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Subscribing Would Be a Good Idea

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HBU's The City

I'd like to take time out from your afternoon to encourage you all to sign up for a free subscription to a new journal published by Houston Baptist University.

The City is a journal of Christian thought, featuring insightful articles in our first issue on bioethics, marriage in a postmodern age, and C.S. Lewis's contributions to the nature of teaching - among other topics. Many of you will recognize it as essentially a reborn version of The Critical, a smaller and more politics-focused journal to which many of you subscribed. Except this time, following the model of Hillsdale's Imprimis, it will be distributed free of charge.

The thoughts of leading Christian academics and others on the issues and challenges of the age, delivered to you thrice-annually, and for free. While I am biased, I cannot think of a reason why you would not want to receive this journal. Can you? I thought not.

You can subscribe here. Thank you in advance, and we hope you enjoy it.

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"Journal of Christian Thought" + "Free Subscription" = I am so there.

Thanks for the heads up.
First Time US Voter Blog

Both Christians and non-Christians ought to check it out, so we at RS don't make the liberal mistake of not understanding religion.

Reading "Limited Government: Are the Good Times Really Over?" by Charles R. Kesler.

I will certainly order this new one. Thanks for the note.


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