Forcing the Issue on FISA: The Next Round

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It isn't flashy. It's floor procedure and a leadership team that is holding the votes together. This is how a minority saves FISA.

Yesterday, we prevented them from doing a short-term extension. Now they can either take up the bi-partisan, senate-passed FISA bill that protects America - or - they can let it expire and leave our people vulnerable. It's up to them.

In a news cycle driven by gossip and baseball, serious business that fundamentally effects our ability to fight the war is on the line and happening on the floor.

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...that people do not care about in their everyday lives until it is too late and 9/11 happens. Then they are all up in arms because we didn't prevent it from happening.

This is the not so sexy, dirty work that needs to be done before it is too late. The Democrats won't admit it though, because it isn't politically advantageous until it is too late.

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