PA gubernatorial: President Bush stumps for Lynn Swann

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President Bush was at the Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center today to raise funds for Republican gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann in his quest to knock off incumbent Governor Ed Rendell.

He spoke to about 350 people.

Donors paid $10,000 per person or couple for a private reception and photo opportunity with the president, and $650 a person or $1,000 for a couple for a general reception.

Lenny Alcivar says the President raised $700,000 for Lynn Swann's campaign.

"It's a significant step in our campaign," Alcivar said.


The President is said to have spent half of his speech discussing Iraq, the main event right now, but he did not mince words about Swann:

"He's not running for his ego; he's running because he wants to serve the people of this state, and he's got a platform that makes a lot of sense," Bush said.

Solid praise.

And a solid fundraiser. It gives the campaign some maneuverability against Ed's huge ($20-million in June) pile of campaign cash.

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[Text of the Remarks by the President at Lynn Swann for Governor Reception.]

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That is a LOT of money. Good for Swann!

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