of Ted Stevens. Frankly I think it's time to stop spending so much time on Craig and start focusing on someone who has been accused by someone testifying under oath of accepting bribes. Personally, I'm one to give Craig the benefit of the doubt, but either way, Craig's actions, whether fitting the cop's story or not, are not tied to his Senatorial office. Ted Stevens' actions, to the contrary, are directly tied to his office.

Let us know when Sen. Stevens pleads guilty or is convicted of anything, then we can talk about that.

Anyone can be *accused* of anything.

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Let's nominate the Nash Equilibrium for President.

If Craig won't resign he should be stripped of all Committee assignments and every possible perk of office.

He now says he won't run for re-election. How exactly do we know he isn't going to "reconsider" when the time comes? Being a Republican Senator should be a privilege; Craig seems to view it as an entitlement.

Thank you, Senator Ensign.
This charade by Larry Craig is all about keeping his wife placated, methinks.

Craig is a selfish,pompous,lying jerk who deserves being booted out the door.

But he has done nothing to warrant expulsion from the Senate.

The people of Idaho can kick him out if they choose. I think he's got a pretty good chance though of winning re-election.

It's war -- so when can we start shooting back at the enemy Democrats?

You can no more embarrass a Senator than a sofa.

"No compromise with the main purpose, no peace till victory, no pact with unrepentant wrong." - Winston Churchill

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