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Democrats are in the process of passing earmarks they've stuck in the Intelligence Appropriations Bill.

That means that some, though not all, of the earmarks are not only *not* available to members of the public to see, but other members of Congress are shut out the process.

According to Congress Daily at this late hour, John Murtha put in a number of earmarks and did not even tell ranking member Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) what they were. Of those that have been disclosed,"Murtha inserted three earmarks totaling $25 million, including $23 million in funding for the National Drug Intelligence Center, a Justice Department operation in Johnstown, PA in his district."

This is happening right now. And the Dems are shutting out the Republicans who are pointing out that this violates House rules.

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"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.

No, not to us. To their own supporters. I mean, I understand what's going on: the Democrats are simply letting Bush know how big a bribe it's going to take to get them to vote an unrestricted appropriations bill. No other real reason to put pork in a bill that's going to get vetoed, after all.

But the level of contempt that this shows towards the Democratic base may actually exceed the level of contempt we have towards said base. I'm actually startled by it.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC.

...that perhaps it is time that the American people learn a valuable lesson? This is extremely difficult for me to say, it goes against every fiber in me, but my frustration has gotten the better of me. I'm at that point and beyond where I simply ask the question, "Is it time that the Right just throws up its hands and says, 'Okay, let's let the Dems serve up a serious case of trauma and pain to the American people. It's time for another painful lesson of what the Democrats will do to this Land.'"

I have been trying to remember when the House AND Senate were last controlled by the Dems - let alone when they controlled the House, the Senate and the Presidency but I think the American people have blindly asked for this punishment and quite frankly, i'm at the point where I'm not sure the American public will learn a single bloody thing until the Dems show them exactly what they will do to botch it all up.

Having said that, I hang my head low thinking of the Iraqi people, thinking of our American Troops and at the same time, saying a huge prayer that the Country at least would survive the painful lesson.

... and I too " hang my head low". Perhaps you are right, and as I said in '06, the American people deserve what they have voted for.

But take heart, those of us who have remained silent are just beginning to speak out against this travesty.

Edmund Burke: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

And; …Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.

Unite and SPEAK!!!

First off just wanted to say hello to all the RedStaters and that this is my first post as a RedState member, which I read on a regular basis anyways; I attend the University of Pittsburgh as an undergrad business major. I represent a minority of something close to 10% of conservatives (according to thefacebook) on the campus.

Anyways, I am inclined to agree with you that we should feel the full effects of what it means to be controlled by democrats, and when people realize what all that entails they will be disgusted.

We don't have to look any farther than the fact that the terrorist tried to influence the mid-term elections in favor of the democrats with propaganda and an increase in the number of attacks. Why would the terrorist want the democrats in power? If the enemy of my enemy is my friend then shouldn't the friend of my enemy be my enemy?

I'm just wondering, and too tired/lazy to go look.

Did Republicans allow Democratic input and information on what bills were being worked on, and NOW Republicans are being shut out of the process.

If that is actually the case here, then this has to be remembered when Republicans regain control.
If Republicans shut out the Dems, then Republicans have to EAT IT now.

I agree in theory with Fight4TheRight and pbritz, that the electorate that put Mz. Nancy and Teddy K in charge need to FEEL and SEE the consequences of their actions.
I think it's clear that in a liberal vs conservative approach to ANY issue, once people see the actual tangible results of each approach, conservative will be superior each time.

The problem is.......the consequences could be catastrophic and liberal Democrats could destroy this country beyond repair.

If we let Democrats make a sh*t pie of this country, WE ALL have to take a bite, not just the people who put them in.

..KnightBrigade wasn't just that the people voting for the Democrats should feel but in my mind (lately), it seems that the pain and catastrophe may be needed to purge the Country of ALL of this Leftist/Socialist viewpoint. I'm talking about everything from the Truthers to the MoveOn people to the immigration advocates to the terror deniers.

I do agree with you that the consequences could be irrevitable, but I liken it to a huge forested area. Mother Nature may have determined that this mature forest, heavy-laden with ancient trees and tinderbox-like dead foliage needs a complete burn to renew itself. The aftermath of the burn is sobering and catastrophic but given time, seedlings emerge...and life begins again with hope and vitality.

The easiest thing to do is nothing. There’s a part of me that thinks like you do, that we should concede 2008, and do some housecleaning afterwards. But, how many years are we willing to sacrifice for this? If Conservative voters take a back seat in 2008, and Liberals expand their control of Congress and gain the White House, what will be left of the Republican Party? What of 2012?
The idea is that a Liberal majority would so erode the culture, traditions and laws of this country, that the voice of the people would cry out and the voters would elect new leadership. And, in this process, the Liberal movement would be crushed, never to rise again.
Here’s the problem I have with that scenario, as beautiful as it may sound: the people would need an alternative.
If Conservatives give away 2008, I fear we could marginalize the Conservative message. No one else is going to help us. Not the MSM, not Hollywood, not the academics. If we bow to those forces this election, what keeps them from breaking us later on?
It’s not going to get any easier. But, we can manage the level of difficulty – if we stay engaged.
Given the stakes, both foreign and domestic, this election should hold a sense of urgency. It feels like a tipping point, though it could be my imagination. If there is ever an election to sit out, this isn’t the one. And yet, we find ourselves considering the notion that maybe, just maybe, if we don’t vote and allow the other side to win just this once that alone will be the cure.
Let the Liberals win in ’08, only to set themselves up for inevitable defeat down the road. But, if we accept defeat now, will we – Conservatives – be in a position for victory when that time comes?

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