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The sacrifice of our soldiers gets buried

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Ok, so today is the anniversary of the first ascent to the summit of Mount Everest. (Now aren’t you glad you know that?) And of course Google commemorates the day with a special home-page graphic.

Now the same people kept a stony silence on Memorial Day. Their home page looked stubbornly and icily the way it does on every other normal day. Apparently our remembrance of the men and women who sacrificed for our freedom is not to be mentioned at Google.

So I thought, well, Google is international. Maybe they were trying to be sensitive about the fact that Memorial Day is a US holiday only. And also, many of the soldiers we celebrate died fighting people in other countries, who might not take kindly to being reminded of that fact.

So I looked around at a bunch of their international pages. Sure enough, every page in every country that I checked has the Everest graphic. Except China’s. Now the Chinese are very sensitive about almost anything you might say about them. Do you suppose they have funny feelings about Mount Everest, given that they lay political claim to the territory where the mountain is?

And Google is famous for accommodating the Chinese regime's evil record of human-rights abuses. (Go to and enter "Falun Gong," just for kicks.) So you think for once, Google might accommodate us and put up a Memorial Day graphic only on their US page? Nah.

Here's what I think happened: like a great many Americans these days, the people who run Google are very uncomfortable with the fact that America maintains a posture of military strength in the world.

And their discomfort blinds then to the fact that the personal freedoms they enjoy on a daily basis were purchased at a great price by brave men and women who deserve our recognition every day, not just once a year.

-Francis Cianfrocca ("blackhedd")

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Given the way things have been going with Google on this count of late, I'm surprised that they didn't graphic up another anniversary today.

555 (!! - numerology!!) years ago today (May 29th, 1453), the Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople.

Dogpile for my queries. They always get it right.

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But they make a good product which I don't even pay for.
I use google for everything, email, search, chat, maps, docs, blogs, news.

They have an excellent product, business plan and are a truly innovative company. As long as they remain so, I will continue to use them, unless they do something I feel is traitorous and not just a disagreement.

If you're running a business to deliver a service that is potentially used by customers in every nation on earth, you can't go around ramming your patriotism or politics in your customers' face.

And you can't be insensitive to the feelings of your customers either.

That would certainly account for tailoring their logos to accommodate the lowest common denominator.

After all, when was the last time you saw Google with a logo honoring the national holidays of Africa or Arabia? Has Google ever had a logo honoring Bastille Day, or the National Day of Saudi Arabia?

The young entrepreneurs of Google built a business that is successful beyond anyone's wildest dreams. That's the American way. I'm not going to scold them for not having the proper social consciousness. Only liberals do that.

Have you ever seen any Google graphics on

Google claims, when you email them, that the purpose of their logo changes are meant to be 'lighthearted' and often 'jovial', which is why they do not put up anything for Vetrans Day, Memorial Day, etc. etc. etc. (you know, the holidays that support things like the United States and her Military)

Now, what do they mean by lighthearted and jovial?

Well, they put up something for Martin Luther King Jr Day. Perhaps they think that civil rights is lighthearted and jovial.

Or, much more likely, they're just a group of watermelon (Green on the outside, commie red all the way through) leftist neo-hippies, serving no good purpose but soaking up money and appearing to care.

Meanwhile they make special deals with China to support their human rights scandals.

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google by erp

Google Citco and Chavez and get page after page of pro Chavez stuff like "buycott' instead of boycott. Made my blood boil.

seriously, does this matter? is the world, this country, the party, in such great shape that we have nothing better to worry about than whether or not google celebrates a US holiday?????????

time to respond...the real question is do you really matter...I will let you answer that.

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