Who Are The Next Great Leaders?

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Tom Price, Paul Ryan, and Eric Cantor. I could have told you that. Newt agrees.

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I'd have to add Jeb Hensarling to that list. He's awesome.

And seeing as he should get a big promotion out of the House next month, he should be at the top of the list.

I'd add Adam Putnam as well.


He's out and about more than Fred was.

I say again, many voters are still seeing same old, same old in office and running for office. Not that Newt wins the GOP nomination, but he sure brings the issues to the table better than anyone else enough to make the people know what voting for today's democrats gets you.

What big promotion could he get next month?

Now Newt's identified them for the Left's slander machines (PFAW, NOW, NAACP, etc.) ...

PS: Paul Ryan's been on my radar for Governor of WI for a while. Think he could give whoever his opponent is a major shellacking.

Think Long Term.

I hope these guys don't term-limit themselves. How much of our '06 loss was due to losing the '94 guys with the most integrity to term limits pledges?

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