More Union Payback by Dems: Making It Easier for Terrorists to Kill Americans

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“Can you imagine the TSA running more like mailmen than TSA officers? Hell, we might start losing people like the post office loses mail.”
Beyond attempting to kill businesses and potentially employees this week by insisting on public ballots in union elections (we all know about union thuggery quite literally affecting the lives of anti-union employees), the Democrats apparently won't be satisfied until they've killed you too.

After rejecting a unionized workforce able to bargain collectively at the Department of Homeland Security in 2002, the Republicans ran on the Democrat effort to block the plan. If you remember, in addition to gaining ground in the election, the GOP defeated Max Cleland, one of the loudest proponents of a unionized Homeland Security workforce.

Now, the Democrats are at it again. As the Senate begins debating a bill to implement the 9/11 Commission report, the Democrats want to fully unionize the 43,000 security screeners at TSA, which would give labor unions $34 million in annual union dues. Senator Jim DeMint is lining up opposition.

The Democrats never consulted TSA security experts. The provision was not recommended by the 9/11 Commission. The provision would undermine TSA's ability to perform it's job.

Read on . . .

We've all experienced the hell that is an airport security line. Can you imagine if the TSA employees had unionized job protection? Can you imagine the TSA running more like mailmen than TSA officers? Hell, we might start losing people like the post office loses mail.

Present rules allow the TSA officers to join a union, but the TSA is not tied to union collective bargaining agreements. This allows the TSA to be flexible in dealing with its workforce. Collective bargaining was rejected when the TSA was established because it would weaken our security. Using collective bargaining would kill the flexibility of the TSA in training employees on new methods of security, redeployment of its officers to areas as needs shift, etc.

The further unionization of the TSA would make the situations we face at airports even worse that they are now. We don't need this. It would make us less secure and would make our airports more vulnerable to terrorists seeking to attack us at weak points.

The Democrats, bent on pre-birth abortions, apparently want to make it easier for terrorists to carry out post-birth abortions too -- all while hiding behind the union label.

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I'm all fine with construction crews and dock workers having unions, but a few of the places it doesn't belong...

1. School Districts (Teachers)
2. Nuclear Plant Operators (The IBEW)
3. Air Traffic Control
4. Airport Security
5. The DMV
6. The Post Office

Feel free to add some more. I'm slightly left of center, but most unions disgust me. They breed incompetence and do nothing but allow members to rest at the lowest level of acceptable aptitude. I think I'm safer discussing it here since not many Dems like to hear me rant about hating unions, most abortions and advocating Nuclear Power.

agency on your list.

I don't see a need for employees unions to hit the taxpayer up for higher wages and benefits.

I would also add nurses and other medical proffessionals to the list.

Now they seem more about finding more people to get dues from so they can collect more money.

The majority of union members are not working for private companies but for various government agencies. I honestly don't see the need for collective bargaining here-it seems to be a waste of taxpayer dollars, and if workers do not like the pay and conditions provided by the government they work for, then they are free to seek work elsewhere.

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