And how *was* the first day of the general campaign, Senator Obama?

But first, let's make sure that there's no potential mixups in names.

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OK. This is how it worked (trust the Obama campaign to schedule two events in cities with similar names, on the same day):

On Thursday, Senator Obama started his day by making a speech in the city of Bristol, Virginia. Said speech was not to a crowd of 20,000: that is actually more or less the population of the city itself. Senator Obama then went up north to Bristow, Virginia, where he spoke with a completely different crowd. All clear?


Now that we've eliminated all that possible confusion ahead of time, here comes the fun stuff. You see, the Bristow Nissan Pavilion thing was apparently what I'll nicely call a bit of a dud.

Yes, imagine our collective surprise.

Read on.

By all means, linger over the next two paragraphs. They're quite fun.

"It's exciting that the first minority candidate of a major party in U.S. history will be launching his national campaign here in [Prince William]," said Prince William County Democratic Committee Chairman Pete Frisbie. "This speaks volume about the importance of Virginia and Prince William County as the battle-ground for the 2008 presidential race."

Frisbie said anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 people are expected to attend the rally that begins at 6 p.m. Doors open for the event at 3 p.m.

For the record, the Nissan Pavilion seats about 25,000; which means that they were expecting a crowd over capacity. See also the Lefty blog Raising Kaine and Prince William County's traffic advisory for additional indications that yup, they were expecting full seating, and worrying about overflow.

Fortunately for them, it wasn't a problem.

From Across Region, 10,000 Rally for Obama
By Kristen Mack

Sen. Barack Obama launched his general election campaign for president in Virginia yesterday, rolling up his sleeves and rallying families, college students and people playing hooky from work to help him "win this election and change the course of history."

The presumptive Democratic nominee drew more than 10,000 people to a late afternoon rally at Nissan Pavilion and spent the morning courting voters in coal country at a town hall meeting in southwest Virginia. Last night, Obama delayed a trip home to Chicago to meet with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Or maybe even less of a problem than even the WaPo realized.

In Va. appearances, Barack Obama eyes GOP stronghold
By Dale Eisman

His historic nomination secured, Barack Obama turned to the general election campaign on Thursday with Virginia appearances that showcased a pair of potential running mates and underscored his willingness to compete in states that Republicans have considered their strongholds.

"If you will vote for me, I will win Virginia and I will win this election and we will change history," he told perhaps 8,000 roaring supporters at a suppertime rally in the Washington suburbs.

I suppose that it would probably would be cruel of me to note that Virginia voters don't seem particularly interested in eying Obama back. And it would be even crueler to note Extreme Mortman, Virginia Virtucon, Bearing Drift, The Write Side of My Brain, Black Velvet Bruce Li, Leslie Carbone, and Scott's Morning Brew all do their best to snark, but none of them can match NoVaTownHall Blog: "So the Barack Obama juggernaut is presently at the POISON/RATT level of public acceptance." Cruel... and unnecessary: for when I have a picture like this to point to:


Ah, vanity.

...really, what more needs to be said?

Moe Lane

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of like-minded people in the area who didn't have more immediate obligations to meet on a Thursday.

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Although I imagine Moe posted this on both sites.

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Eventually, they'll port the new site here.

GOP McCain for President, 2008

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Oh joy by bs

Now I have to listen to THAT song in my head all day. Marvelous.

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I'm just glad the weasels didn't muck up my drive home.

With all the Obama bumper stickers I see here in Northern VA, I was concerned. But then, I didn't notice any drop in population at the office.

Maybe they brought them all in on buses.

Ever notice the empty eyes and vacant expressions of these folks?

The word "vacuous" comes to mind.

though there was a motorcade which flashed on by as I was getting on at about 5:20 so perhaps....but I said to my husband how ignorant of whomever that was to come during VA's rush hour....and it would hold that Obama is ignorant ;-)

Freedom of Religion NOT Freedom from Religion

Yeah, I was kinda surprised when I heard he was going to do his “messiah” dance here in VA, but then again we put Kaine in as Gov and Webb in the Senate – maybe he really believes he’s got a shot.

What scares me the most is that he might be right, God help us.

But knowing that there are others like you and your husband gives me something to “cling” to.

As I pass cars with these Obama stickers on them, I make a point to look at those driving, trying desperately to see some common factor that would explain the dearth of cognitive function that must surely be present. Maybe a perpetual thin rope of drool, hanging from the chin. Something like that.

If they were all AA’s, then I could write it off as merely a racial thing. But it ain’t. One thing’s for sure though – the Obama supporters are the mob. The kind that band together in jack-booted groups to burn and suppress those who oppose them.

They are the enemies of reason, and I fear for our Republic should they carry the day.

Please go to liberal blogs and read the hateful statements by Obama bloggers, paid and unpaid by the Obama campaign. A good summary is at

Go to Daily Kos, MyDD, Huffington Post, etc.

This will show everyone the Marxist techniques that are being used to win an election by Obama. It also shows the New Democratic Party, which Dean, Pelosi, Obama,Donna Brasile, etc. are pushing to be composed of AA & urban educated whites.

Notice they kept Webb away from Allen Country down in Bristol. The dumb Redneck has not show up down there since he got elected.

There was no clearer indication that ABC is in the tank for Obama than the news item that day at 1300 EDT. (Anyone waiting for Rush that hour probably heard it too.) It went like this...

"Barack Obama made his first presidential nominee campaign stop in Hillary territory in the heart of Appalachia, Bristow, Virginia...". Any geographically inclined nimrod knows that Northern Virginia is not in Appalachia. Just curious to know who wrote that byline.

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