Rep. Capuano's Newspeak for Censorship

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As the Obama candidacy gains momentum, we should all become more accustomed to "newspeak." Out is the word "censorship" to be replaced with the phrase "freedom of speech." The former phrase "freedom of speech' will be prohibited except in classical texts until such texts can be reprinted wherein all references to actual free speech will be deleted.

That, of course, seems the natural progression from Rep. Mick Capuano (D-MA), who calls the internet a "necessary evil."

Rep. Capuano is proposing regulations that would prohibit Members of Congress from contributing content to any site that has commercial advertising. Likewise, Rep. Capuano, though he's peddling furiously away from it, has proposed Congressional approval of new technologies that Members of Congress could only embrace after Congress issues a blessing.

The same thing is happening in the Senate, though Senators are being less vocal about Senator Diane Feinstein's similar proposal.

Congressman John Boehner's office has a post up on this subject. His staff points out that under Congressman Capuano's proposal, members of the House of Representatives could be prohibited from having op-eds in newspapers because those op-eds also appear online.

And it's not just Congressman Boehner and his staff. The Sunlight Foundation disagrees with Rep. Capuano's spin, as do other outside groups.

This has very little to do with actually making sure congressmen are not using their office to endorse commercial advertising and everything to do with Democrats being routinely out-gamed by Republicans in floor fights that are highlighted by Republican congressman on blogs and in YouTube mocking the insanity of the Democrats' congressional track record.

America's Mother-in-Law claims Congress has a "responsibility to ensure that Members and the public understand the need to prevent the misuse of public funds, while at the same time ensuring access to emerging online means of communication." Bridges to nowhere are apparently an acceptable use of public funds while connecting with constituents via YouTube has been perverted to be a misuse of public funds.

Get used to newspeak.

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Rep. Capuano claims the following:

It is currently against House rules to post video on any site with commercial or political advertising or to use taxpayer-funded resources to post outside of the domain.

I'd like to know if there's any truth to that, and if so, we should try to get that corrected--after killing this very bad bill, of course.

No one of good character leaves behind a wasted life - John McCain

Last I checked, they run advertising.

How about the WSJ, NY Times, LA Times, Wa Times, etc.

Don't they run ads?

What a MORON. This is easily one of the dumbest things I have seen from a congressman.

"Broadly speaking, liberalism emphasizes individual rights and equality of opportunity. ... including extensive freedom of thought and speech, limitations on the power of governments, the rule of law, the free exchange of ideas, a market or mixed economy,

I'm still stunned that someone had the gall to come up with the name Employee Fair Choice Act for a bill that effectively gives union thugs the right to intimidate workers into becoming vassals of the Labor machine. It should more properly been called the Legalized Union Thuggery Act.

So, I'm not too surprised at the name. Come to think of it, given the usual tactics of "progressives", I'm not too surprised at the content; every autocrat since the invention of writing has sought to shut down dissent as a first step towards consolidating power. Modern "Democrats" are nothing of the kind; they only beleive in free speech when it's them talking, just like they only beleive in democracy when they have a clear majority.
"You can't save the Earth unless you're willing to make other people sacrifice" - Scott Adams (speaking through Dogbert)

First they want to repeal the 2nd Amendment (after Heller), now they're talking like they want to restrict the 1st Amendment as well!

I think they're getting used to hearing "Obamics"--he has a very mellifluous Barry-tone voice that soothes everyone into thinking he's saying something profound when he's saying nothing of consequence.

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