A challenger for Joe Sestak in PA-7

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Rep. Joe Sestak, who defeated long-time PA Republican Curt Weldon in a high-profile 2006 mid-term race, has a challenger in 2008. W. Craig Williams, a veteran of the first Gulf War and a former ADA in Philadelphia, has thrown his hat into the ring.

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There are a number of reasons for Sestak's victory in '06, starting with Weldon's own weakness. The Congressman was mired in a personal scandal and the campaign quickly got down and dirty, which wound up reflecting badly on Weldon. You see, Rep. Sestak is a retired Navy vice admiral who is outspokenly hostile to the Iraq war. This combination proved a winner for Democrats in '06, as principled military who were not afraid to speak the truth about failure in Iraq and the need for immediate withdrawal were the flavor of the year. Rep. Sestak's supporters dubbed him the "Progressive Patriot." By contrast, Mr. Weldon seemed a corrupt dinosaur who was out of touch with the wishes of the people.

But since he's been in office, Rep. Sestak, like most of the anti-war candidates, has proven something of a disappointment to the anti-war crowd. Here we are a year into his term and there are more troops in Iraq now than last year. How can that be? A group of worthies marched on his office earlier this month to demand accountability, and while the Congressman did try to talk to them they were not buying his new line about "orderly withdrawal." They want the troops out NOW, and consider anything else a betrayal of the forces who supported his election.

And then, on the other hand, you have the improving reports from Iraq which may make a candidate like Sestak less appealing to the bulk of suburban Philadelphia voters. Enter W. Craig Williams. He has military credentials of his own. He is a proponant of the war and has the added advantage of having a reputation as a "tough on crime" DA in a city where the opposite is far too often the case and has taken a strong stance on illegal immigration. Read more about him here. With continued progress in Iraq and a disillusioned base, it seems a plain old "patriot" might have a shot at reclaiming Rep. Weldon's seat.

ADA Williams should have a campaign site up and running in the coming weeks. Rep. Sestak already has close to $1.7 million in his war chest for the campaign, so if we're serious about taking back some of the Congressional seats lost in 2006, this would be an excellent place to start.

Stay tuned.

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Agreed. Sestak is a carpetbagger who lived most of his life in Virginia and can't even keep on topic...you ever see him speak?

Anyway, my guess is that Sestak wants to challenge Snarlen Arlen in '10 so now would be a good time to cut him off.

I was brought up to believe that how I saw myself was more important than how others saw me. (Anwar al-Sadat, President of Egypt, 1970-1981)

That could open the door for Toomney.

“.....women and minorities hardest hit”

He's already announced he's running again and he's already started raising money.

Honestly, after the schlacking that Santorum took, that doesn't upset me.

John Bolton for President

As CNO was to very publicly relieve VADM Sestak of his duties citing poor command climate. Needless to say, a very rare action in the Flag ranks. Big news within the Navy at the time. I see he is spreading the same good cheer up in PA-7 these days.

What the hell is going on out here? - Vince Lombardi

A raving abusive leader who was forced to retire at a lower rank (2 star vs. 3 star Admiral, an extremely rare event for Flag Officers) because of the havoc he created. Many careers were ruined by his flippant temper tantrums. He is not suited for continued public service.

I will gladly support a Republican challenger.
"Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm." -- James Madison

Old Crow,

Is it true that he was sleeping in his cabin the morning we started bombing Iraq...or was that just some hogwash that Curt Weldon made up?

I was brought up to believe that how I saw myself was more important than how others saw me. (Anwar al-Sadat, President of Egypt, 1970-1981)

Sestak will be tough to beat. He has a lot of money, and is a hard worker (who is also supposedly hard on his staff).

He does have at least one problem, however. For some reason, he seems to have a soft spot for the Islamic extremists at CAIR. In fact, he spoke at one of their events, even after being told how problematic that group is.

Anyway, good luck to Williams. I am glad we got a strong candidate to take on Sestak.

A minor - but important point: Rep. Sestak's retired rank is actually rear admiral (upper half) which is 2 star). Still a nice chunk of retired pay.

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