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When conscience is sacrificed to the God of sex.

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Lydia McGrew points us to this horrifying confession by a Planned Parenthood worker who admits to giving various forms of birth control (including Plan B) to a twelve year old girl. This particular Planned Parenthood worker knew that the girl was sexually active, and had serious reservations about the age of the 12-year-old's sexual partner, and whether the 12-year-old was a consenting partner in this relationship, if we grant the proposition that a 12-year-old can give meaningful consent to sex.

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The advocates of legal prenatal killing are constantly arguing that the pro-life movement is really all about sex-that we are really concerned (depending upon which kind of pro-choicer you are encountering) with one of two inherently contradictory goals, either (1) keeping women from having sex, or (2) keeping them at home having babies (which implies that we want them to have sex). In either case, it's really all about sex for us, and all this language that we have devised about protecting unborn lives is just window dressing for our real agenda, which is that we hate sex and/or women. Stories like this illustrate, in a rather clear manner, that the Planned Parenthood crowd is pretty clearly projecting their own issues upon the pro-life movement. Obsession with sex, and the availability of sex, permeates the way these people see the world. Concern for women, specifically, that a woman - no, a girl - might be being exploited is notably absent. Well, not completely absent, to be fair, but rather intentionally suppressed. Take note:

She came with an adult friend, maybe an aunt or family friend, and I could not decide whether I thought she was lucky or unlucky. To my mind, she was far too young to be having sex, and it was difficult for me to tell exactly what the situation was with her partner. I do not ever ask the age of sexual partners, and she did not reveal the age of hers, but I could not shake the feeling that hers was older, possibly very much so. I could not get it out of my head that she didn't exactly give consent, though I had no reason to believe she didn't. Maybe I was projecting. I try to fight it, but there is some part of me that does not believe that such young girls are able to give consent, particularly if their partners are much older and there is a great imbalance in experience between the two. This part of me undoubtedly borders on patronizing. I don't really know what this girl's situation was, nor do I know what her role in it was. It is presumptive in the highest to assume that she was somehow victimized. But I still feel like she was too young. Clearly, that's my issue, not hers.

I frankly don't know how a human being can be wired in such a way that they are more concerned with not being "patronizing" than with the prospect that a 12-year-old girl is being sexually molested by a "much older" partner. Part of the reason that I am pro-life is that I believe that all humans - no matter how small, no matter what their background - are born with a soul. I believe that all of us share a core element of humanity that binds us together and, with the exception of a few aberrant individuals, teaches us to value our fellow mankind.

Then I read stories like this and I wonder - what has happened to this woman, this "Hormone Peddling Wench," that this part of her basic humanity did not cause her to do everything in her power to stop the sexual molestation (and if her suspicions are correct, every jurisdiction in this country would consider this to be sexual molestation) from occurring. Clearly, the last vestiges of this woman's soul (or conscience, or whatever) cried out against the evil that she was enabling, but she forcefully kicked it with insults until it lay silent, so that in the end, she could consider this child to be "lucky," because at least now she was armed with condoms and Plan B.

And the question must be asked, "Why?" Why would someone go to such lengths to suppress their natural instincts and to (almost certainly) ignore the law with respect to reporting suspected sexual abuse? The answer, very clearly, is sex. Sex, in any form or fashion, must be respected and protected. Grave concerns about consent, about sexual abuse, about the manipulation of a child barely reaching junior high age must be suppressed lest this woman suppress what is apparently most important to her: free sex at all costs. Even if it isn't entirely free for the girl.

As McGrew notes:

Meanwhile, the girl goes her way, back into the situation. HPW doesn't say what her evidence was that "she didn't exactly give consent." Dawn Eden has encouraged her readers to make contact with the Oregon DOJ to report a possible case of child rape and a mandatory reporter who ain't reportin' nuthin'.

Whatever else is clear in this story, one thing stands out: It isn't really about choice, is it? It's about sex, the god Eros, before whom all else must fall. And as C.S. Lewis used to say (echoing Denis de Rougemont), when Eros is made a god, he becomes a demon.

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Bad parenting?

I mean, my parents were very responsible with me in regards to sex, and I waited until I was 18 to have sex. Where was this girl's mother? Why wasn't she more involved in her child's life?

The child is clearly being enabled by at least one trusted relative, which can make it much more difficult for parents.

And, even if the parents are guilty of gross negligence, that does not absolve others who are also guilty of enabling this abuse.

The Red Sox Republican: Burkeanism, Baseball, and Sundries.

It was only this woman's "feeling" that it wasn't consentual and the partner was much older. It could have very well been that the girl's partner was her own age (though I agree that 12 is WAY too young for sex or consent).

We will never truly know if it was abuse or not. So why do we assume that it has to be with so little third hand information from an anyonymous blogger?

It is my understanding that every state has laws that 12 is too young to consent to sex. [Youngest I've seen is 14.] Since it was an extremely underage girl, the worker should err on the side of caution and notify the authorities.

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was 12 required a report to authorities. We don't know if it was abuse or not because this critter took it upon herself to cover it up.

"A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition." -- Rudyard Kipling

What if the girl was an orphan raised by wolves? What if her parents are the worst in the world? What if her partner was the same age?

Maybe you missed the fact that, at 12 years old, sex is considered rape, molestation, AND ABUSE. What rock do you live under?

The report may be a lie, but if it is true, several people should be in jail, including the woman who provided the "reproductive services" and did not report the pregnancy to the police.

Interesting, isn't it, that, in Oregon, two MALE minors are arrested on felony charges for participating in butt slap day, but the rapist of a 12 year old girl gets a pass from Planned Parenthood.

You had actually managed to survive me. That doesn't happen every day. A smart man would have taken that as the unlooked-for gift that it was; but no, you had to show up again and start trying to spin away the fact that this woman is conspiring to cover up the rape of a young girl. Which, by the way, you might have noticed is a violation of the law under which PP operates; presuming that you had bothered to click through some links.

:thumbing back safety: One other thing. Erick was really apologetic to me about turning your account back on over your inability to tell the difference between lying and being incorrect, so don't expect that whining to him will work this time.

The girl was freaking twelve... oh, never bloody mind.


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for refusing to tolerate intolerable views.

Often times, when the abuser is a relative, the parent feels that they can self-police the offender. They also don't want to disrupt the family.

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All too often when a kid hits a certain age, you're already expecting personality changes. It can be so easy to miss this sort of abuse in all the other things going on.

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I'm just speaking of cases when the parent does know. I am actually experiencing this in my extended family. My cousin knows she should do something about her brother-in-law abusing her daughter, but doesn't want to rock the apple cart. Her husband believes his brother that he won't do anything again.

[The act itself wasn't sex, but when the 3 year old little girl grows up and realizes what her uncle did to her...she could be really messed up.]

for President in 2008

Consentual or not, doesn't someone belong in jail here? If it were "MY" 12 year old daughter someone would be in jail, me, for my reaction to the situation.

The HinzSight Report
Managing Editor

They belong in a morgue.

We know that Mike Huckabee would fight to prevent taxpayer dollars from going to Planned Parenthood (and from covering abortions with taxpayer dollars with MediCaid). We also know that John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani would not - especially Giuliani. Would Fred Thompson have? Doubtful. Well, I would like for you "smaller government lower taxes less spending" types to explain your support for presidential candidates that are absolutely silent on this issue.

i work in prevention education and sex is one of the topics we cover. this story from planned parent hood is one of SEVERAL of hundreds. they do not council these girls properly, they tell the young ladies not to "tell me how old your partner is, because he may get arrested".
working in the public school system. it is SAD how little our children know. young ladies tell me on a daily basis that "if you have a boyfriend then sex is your job for him". (their words)
planned parenthood has been receiving $12 to abstinence education's $1. (well now abstinence education gets nothing) planned parenthood and organizations like them think that teaching kids to have sex "safely" is the only way to educate our children. they don't explain to our youth that they have a choice. and yes, they actually need to be told that they have a choice, because many of them grow up not understanding that their body is theirs and they get to make the decisions pertaining to that body...they don't explain to the youth that condoms can't always protect against many std's because many of them can be passed skin to skin.
abstinence education teaches kids ALL about sex- including safe sex. what they do differently is encourage kids to rise to higher standards. will this fix all of our problems, probably not. but most good parents and teachers know that children tend to rise only as high as the standards you my house it was a known fact-you don't have sex. that was a non-negotiable. i knew if i came home pregnant, my parents would be there for me, but oh the fury i would have had to face at first.
people at planned parenthood (only through my experience and knowledge) never err on the side of caution. reporting to authorities is something they try and stay away from, because they want young girls to feel safe coming there. my question is, if 12 is too young to consent to sex, why is it not too young to get an abortion?
okay, i rambled but i feel better now.

THis is indecisiveness. It is crimnal negligence. It almost has nothing to do with the issue of abortion. One of four things is probably happening here.

1) The family is whoring this girl out.
2) The family doesn't care enough to watch over her so the neighborhood boys are on her like a pack of wild dogs.
3) Her father (or uncle, or cousin, etc...) is waiting for her back home in the tool shed.
4) She has been kidknapped and is now living in sexual slavery.

It is appalling that the authorities were not informed that this 12 year old girl showed up wanting an abortion and that someone else knew the score and brought her to the clinic.

"If this ain't a mess, it'll do until one shows up." -Sheriff Bell, No Country For Old Men

She got sent back out with birth control, a bunch of condoms, and Plan B. In other words, the key thing here was that the girl continue having sex.

The Red Sox Republican: Burkeanism, Baseball, and Sundries.

What type of pathetic creep would actually want 12 year-olds to have sex at all?

"If this ain't a mess, it'll do until one shows up." -Sheriff Bell, No Country For Old Men

And I believe they get a portion of their funding from 'we the people' courtesy of our friendly neighborhood federal government.

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Protect the borders
Punch the hippies
-- Frank J

There is a whole lot of people in the country that want to buddy up with their kids and not be parents.

Letting there kids make choices like sex, drugs, drinking, whatever because they are either cowards themselves, or are too busy doing the same thing that the kids is involved in.

I have seen too many people whoring out there kids because they taught them by doing the actions themselves. Child Welfare services just can't stop it all and don't really seem to try to stop it, in the cases I've seen. And when something bad happens the parents blame everyone but the kids or themselves for the kid getting hurt, inprisioned, or killed.

And these Liberal wimps are the ones enabling this with their sick policies of misguided interruptation of birth control to a 12 and not asking any questions or acting on it, afraid that the kid might get offended....who f'ing cares, stop the crime dont become a criminal yourself by just watching it happen and have aided in the process.

I do not trust Liberals to make good choices, I have seen it in my family and others, just want to let things happen and blame someone else all the time.

Let us introduce you to a form of birth control we like to call rope. Very effective.

our Planned Parenthood hormone dispenser would react to a 12 year old boy coming in for the sexual tools and paraphernalia, with obvious hints that his partner is of like age?

I wonder how our Planned Parenthood hormone dispenser would react to an 11 year old girl coming in under similar auspices? Or a 10 year old girl? Or 9? 8? What are her limits?

I wonder how our Planned Parenthood hormone dispenser interacts with or otherwise treats her pre-teen nieces, or - God forbid - her own daughter?

I wonder how our Planned Parenthood hormone dispenser regards child porn?

Meanwhile, we are continually told how necessary organizations such as Planned Parenthood are, because our children are getting sexually active at younger ages...

Think pink at tonight's haute party in Waikiki.

This is a headline in todays paper announcing a joint fashion show with the PINK PALACE and Planned Parenthood of Hawaii.

"the garments will focus on the girly shade" Tickets $150.

I'm sure they will have a quiz on abstinence after the show.

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