Another Day, another Obama lie. This time about the Teamsters.

This man will say and do anything to get elected.

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Barack Obama is an addict. We need to just admit it. Actually, he needs to admit it -- that's the first step to recovery.

Obama is addicted to lying. He just can't help himself. Another day, another lie. Today, it's on the teamsters.

The Wall Street Journal reports Obama wants to scrap federal government oversight of the Teamsters.

Read on . . .

Mr. Coli [a top Teamsters official] said he spoke with Sen. Obama and his staff a half-dozen times leading up to the Illinois Democrat's decision to side with the Teamsters. Mr. Vietor, the Obama spokesman, said the candidate agreed to support reducing the oversight of the Teamsters in July or August 2007.

In March 2008, the Obama campaign released a statement on its position. That statement, obtained by The Wall Street Journal and verified by the Obama campaign, says "it is time for the Justice Department to begin negotiations with the Teamsters regarding the elimination of the IRB and alternatives that will put the union's future back in the members' hands."

A statement given to The Wall Street Journal by the Obama campaign last week said: "Sen. Obama believes that the IRB has run its course."

Heck, the Teamsters released audio of Obama saying

he couldn't guarantee a change, but said he would be "a president with the authority to appoint an attorney general who actually understands the law."

Of course, while the Obama campaign was confirming to the Wall Street Journal that he thinks it is time to scrap the Internal Review Board ("IRB"), he was backpeddling furiously with the New York Times.

Bill Burton, the Obama campaign’s national press secretary, said that “Obama’s position on this is old news.”

“Obama has not said he would take the Teamsters out of the consent decree — he’s said it has run its course,” Mr. Burton added.

But, there still remains the Teamsters official, Mr. Coli, who said Obama had been "pretty definitive that the time had come to start the beginning of the end."

Here's how this all actually works: a judge would have to end the IRB. But the judge would not do it without a decision from the Justice Department. So let's go back to Obama's own words. According the Wall Street Journal:

On the recordings, Sen. Obama told the union that day that if he was elected, they would see a change from the Bush administration "in terms of how we evaluate these consent decrees." He added that because it is a legal matter under the auspices of the Justice Department, he couldn't guarantee a change, but said he would be "a president with the authority to appoint an attorney general who actually understands the law."

Let me just call B.S. here.

Obama did everything he possibly could as a candidate for office to tell the Teamsters that he would appoint an Attorney General who would petition the court to drop the IRB — something the Bush administration has refused to do. Consequently, he got the union endorsement.

Now Obama is yet again running away from his position as fast as he possibly can. Except he's not.

Tommy Vietor, an Obama spokesman, confirmed that Obama did make that commitment.

People who lie habitually usually get trapped by their lies. Obama needs to learn that lesson.

“Sen. Obama’s position is clear on the issue,” Vietor said.

Yes, he is clearly trying to have it both ways. The lengths at which Dem candidates will lie for a Teamsters endorsement is hilarious.

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In all fairness Obama isn't alone in his lying ways...
But I like the lies from the right much more than the ooze from the left...

Now if we could only convince the average lefty that they are promoting communism they might wake up

The Anti-Lib

You're living proof that Erick's Affirmative Action policy regarding promoting access to Redstate for mentally and morally handicapped posters (or is that poseurs?) is a success.

Please try not to drool on your keyboard. Thanks.

CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

It seems like all the major candidates have been caught lying through their teeth at least once. At least Hillary is doing everything she can to help McCain get elected ("I believe I have proven myself, and Senator McCain has definitely proven himself, but what about Obama?").

I don't like lies from anywhere, it shows a fundamental lack of respect for the general public. Admittedly, a respect the public may not deserve, but it's a vicious cycle.

On every topic lately, Obama is trying to have it both ways.

What happened to the "new kind of politician" thing?

quicker than say a seasoned Hillary...with the help of the ultimate in say one thing do another candidate...Bill.

Freedom of Religion not Freedom from Religion

Obama Field Director Urges People to Lie to Their Bosses

From the Charlotte, N.C. Field Director Jason Green:

From: Obama Voice []
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2008 10:37 PM
Subject: Time for Change. Time for Action

When I arrived in Charlotte I was immediately impressed by the grassroots organization that had already been established here. Then, I could not have imagined the blood, sweat and tears that would be shed in the name
Only you can do that. You know how important this is! I know I don’t have to ask, but I will one last time – please join us tomorrow. Call in sick if you have to and help us all day by canvassing or offering rides to the polls.

People have to practice becoming used to depending on Obama's government. Why not leave our jobs and start now?

The only city to compare to the corrupt politics of New York is Chicago. There is no way the Obama came up through that system without owing a lot of shady people a lot of favors. And there is no way he came up through that system without internalizing the graft, corruption and favoritism as normal.

The Obama is not a new type of politician--he is the old type of the worst sort.

or even that he is trying to have it both ways now -- it's that after the Canadian fiasco, the Teamsters believe him enough to endorse him!

I cite again my friend the Teamster's bumper stickers:

"Had enough? Vote Democrat!"

"Vote the son of a Bush out!"

"Don't steal, the government hates competition!"

Obviously, they can't keep track of who's whom. They speak doublespeak themselves so it's nothing new when it comes from Obama.

"Government of the people, by the people, for the people."
A. Lincoln

I thought the Canadian fiasco ended up being a Clinton thing that was initially pushed off onto Obama. It's hard to keep the scandals straight nowadays, though, so maybe I'm mistaken.

"Government of the people, by the people, for the people."
A. Lincoln

Informative, thank you.

I search around briefly and what I find supports my initial thought. Some people claim that pressure was brought to bear on the reporter to admit that he wasn't being truthful, or god knows what cause I don't feel like digging through that mess of crap, but apparently I have a program.

Still, I understand that it's much easier to believe everything that supports your point of view and reject the rest.

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