Fred Thompson will announce today at 4:30pm EDT

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It's official: Fred Thompson will make a Presidential announcement today at 4:30pm.

For all who have waited for this for months -- here you go.

He's finally putting his money where his mouth is. Word is that he is making phone calls to supporters as we speak.

[UPDATE by Erick:] Just want to be clear. This news comes from me and I'm in Germany, but the source is totally solid. Do not expect an official "announcement" today for the public. But, today Fred is confirming that he is running for the White House. He's been making calls today and there will be a call starting any minute for close supporters. There will be a formal big shindig later. For all intents and purposes, I think you could say the trigger is being pulled today and the waters are no longer being tested.

As the Politico notes, the big deal comes on September 6th, but the confirmation calls are happening today.

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right before Labor Day? has the chance to get lost over the weekend, doesn't it? At least it'll be official.

Big deal; he's finally getting off his duff and making it official. This is one guy I'm tired of before he even starts. Why anyone is excited about him getting into the race is beyond me; his MO is lazy, his campaigh rhetoric up until now has been lazy, and he's not going to instill any excitement in Conservatives. From my vantage point, it's either Rudy or Mitt, neither one of which excites me, but I'll take either of them over Mr. Hollywood.

Has anyone seen ANY evidence of the 'fire in the belly' that is required of any SERIOUS candidate?

He appears to be more like a political commentator than a leader.

Vista really sucks!

Have you heard him on the radio shows? If not then you would not have heard him have the "fire in his belly" that is needed to run a campaign and oh by the way it would appear he is a "SERIOUS candidate". If John McCain hadn't started so early maybe he would not have faltered already (doubt it but possible).

We now have all participants declared and now it is time to see who will be the best for the Republican nomination, he has not gotten my vote at this time however I am now prepared to listen and donate to the one who comes near 80 percent of my ideals. all the things Fred has already said and you might just add some ideals to your list;

Fred Thompson Report Archives:


"After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and the sincerity of Hollywood."

Oh for heaven's sake -- I wish that outdated, ridiculous phrase would get lost somewhere in deep outer space. Fred Thompson won't be leading this nation with his "belly." He will be leading it with his intelligence, superior knowledge, common sense, and experience.

It is also well-known that if you want a job done right, give it to a busy person. They know how to get the job done and make it look easy, whether it is or not. When one has the tools OF intelligence, superior knowledge, common sense, experience, and the faith and trust of the people as Fred Thompson does, he will lead and where he needs help, we'll give it. We respect the man.

Well Said!!!

"After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and the sincerity of Hollywood." - FDT

his "gut," his "drive," or his "can-do spirit"?

I will admit, he does have "gravitas"...

And so it begins! I wonder if that is the reason he waited so long?

to "listen."

I'm glad he's in because now we can find out where he stands on issues. I haven't watched a single debate yet, but I *will* be watching Fred's first one.

Disclaimer: Currently leaning between Fred and Mitt


just for clarification, on exactly what day did Rudy officially say, "I am running for President"?

Truth be known, I don't think he ever other words he NEVER announced.

Oh, when asked, he said something like, "I think I just did." But if you look at what he actually said, he did not!

Now then, before anyone jumps on my case, I am NOT attacking Rudy -- I like a lot about Rudy -- he is a leader, and God knows this country needs a leader at this time.

NOW, before you Mitt supporters get your panties in a wad, Mitt has shown leadership as well. There is a lot to like about Mitt as well.

At this time, I have no dog in the fight. Pretty sure I have ruled McCain out, although I just pulled Faith of My Fathers off the bookshelf for another reading.

Fact is, I was one of the first to mention Thompson as a candidate clear back on March 6th. I like his presence, and the things he says he stands for.

Let the games begin!

*This is one guy I'm tired of before he even starts....his MO is lazy....*

You haven't done anything but complain that he's lazy, yet you're the one who's tired.

We've traded our National Sovereignty for cheap roofing and yardwork.

...on Sept. 1st Fred Thompson is now CONTRACTUALLY allowed to announce his run for the Presidency...Which is exactly what he's doing!

"After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and the sincerity of Hollywood."

You wrote "on Sept. 1st Fred Thompson is now CONTRACTUALLY allowed to announce his run for the Presidency...Which is exactly what he's doing"

Fred is clearly ducking the debate in New Hampshire. His inept campaign told Chris Wallace Fred would be at the debate. Now he picks the day after to announce.

Don't you think for a minute the folks in New Hampshire will forget this snub come primary day (4 short months away)

Anyone that ridiculously petty can vote Democrat for all I care.

HTML Help Central for Red Staters

It'll likely be your last. The very idea that Iowa and NH continue to exercise their outsized opinion is stupid. You can expect both parties to get real with a national primary schedule in the next cycle and your little affair will be history.

This time around your influence will be minimal at best, given the collapsed schedule of real states.
CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

Why is it that you have to be entertained by the candidate? I care more about what he stands for, rather than if he has done anything "exciting".

You know, a "lazy" President may be just what we need. Someone that will stop and think about things, instead of saying stupid stuff like Obama bin Laden (spelling intentional).

I think that if we elect someone on the emotion of the moment and not his stance on the issues, we will doom ourselves to repeat past mistakes.

that it was Ted Kennedy that made the Obama bin Laden comment right?

"Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first."
Ronald Reagan

without thinking. Teddy said "Osama Obama." Rush has played it about 100 times.

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

The one thing Thompson has going is he is PRO 2nd amendment.
Which is more than I can say about any other conservative candidate.

Rudy is the only Republican in the presidential primaries who gets a seriously low NRA grade. I think even Mitt gets a C. I believe the rest are all significantly better.

the FIRST amendment. Up on Capital Hill it was called McCain/Feingold/Thompson because Fred was pushing CFR so hard.

If that's the worst thing people can dig up on FDT*, then he's the best candidate we have by a mile. Easily.

* Even though he's singing the right tune on that now, going more toward freedom than any other candidate by calling for an end to all fundraising caps and just doing strong, fast disclosure.

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Keep in mind, Elizabetty, that we just re-elected the guy who SIGNED the BCRA. Consider that in evaluating the priorities we have in this party.

HTML Help Central for Red Staters

although several weeks ago he addressed that on a radio program (sorry, no link) in which he pointed out that with the Clinton Lincoln Bedroom/Buhdist Monk scandal behind the election, he strongly believed that something HAD to be done. He now realizes that MF was NOT the answer, and regrets his support of that measure.

The left use to say that about another Republican who ran for president.

P.S. Mitt cannt win. Fred has a chance. Check the polls.

...a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right...

---Thomas Paine---

According to the Post (the only paper currently reporting it), Thompson will speak to his supporters and top donors and tell them of his plans (4:00). Then there will be a news conference to talk about what he said to his supporters (4:30). Then next Wednesday, the day of the New Hampshire debate, he will be on Leno, presumably to "really" announce, thereby avoiding one more debate.

Is this essentially correct, or do you know something we don't?

"People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors." -Edmund Burke

At least that's what the Politico is reporting.
Either way, I'm with Fred all the way.

This is just excellent news! Fred is going to be a great addition to the debate. Say what you will about his timing, but Fred in the debate and national discussion is a good thing for our country. Let's hear what he has to say and then make your judgement about supporting him or not. Give Fred a Chance! He may be that true conservative you've been waiting for. He may be the one that can address some important issues that others have been ignoring. He has my support.

His announcement is the day AFTER this very important debate.

and for Pete's sake, I could care less about one or two specific debates... everything is a long way off... I just want to see the DEBATE as in national discussion... and Fred is another welcome voice to it as far as I am concerned. I don't have anyone I am pulling for at this time - I think we have lots of good voices out there, but one more never hurts.

Better late than never, but this announcement has come very late indeed. I'm willing to give Fred a fair hearing, but I worry that his campaign may have peaked long before it actually started. I hope I am wrong about that.

A precedent embalms a principle.
- Disraeli

a comment recently indicated that one reason for the delay was to allow NBC to rerun "Law and Order" on schedule. Thoughtful of him. Also, why box yourself into the "candidate rules" when you can do the same stuff as a non-candidate?

Maybe the announcement will be that he WON'T run.

Two days before Labor Day is sort of odd; OTOH, maybe they've decided they could get most of the news coverage for the weekend.

We've traded our National Sovereignty for cheap roofing and yardwork.

Thompson is more "boxed in" by the exploratory rules than he would be as a candidate. If he talks about what he would do as President, he becomes a candidate and the candidate rules apply, including screwing his "Law and Order" co-workers out of their residuals.

He has been hurting himself politically (check the polls and pundits) to keep a contract.

It is way too early to be taking any of it seriously.

James Hansen - Scott THomas Beauchamp with a PhD.

Ronald Reagan delivered this speech to the nation, announcing his candidacy for President of the United States at the New York Hilton, New York, NY on November 13, 1979

The first primary may very well be in DECEMBER 2007.

He is announcing 1-2 months earlier than was historically acceptable and the first primaries are 1-2 months earlier, as well.

Sorry, Liz, a swing and a miss there.

is he going to announce that he is announcing? Something like "I've come to announce that we'll make a formal announcement on Tuesday, have a great holiday weekend everyone"?

The CIA has better politicians than it has spies - Fred Thompson

What exactly has Senator Thompson done to attract all of this excitement? Unless I'm mistaken, he's boring and not all that attractive a candidate. More importantly, since his departure from the Senate, he's excused himself from participating in the national debate on just about everything. If we end up nominating him, I don't care what his debate skills are, Hillary Clinton will eat his lunch in a heartbeat.

Welcome back from your one year off from posting comments ...

What Thompson brings to the table is someone who is perceived as more conservative, surely than Rudy and, by some, due to Romney's switch on abortion, more so than Romney.

Secondly, he is an unabashed federalist. He was the "1" vote against a lot of things in the Senate because he didn't think the federal government should be doing that sort of thing.

Thirdly, don't confuse "boring" and "not flashy." I like Mitt, but there's a glitz about him that makes some people think "slick." Thompson is an excellent communicator and is willing to stand up for America.

Fourthly, if we are to believe some other postings, Fred is going to jump in and tackle big problems.

Fifthly, he's got a lot of common sense in his style of speaking and in his approach to issues.

Is he perfect? No. It's easy to point to him having been somewhat pro-choice at some point in his political career. Secondly, he's for the idea of CFR and supported it, even though he doesn't think too much of how it has worked out.

Disclaimer: I'm leaning towards Fred or Mitt.


CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

If you haven't left any instructions to pinch you into reality, we're just going to let you get your beauty sleep...for a couple of decades.

"After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and the sincerity of Hollywood."

WH -- My sentiments exactly. Rip Van Winkle syndrome.

or anybody I know for that matter. He makes me wonder how many naps he takes a day.

imply that you'd like to sleep with him... Sheesh.
CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

president led the greatest peacetime economic recovery we have ever seen and is now the icon every front-runner wants to be.

Right or wrong, not a big fan of the flashing lights on the front page.

“Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15.”
-Ronald Reagan

"I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way."
John Paul Jones (letter to M. Le Ray de Chaumont,16 Nov.1778)

Unless Jeff knows something we all don't, Fred's announcemnt today is just another announcing he's announcing. Not only does it look like that he'll dodge yet another debate, but waiting will allow him to avoid filing a fundraising report until January 31, after several major primaries.

Why is Fred afraid of actually having to compete for the Presidency?

the 3rd quarter FEC reporting period ends 30-sep... He will file at that time.

is outlined by Human Events:

If, for example, he becomes a candidate September 6 and files his FEC form declaring his candidacy 15 days later on September 21, he can file his "Statement of Organization" 10 days after that on October 1 which would take him into the 4th Quarter. He may then argue that since his Statement of Organization wasn’t filed until the 4th Quarter, no report would be due until January 31, 2008. This will take him past New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada, Florida and perhaps Ohio which is threatening to move up its primary date as well.

Unless I'm mistaken, reports are made quarterly. The third quarter ends Sept. 30th. So unless Fred waits until early October to announce, he will be required to file a fundraising report for the 3rd quarter (presumably by the end of October). True it won't be for a whole quarter, but I'm not entirely sure why fundraising is equivalent to qualification for the job. Obama has raised boatloads of money but he's certainly not qualified to be President - and the fact that he did raise the money doesn't change that fact. Likewise, the fact that John McCain has raised less money doesn't mean he isn't qualified (whether you like him or not, I don't think any of us can argue that he doesn't have a lot of experience that he could bring to the office).

but the issue is that by announcing Sept. 6, he dodges a(nother) debate and opens the door to dodging a fundraising report.

Like it or not, ability to fundraise indicates viability of candidacy which in turn increases one's ability to fundraising thereby increasing the viability of one's candidacy, etc. Fred's avoiding disclosing his fundraising allows him to dodge one method of assessing a candidates viability. The same goes for dodging the debates.

So my question stands: Why is Fred so afraid?

Who exactly might he be afraid of?

Rudy has scored a gimmee of Ron Paul in one debate and Sen. Huckleby did a swell job at a straw poll. No one else is looking like they'd last 5 minutes in one of the Lincoln-Douglass debates.

He might have intentionally moved his announcement up to get in on the next debate.

1) The opposition isn't that good.

2) They've been preparing as if he wouldn't be on the battlefield.

This could be like the shrewd prosecutorial tactics shown on episodes of Law & Order.

James Hansen - Scott THomas Beauchamp with a PhD.

He's had the good sense to pay attention to the American people who don't want a mulit-year political campaign drivelling up their TV.

The American people want the election to start after the Labor Day holiday, with the Iowa and New Hampshire contests at the front so the candidates have to answer to real people (New Hampshire) and show they can handle the levers of power for the party (Iowa). It should then build slowly through the next couple of months putting more stress on the candidates and weeding out the weaker ones, finishing up a month or so before the political conventions. Only the fire-in-the-belly types want to shut out the American people by fundraising their opponents into oblivion before a vote is cast. Well, them and the politicos who see nothing wrong with fundraising an opponent into oblivion before the first vote is cast.

could it be that you're afraid of a Republican who actually understands political strategy?


and that's Romney. I think he could win, and I think he's a power-hungry liar.

I think Rudy could win, but I'd be fine with him.

I don't know anything about Fred, but from what I've seen so far, I don't think he could win.

Don't get me wrong, if I put any money on this election it will be on Hillary. But Rudy and Romney are the only two that I think have a chance, and of the two only Romney would bother me.

Huh? by sjmc

Fred? Afraid? of Anything? That makes me laugh. Won't happen.

He's a politician. He's putting YOUR money where his mouth is. But if he'll get behind the Fair Tax, I'll support him. Mitt seems to be incapable of realizing that an unknown nearly took Iowa away from him on that issue alone. Mitt needs a new tax advisor.

When you have to rename your tax to put Fair in the title, instead of just calling it what it is: a national sales tax, I don't blame people for not signing wholesale onto your movement.

HTML Help Central for Red Staters

Neil -- by Oz

That's a bit of a snark isn't it.

I'm not a big Fair Tax supporter, but you're quibbling over their name. I think one reason to not just call it a national sales tax is that it's more complex than that including, as you are probably aware, the repeal of all other federal taxes.


when the marketing is more important than the concept, you need to look more closely at the concept. The proposal doesn't do what its supporters claim it will (it will rename the IRS and shift their duties, it won't eliminate it; it won't close loopholes because politicians create loopholes for lobbyists so they can raise campaign cash from said lobbyists; it is prone to as much if not more tax evasion than the current income tax; and it probably imperils economic freedom more than across the board income taxes). They're banking on 'Fair' in their title bamboozling people into thinking it is a socially just tax. The only thing it might do is increase economic output, but even that is arguable.

as it will not become the law, ever. You are pushing and elephant up a hill.

After this much exploration, I would have expected him to find a lost city or something...

Seriously though, it certainly looks like he's been too clever by half with the timing, whether to avoid filing fundraising reports as some people suggest, or whether to skip debates as others suggest, or whether he's just pondering his navel like Mario Cuomo did in 1992.

He'll have his work cut out for him, and I think he needs to make a case that he's a credible candidate.

Thompson, Mitt, Obama, Clinton, it does not matter. Unfortunately it took segregationist Governor Wallace to reveal the truth that "there's not a dime's worth of difference between" Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats willingly went along with the War in Iraq, suspension of Habeas Corpus, detaining protesters, banning books like "America Deceived' from Amazon, stealing private lands (Kelo decision), warrant-less wiretapping and refusing to investigate 9/11 properly. They are both guilty of treason. Support Dr. Ron Paul (only true conservative) and save this country.
Last link (before Google Books bends to gov't Will and drops the title):
America Decevied (book)

Why is that the Paulites always seem to sound a little kooky.

And, Reader, if as you claim, there's isn't a difference between Republicans and Democrats than your cult idol, Dr. Paul, is also implicated. Remember, he's running for the REPUBLICAN nomination. He is a REPUBLICAN Congressman. If Dr. Paul is now claiming to be something other than a REPUBLICAN, he needs to get out of our party's race and go fight for someone else's nomination. This isn't the general, he isn't running as a Libertarian (capital L) or on any other minor-party ticket.

Perhaps you have disclosed the real reason for Dr. Paul to run - to hijack the Republican Party for the purpose of raising Libertarians to power.

While correct about 60% of the time, and grossly wrong about 20% of the time, Paul really should be more stimulating during these debates. Instead, he is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Sorry Reader, and I hope you won't need medication, but PAUL HAS NO SHOT. He ain't gonna get the nomination, he ain't gonna win, he ain't even gonna change the scope or nature of the debate.

Go away for another 12 weeks please if you're just going to repost the same post. Or if we can find an editor, maybe we can help you go away longer.


CFR - A group consisting of the top minds in business, academia and politics who are encouraged to discuss anything and everything on their minds without smaller minds judging them for it. Where leaks of incredibly wild ideas become transformed into many conspiracies which is exactly why they were kept from the public view in the first place.

Moral of the story:

Don't whine about how big the fire is if all you see is a puff of smoke...Merely watch it for the start of a flame and then stomp it the hell out!

"After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and the sincerity of Hollywood."

Republicans will not vote for a guy who uses words like "Zionist" and "Neo-Con" and is supported by more MoveOn.orgers and troofers than Republicans.

David Duke and Islamofacists love Ron Paul, people who love this country do NOT.

Oh, and add in there "CFR". You conspiracy theorists are just wacky.

He is just another politician taking home the pork (earmarks) home there is nothing different about him other than he sounds like Cindy Sheehan or Jane Fonda when he is at the debates.


Get out the calendar and have a look for yourself.

for POTUS for 10 years before Oct 1991.

Fred was pushed into it by the MRS this spring.

The man has no hope of winning. The more important thing to consider here is what will happen to my beloved Law & Order re-runs.

i doubt that he will announce today, he would then have to participate in the GOP debate on Sept. 5th, which i dont think he wants to do... he will take the cop-out route and announce the day after the debate.... shady to me.

he seems too lazy to want to get prepared to take part in the debate. and if he announces and doesnt take part in the debate he will come off as ill-prepared OR cowardly.... there is no benefit to announcing now. in fact, if he does, it will simply illustrate the fact that he has buffoons running his campaign, whihc will end up being a waste of time and money. he and romney will simply cannibalize each other... it'll be Rudy in the end.

"big" being a relative term!

If it's Rudy, you might as well just give it to the Dems right now.

unless, of course, he is running against Mrs. Bill!!!

there is a reason the GOP is doing everything they can to make sure she gets the dem nom.

Rudy is moderate enough to pull some dems over, and there arent any dems, least of all Mrs. Bill, that the "far right" will vote for.

Boy ... a lot of noobs and RvW's today.

Rudy will have a very good chance of winning assuming that people who are Republicans get behind him instead of giving us eight years of a Democratic President.

Not that I'm supporting him and not that I expect him to win it.

Disclaimer: Currently leaning between Fred and Mitt


That's right, because Rudy is not with the program on abortion and gay rights, we should out of spite not vote for him and let Hillary win(and appoint at least 2 new Supremem Court Justices). That sounds like a real mature strategy for people who claim to "love their country".

Question... Mr. (ahem) BIG....?

Do you happen to drive a vet?

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

now you have me curious.... you must be wondering for a reason.... maybe you know me?

what do you drive?

that some Vet owners are supposed to be Vet owners. It has to do with shall we say...inadequacies -- it was an exquisitely cheap shot!

In hockey, we call it a "SLAP shot"

She shoots... she SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(thanks for the "exquisite" though)

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

I think I'm in love!

Did too... (snark)

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

so, because i drive a nice car i am covering up for some so-called inadequacies? that is a flawed assumption...

very strange vibe here.... i regularly post on 4 different sites (under the same moniker), all of which are political in nature, and i frequent many more on a much more casual basis. i have never heard of, and i am assuming that due to the drudge link, it is getting a much higher amount of traffic than it normallly does....

i must say, however, i have never visited a site in which the regulars were so abrasive and unwelcoming before... its weird. not sure if it is a sense of entitlement because you guys have been here longer, or what.... but i just find it so odd that there is all of this commotion about newbies, etc.... who cares? we are here to discuss politcs, yes?

Hinz, dont feel so threatened... its unbecoming.

BUT, understand, within about a one hour period we suddenly got no less than 6 "new registers" who all immediately start spewing wombat sh*t all over the floor!

OK, maybe you don't LIKE Sen Thompson. Fair enough, but you see, we usually get people in here who are FOR something, or someone, so when we get a sudden influx of Wombats, we are just a little bit suspicious!

You scored NO points starting out. Maybe, after providing some substantive bonafides as to what exactly you DO support, and assuming you don't out yourself as a moby or troll, we will find outselves in a substantive discussion.

On the other hand, it was a GREAT question put to you by Pat...cost me more coffee on the keyboard...

okay, some of that sort of makes sense.

A) this is a thread about Fred Thompson, why would i come in here and start posting about what i am "for"...???

B) regarding what i do support, to be honest, the jury is still out on that one... the only thing i know if that i will not be voting democratic in the 2008 presidential election. i have never voted democratic in a presidential election, and i cant really see that changing (especially in 2008).

C) although i am not yet sure who i am supporting (leaning toward Rudy or Mitt), i do know, however, that i will NOT be supporting Fred, hence my prior comments.

not sure why i "scored no points starting out" just because my posts were discussing why i dont think Fred has a chance... i wasn't rude or harrassing in anyway. not sure how my prior comments could be construed as "not serious"??? i was just adding to the dialogue...

look, dont get so uptight, but this thread hasnt exactly been very welcoming to a new poster thats all...

to someone who does nothing but walk in and start dropping turds on the floor. Your opening posting was nothing but a turd fest from the first sentence. You didn't say "why (you) don't think Fred has a chance." - you simply hurled unsubstantiated insults ("shady" "cop-out" "lazy" "buffoons" "waste of time". If you're going to throw around accusations and insults at one candidate, then you'd better be prepared to say why the alternative(s) is/are better. Otherwise you're simply another troll who's here to stir up trouble.

And it doesn't help much that this thread has attracted a bevy of 1-hour wonders who pulled the same stunt.

...when they see me they'll say, "There goes Loren Wallace,
the greatest thing to ever climb into a race car."

there certainly are some sensative people around here.

actually... get your facts straight... i did state why i dont think Fred has a chance... go read my posts as i wont regurgitate here.

those "turds" that you chose to quote (out of context i might add)... are indeed my OPINIONS and i stand by them.

your sig looks eerily similar to becker's and your tone is similar too.... are you his twin or alter ego?

and the whole 'you people have thin skins' meme is normally a good indicator of a troll or Moby based on past experience.

If you don't know this from previous posting experiences, maybe you should stop hanging out at uncouth websites.

It used to be common courtesy on the Internet to Lurk before Posting.

Even if his prior posting experiences didn't teach him, lurking here before posting would have.

Of course, he's probably a moby so it's all theoretical anyway, heh.

HTML Help Central for Red Staters

but I don't even like to let Moby's get away with posting blatant lies/misstatements of facts, and in my opinion, "I wasn't rude" fell clearly into the category.

don't give me that "threatened" stuff, that is a troll trick. Nobody is threatened around here, merely sick and tired of wombats.

maybe its me, and maybe i just dont take these things as seriosuly as others, not that thats a bad thing or anything, i simply like to come onto threads have discussion and leave it at that... but all of this nonsense of trolls and wombats is just crazy talk to me...

your distinct lack of a sense of humor is also a troll trait. Libs are entirely unable to laugh at themselves, a trait that goes a long way around here.

Sheesh, I am beginning to look like 'ski!

now i really am insulted.

i can assure you i laugh at myself with the best of them.

what i am referencing has nothign to do with a sense of humor... being told to leave, etc. is not something that a sense of humor is required for.

(and yes, the whole thing from Pat, was simply a joke that i didnt get)

Mike Gamecock DeVine @ The Charlotte Observer
"One man with courage makes a majority" - Andrew Jackson this thread earlier today, shortly after Jeff posted this topic. It's not on there anymore (as of 8:45pm CST).
Click here to donate to the Fred Thompson campaign.

I'd be interested to read the substantive posts you have made there.

sorry my friend, unfortunately i fell for that one before, and all that happened was i accidentally brought all sorts of people to those sites attacking me and getting all of those regulars pi$$ed at me. so i'll refrain from that request.

given that context, i am sure you understand.

nice try though.


what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Please. You write like a third grader, have no concept of what a sense of humor is and you get all worked up about Mr. Hinz, who happens to be one of our nicest posters.

You have demonstrated all the requisite elements to be ignored and ridiculed long after you're gone. In answer to your question, Yes, WE are here to discuss politics and contemporary issues. You, OTOH, have demonstrated no particular ability to do either. Since you're active on four other sites, I would suggest your time would be better spent there.

And welcome to Redstate. Don't let the door hit you. If it does, you can expect to be billed for cleaning it.
CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

calling me nice does nothing for the "image" I am trying to project!


I second Beck, and its a huge compliment.

Mike Gamecock DeVine @ The Charlotte Observer
"One man with courage makes a majority" - Andrew Jackson

this post is so ridiculous and downright laughable that it doesnt even warrant a response, i simply want to cite it as an example of exactly what i was speaking of before.

rude, crude, insulting behavior with an air of self-righteousness... thats just not my style. its just impossible to have meaningful discussion with someone like that.

and i'm being called the troll? please.

thansk for making my point becker.

You say we have "rude, crude, insulting behavior with an air of self-righteousness"... Personally I think a trip to DailyKos (chaos?) or MoveOn (a concept with which they seem to have some difficulty)would put that opinion in better perspective.
While I cannot speak for the others here, I can say that my issue with our original post regarding Fred Thompson seemed more to be a repetition of liberal/msm talking points rather than a well thought out individual opinion based on facts.
For example... Your claim that Fred is "lazy". On what do you base that assessment? Is this based on your own observation of Fred or are you simply repeating what you have heard others say? Have you ever met Fred... spent time with him or even caught a glimpse of him from across the street? How much research have you conducted into Fred Thompson's background. Two things about Fred we know... He is a lawyer and a Hollywood actor... and successful at both. How many lawyers or Hollywood actors do you know who achieve success on that level through laziness?
Fred's approach to things reminds me of that moment when Indiana Jones was confronted by "the bad guy"... as he came at Indy, his arms flailing, feet kicking... lots of "hyy-yah's" and other auditory threat sounds... Indy stood there... took out his gun... and shot him.
Where you and others see, "lazy" and a "waste of time"... I see "methodical" and "efficient".

Anyway... I hope you decide to stick around... share your thoughts (backed with a few facts, mind you - else the verbal spankings will ensue once again). It isn't our objective here to convert you... or change your mind... We prefer you do that on your own.

Oh... and as for you, David Hinz...
You think you're in love because I love hockey and drive a Jag....? (hehehehehe)... Wait until you see the pictures of me drinking from the Stanley Cup at the Red Wings party I went to in '98.... Ahhh.... six hours of hockey heaven.

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

Wait until you see the pictures of me drinking from the Stanley Cup at the Red Wings party I went to in '98

As he turns positively GREEN with envy!

Me? What do I drive?
What else... a Jag.

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

I love the headlines that he has waited too long, how can he expect to win being behind in fundraising, etc.

Facts of life.

1) This race didn't start last year when Romney, Rudy, etc got involved. The race starts labor day, Fred's not late, everyone else is early.

2) Fundraising, I fail to see the disadvantage. Romney, Rudy, etc have raised a lot of money at this point but they also have spent most of it because they jumped out and created big organizations that cost money. At the end of Sept we'll probably see that as for cash on hand Fred will be right with the others.

3) You will now see all three candidates, Rudy, Romney, and Fred, spend more time in IA, NH, SC, FL and as such we'll start to see who really has the advantage in the early states.

May the best GOP candidate WIN!


All of this reminds me of hockey... There's pre-season... a long regular season, during which the players beat the tar out of each other... and once that's over, all of that exhaustive effort means you win the chance to start all over again at square one in the playoffs.

To me, Fred has been playing this smart. He's been sitting on the sidelines... watching... taking notes... You can't tell me he hasn't spotted the weak spots in his opponents.

Every time I hear the "starting too late" echo I think of the Turtle and Rabbit... and we all know how tha race ended.

To those who keep laughing at the low total of his campaign contributions...? Well, 2 things on that.

1) It doesn't seem to have hurt his standings in the polls
2)... Well... there certainly won't be any investigations into whether or not HE has taken in millions in illegal contributions.

In fact, from what I understand, Fred doesn't WANT the big bucks from "the big guys"... He doesn't want to owe favors to anyone but the average American who sends their little bucks and a lot of faith that he's going to kick some hiney when he gets to the white house. I recall him saying at one time he wants to prove you can get things done on a budget. Ya gotta wonder... If... when he pulls this off... Imagine what he can do with the economy...

Yep... The way I see it, while some might say Fred is "doing it all wrong"... I can't help but see that, maybe for the first time (which is why his tactics seems so odd)... maybe Fred is showing us how to do it RIGHT.

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

The guys he has given a several hundred lap headstart.

I'm pretty sure the delegate count is still 0-0-0-(-100000)-0 Thompson-Giuliani-Romney-Paul-Huckabee.

Yes, that's a double-width zero for Huckabee. His FairMentum crowd has turned me against him for kicks, heh.

HTML Help Central for Red Staters

the race have run. The race only starts after the gun goes off. And that happens in January.

I'm not entirely sure why we assume that an announcement today forces him into a debate on Wednesday. Is there some sort of binding contract he signs when he files his papers that obligates him to go? Would the organizers even try to include him at this late stage? It's not like this is some huge surprise - the whole world knew Fred was getting in.

I don't think the debate is really dictating his timing as much as people think. Nor do I think it is about fundraising reports. Why does everything have to have some hidden diabolical meaning to people?

If rumors that his "official" announcement date is the 6th are true, though, and if he takes advantage of the 15 day window for filing with the FEC and the following 10 day window for his Statement of Organization which would allow him to avoid a fundraising report (admittedly a lot of "if"s, but likely ones), then isn't it a bit convenient that of all the days in the year that he could've picked he went with the 6th?

Why not the 4th? It's the day after Labor Day, he would have a whole week's worth of coverage and he could appear in his first debate (I really doubt it's that hard to put up another podium. He could just borrow the other Thompson's old one). Why not in August as he originally planned? The 6th is just a bit too convenient, and it makes him look like he's afraid of competition.

there is no effort or extra planning involved to include him in the debate next week... the only reason he wouldnt be there is if he didnt want to be, which is why he will "conveniently" announce the day after the debate.... looking like a coward in my humble opinion.

if Fred wins the nom, he will certainly lose against Obama, which is why the repubs are praying for a hilary dem nom... which really is NOT a forgone conclusion yet...

Mike Gamecock DeVine @ The Charlotte Observer
"One man with courage makes a majority" - Andrew Jackson

"if Fred wins the nom, he will certainly lose against Obama"?

Why is that?

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

A while back I made a tepid endorsement of Rudy Guliani for the nomination. I'm willing to revisit that depending on what THE FREDSTER has to offer. It just got more interesting. Way more interesting.

James Hansen - Scott THomas Beauchamp with a PhD.

Have him squarely in fourth place in Iowa.


Put a hundred strangers in a room and guess how many are friendly. If your lucky, really lucky, you might find one who is.

Do they have old Newt listed but not Mike Huckabee? That strikes me odd...

Put a hundred strangers in a room and guess how many are friendly. If your lucky, really lucky, you might find one who is.

Floating at about 2%. I think the other graph only showed the top few candidates.

Saturday, September 1, is the deadline for candidates to file their declarations of candidacy for the February 5 West Virginia Republican State Convention, which is a winner-take-all event for 18 delegates. This looming deadline had had many West Virginia Fred Heads nervous.


West Virginia Citizens Defense League

and Fred doesn't announce until the 6th, he will be ineligible to compete in the WV GOP Convention?

To quote Politico:

Randy Enwright, Thompson's political director, said in the message that they will "discuss the next steps as we move forward as an organization." A Thompson aide confirms that they'll share the news about the long-awaited formal launch. "By the end of the day, we'll have more clarity," the aide said, declining to reveal which day the announcement would take place.

This doesn't say anything definative.

UPDATE: Still no official confirmation from the campaign, but Thompson sources now confirm that he will announce his candidacy next Thursday, Sept. 6. The launch will include a tour of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. As expected, Thompson will not appear at the GOP debate in New Hampshire on Wednesday, Sept. 5.

Sorry, but I don't believe anything I hear from un-named "sources". I'm just as anxious as any other Fred-head but I'm getting irritated with all the wild speculation coming from those of us who want him to run. Up to this point, neither he nor his campaign staff has said anything definative.

But it's good to see the trolls are all over it! Nothin' fires up the opposition like Fred!
Click here to donate to the Fred Thompson campaign.

Let's let Fred enjoy his day in the sun. We can hammer him tomorrow and beyond for his ridiculous support of McCain Feingold and his other not so conservative votes.

Allan Bartlett

Powder Blue Report

Small pet peeve probably, but why is it so common for people to call Thompson by his first name, as if he were a close personal friend? There's something vaguely grating about it to me. You never hear people calling Reagan "Ronald," do you? I know I wish Barry had won the presidency in 1964 after the Dwight years.

Seriously, people. It's a little weird.

Or Bush being called "W"? Fred's own website is We call lots of politicians by their first names or their initials (FDR, JFK, LBJ). Besides we already had a Thompson in this race.

... but you're okay with "Hillary"...

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

Too Late... Rudy is the only Repub who can beat Hillary. Everyone knows it... even the radical evangelical cooks who give our party a bad name. Fred knew he couldn't win the nomination but someone convinced him he could... big mistake for him and his family.

Ragout? Or possible trolls who have been here 8 minutes! is the natural evolution of Citizen Journalism, taking the reigns of power away from the filters of the Main Stream Media, and returning them to the citizen journalist. - And belittling other Citizens for making a spelling mistake...

I was belittling you for being an idiot, not an illiterate! There is a difference. Ask your first grade teacher, she can tell you the difference!

You bloggers are all tough behind your screens and keyboards...

Says the Tough Guy™ behind his computer screen....

"hey pot, yeah, this is kettle"

The CIA has better politicians than it has spies - Fred Thompson

Does that mean that you are scared of my mom? She is one of the best radical evangelical cooks I know. Her pizza is great!

In fact I saw her last night on the corner with a Rudy sign

she wouldn't have been holding a Rudy sign.

That must have been Hinz's mother

guys, this is getting petty and embarrassing. i have been on this site for a grand total of probably 10 minutes all in, and i think that the tone is getting a little juvenlie...

arent we here to discuss politics?

patguest, i will be the first to say that hinz obviously has a bit of a sense of ownership here as he has probably been posting here for a while, but relax... let him have it, it very well could be all he has. that is my guess at least.

if he wants to degrade himself, let him.... he is the one that looks like a 14 year old for pointing out spelling errors... dont lower yourself to his level.

David, just curious, was that supposed to be funny?

patguest. Behave.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC. I've been usurped!

CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

Why Rudolph Giuliani Really Shouldn't Be President ally_shouldn_t_be_pr esident

Guns and Rudy: The Whole Story

Read the editorial reviews of the following books at Amazon;

Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11 by Wayne Barrett and Dan Collins

The Full Rudy: The Man, the Myth, the Mania by Jack Newfield. r=1-1

Rudy!: An Investigative Biography of Rudolph Guiliani by Wayne Barrett. oks&qid=1188176754&s r=1-1

Giuliani Joins the War on Handgun Manufacturers (NY Times, June 20, 2000)
NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says that his administration will file its own lawsuit against handgun manufacturers, seeking tens of millions of dollars to compensate New York City for injuries and other damages from illegal gun use.

Giuliani wants to require license to have firearm (Boston Globe, Mar. 21, 2000)
“My position for many years has been that just as a motorist must have a license, a gun owner should be required to have one as well. Anyone wanting to own a gun should have to pass a written exam that shows that they know how to use a gun, that they’re intelligent enough and responsible enough to handle a gun. Should both handgun and rifle owners be licensed…we’re talking about all dangerous weapons.”

Giuliani: Gun Control is answer to violence (Speech to Citizens’ Crime Commission, Mar. 6, 1997)
“…we may be able to find some sort of meaning in this tragedy by using it as a catalyst to revive national gun control efforts.”

"After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and the sincerity of Hollywood."

Hey Boys and Girls Nervous feel the hope of Rudy and Mitt going in the Toilet will if you are like Fred Say's you are smart. Remember this post and mark my words the guy you are calling lazy and you are the same guys who called Reagan lazy will be your next President so sit down shut up and enjoy the ride


i stand by my assertion that Fred Thompson is lazy, but don't rope me in with anyone that has ever said that Reagan was lazy.... as a matter of fact, having read many books on Reagan, i have never heard of him referred to as "lazy".... so where does that comment come from?

Why some people think of Fred as the second coming of Reagan is beyond me... that is a blatant insult to a great man's memory.

Its out there ry reading :) Besides Reagan was not as Great as Thompson will be ! Hey did I hear right Ron Paul died 3 years ago and no one told him ???

I wonder if Thompson picked Larry Craig as his running mate he'd get the gay vote...?

Nah... Probably not.

Bri in Texas

but I don't think that's what they meant.

Here's a moby for sure .. or did he/she sign up when Craig got outed and just get lucky. Editors ... here's another one to clean up.


..if he actually announces that he is going to run. I was pretty excited and definitely interested in Fred.....last Spring.Since then, the fact that he has had so much turnover in his campaign staff (even before it was an official campaign) that I have lots of questions about his skills and his competence. We've had enough incompetence already. And then there is a question about Fred being a lobbyist for that butcher,John Bertrand Aristide, the former leader of Haiti. Arisitde encouraged his followers to kill his opponents with the old burning tire around the neck. Aristide makes Yugo Hugo Chavez look like an angel.If Fred can explain taking lobbying money from an animal like Aristide, I think he needs to explain it. You can be sure his opponents in both parties will bring it up......and they should.

Ya think that Sen Fred Thompson scared the Wombat Sh*t out of the left? We have had no less than three attacks on the man on this post -- all with less than 30 minutes time as registered RSers.

Gotta love it!

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

i concur.... all of these points are valid.

which is why i dont want a candidate with as much baggage as Mrs. Bill.... it hurts not only his credibility, but his electibility as well.

the dems will have a field day with Fred if he made it through to the GE, whihc i think is a long shot anyways.

I then ask you what "baggage" and you prattle off some uninformed statement...Today's your lucky day, we're going to skip that part and get right to your homework;

Fred Thompson Report Archives:


"After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and the sincerity of Hollywood."

It looks like this is going to come down to a very competitive race between Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani.

May the best man win.

Mitt is a high quality candidate who still has an outside shot, suppose. I hope that if he is not on the ticket that the GOP will find a prominent role for him in the next administration or in the Senate - probably from Utah.

The guy had a poor showing in funds last month and is already downplaying this next one as well. His staff is a revolving door and he has to ride around in a golf cart to get around in IA. His speeches are negative and depressing. He's a far cry from Reagan. And yet people still hope in him.

Fred Thompson's candidacy is a waste of time and money...

let the dems have the candidates with the baggage (Mrs. Bill)

... add to that the fact that Fred hadn't officially announced and he is in 2nd place in the polls...

Soooo... snarfing up lots of money will better his accomplishments thus far... how...exactly...?

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

Keep in mind he's announcing one day after a major debate. Convenient timing on the arrival. Skirting debates now?

the only debates he would do okay in is in GE debates against Mrs. Bill.... and that is only because he would tower over her... appearing very foreboding.

it wont matter though, as it wont come to that, he wont make it that far, the other GOP candidates will talk circles around him...

i'm sorry, there isn't a reason anyone could talk me into that would convince me that it is beneficial to avoind ANOTHER debate... he looks like a coward... if he is scared to get his 60 second soundbites out with his GOP rivals, how will he handle foreign relations...??? what a joke.

Are we getting spammed by dkos?

It appears that Moe is on vacation. We could use a fill-in.
Click here to donate to the Fred Thompson campaign.

TrollOn™ - apply directly to the troll
TrollOn™ - apply directly to the troll
TrollOn™ - apply directly to the troll
TrollOn™ - apply directly to the troll

The CIA has better politicians than it has spies - Fred Thompson

James Hansen - Scott THomas Beauchamp with a PhD.

Can someone (and I'm serious) explain the difference. I want to know which names to throw around.


A moby is a special kind of troll. Apparently some musician who goes by that name called upon lefties to go onto Republican sites, pose as Republicans, and say things that would split us up by making one part of the party look bad to another.

HTML Help Central for Red Staters

dang, now i have to ban his music from my ipod!

Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you. Washington Elected Elite

just remember to tell him to "Shut up and sing!" if he starts a political diatribe.

I like some Zappa and Depeche Mode and they're at least as lefty as Moby.

Troll: You conservatives are morons. Everybody knows that Bush feeds babies to Halliburton and has a secret marriage to the king of Saudi Arabia.

Moby: Isn't it great being conservatives like me? Isn't it great how we all hate brown people? Boy I'm sure glad that we're killing lots of A-rabs and denying poor people healthcare.

Troll is an older Internet term. A troll is someone who makes emotionally manipulative posts, trying to incite replies.

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And only got Net access back about an hour ago. Will be excising the worst ones shortly (I don't care if you just dislike Fred; this is why we have primaries, after all).

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC. I've been usurped!

about TIME you got here! What, you think you have another life?


When the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail. -- Abraham Maslow

Where Moe temporarily transfers authority to Blam while incapacitated...

The CIA has better politicians than it has spies - Fred Thompson

and I'm ready to be corrupted!

The CIA has better politicians than it has spies - Fred Thompson

The blood and guts would be all over the walls. Talk about RED State!

...when they see me they'll say, "There goes Loren Wallace,
the greatest thing to ever climb into a race car."

One thing an Internet community moderator has to be is tolerant, but when dealing with the left, I'm anything but.

So yeah, giving me the blamstick would be a dangerous experiment, but I'm up to the challenge, heh.

HTML Help Central for Red Staters

Think of this:

President Fred Thompson
Vice Pres Mitt Romney
Sec of State Rudy Guliani

But, it won't do any good if we don't get congress back.

especially of the *evil* plans of George Bush who has made the Presidency a monarchy :-)


Fred is just a placeholder to keep things interesting and to start the shift of the discussions to the right. At the proper time, Newt will enter the race with cogent ideas that will galvanize the party.

He got repeatedly out-maneuvered by Mr. 43%. Why should we trust him against Mr. 43%'s old hands serving Sen. Clinton?

HTML Help Central for Red Staters

mental picture I could've done without.

Newt and anyone who thinks he could be elected is either insane or God's gift to the oddsmakers, lol.

he's a Democrat!

You're a Moron

already been warned once.
CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

Hey, Hinz... at least pat capitalized the insult.

"pat"... hmmm.... Hey, isn't "pat" that androgynous character from Saturday Night Live...?
Yeah, I thought I recognized him... uhh... her...

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

he meant daft Webb.

Alot of good candidates. I am a delegate and it is tough to make a call right now. Leadership is clearly what is called for - Hope the candidates can deliver.

"Never give in! Never give in! Never, Never, Never, Never -in nothing great or small, large or petty - Never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense."
Winston Churchill, Harrow school speech.

Count me among those who were once excited about Candidate Fred. Now count me out. In fact, it didn't endure past the first two weeks of his non-candidate candidacy though, as I saw non-candidate candidate Fred Thompson testing the waters on any of Sean Hannity's various shows, toe by toe evidently.

Not saying I wouldn't vote for him in the election, but in the primary: forget about it. Not only did his lengthy deliberation give credence to the critics who call him lazy, but it made him look like an indecisive procrastinator who didn't have any real feeling on what to do, or any substance to back up his words. Especially seeing that his campaign HQ apparently has a revolving door for the various campaign managers and officers who have come and gone already. More than all this, though, is the idea that I can't help but think is a fact that NCC Fred's prolonged water testing has kept donor dollars on the sidelines that would otherwise have found its way into coffers of other Republican candidates by now, aiding the Democrats' ginormous lead so far. Another point I have to bring up is how NCC Fred comes across as a lil pranny by sitting opposite RNC shill Hannity, the friendliest of friendlies, commenting about the other candidates as the rest of them are down there slugging it out in the debates and on the campaign trail.

Anyway, NCC Fred I think waited too long, with his toes in the water, and those waters are chilling. I think he's peaked already, and I think he'll become exposed if he ever makes it there on time to be part of any debate. As I see it, it's a two man race between Rudy and Romney, and the interest revolves around whether or not Mitt's going to have the gas to run down Rudy's popularity.

you say that the race for the GOP nomination is "a two man race between Rudy and Romney." Like him or not, Thompson is and will be a viable candidate for the nomination. So you can choose between Rudy and Romney, while I suspect that many others will be choosing between Rudy and Thompson.

However this turns out, though, we ought then to put everything else behind us and support the nominee.

If Fred Thompson is the nominee, former congressmen Henry Bonilla of Texas and Bob Beauprez of Colorado should probably be considered.

1. Experience. Both had good tenures in congress, with Beauprez a little bit more economically conservative than Bonilla. Bonilla served 14 years, Beauprez 4 years before he declined to run for re-election in order to run for Governor of Colorado.

2. Both are Hispanics who took strong stands against illegal immigration

3. Beauprez represents a western state that could geographically balance Thompson in Tennessee. This could also help Shaffer succeed Allard in Colorado.

Bonilla of San Antonio on the ticket would resurrect images of the Alamo where Tennessee volunteers, Texians (anglo Texans fighting for freedom from Mexico) and Tejanos (Hispanic Texans fighting for freedom from Mexico) stood together against General Santa Anta when he destroyed Mexico's (then) federalist constitution.

4. Looks. Here, Bonilla gets an edge. A former television broadcaster with a degree in journalism from the University of Texas, Bonilla is probably a bit more polished than Beauprez. He also has a full head of hair.

Beauprez would be well advised to shave his head. Men ALWAYS look better when they shave their head when they start balding. Why they try to hang on to every strand of hair that they have when it would look infinitely better if they just shaved it is beyond me.

5. Beauprez might also give Colorado Supreme Court Justice and former Clarence Thomas clerk Allison Eid (Stanford/Chicago Law) an edge when supreme court vacancies come up. I think that she, Margaret Ryan, R. Ted Cruz, Jim Chen, and Gregory Coleman are some of our most exciting prospects.

Bonilla, on the other hand, might help give R. Ted Cruz, Gregory Coleman, and possibly even Jennifer Elrod edges on Supreme Court vacancies.

From a policy perspective, I think that I have a slight preference for Beauprez - even though, I'm from Texas. Bonilla might make a better candidate and spokesman for the ticket, however.

It would be a tough call if it came down between them, but I think that both should be given close scrutiny in the upcoming Veep sweepstakes.

He waited too long to declare, he looks too old, and he was unaccomplished in Congress. Geee...I'm SO excited.

1. Fred Thompson will tell supporters today that he will run for president.

2. Fred Thompson will appear on Jay Leno on Wednesday night during the GOP debate, Sept. 5.

3. Fred Thompson will OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE his candidacy the next day, Sept. 6 says The Politico.

Can I safely go get something to eat, now, or do I have to reinforce the lesson?

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC. I've been usurped!

The piles of Wombat mess, to borrow from David, are gotten so deep with all you guys away that you can't clean it up on an empty stomach, heh.

HTML Help Central for Red Staters

Brooksy MIGHT survive the cut that way! (just kidding, guy!) :>)

Eating is probably a good idea. It could be a long night.

announce the day before the last debate before the NH primary and win, cool. What I care about is their character and positions on the issues.

process bores me

Mike Gamecock DeVine @ The Charlotte Observer
"One man with courage makes a majority" - Andrew Jackson

...the last person I want to see in the White House is a man who, by his own admission and that of others, has a reputation for being lazy.
The last thing Republicans need is a man who might delegate the task of running the country to others, someone who would rather not be bothered with hard work.
Neither do I want a candidate who has to be urged to run. I want a candidate who has such a burning desire to be the President that he eats and sleeps thinking of nothing else. I want a man who KNOWS he has the Republican plan for America in his pocket and the tools to see it enacted. Fred Thompson is not that man. He does not have that burning desire to be the President of the United States. If he did he would have jumped into the race with both feet long ago. He's an actor who once was a Senator, and for not very many years. Ronald Reagan-one of my heroes- was accused by the dems of being out of touch: can you imagine what they would say about a President with Fred Thompson's aversion to hard work? He may write a good article using lots of tough words but anyone can read a script; would he tell the dems where to stick it when they start their "for the children" whine, or their "you can't accuse us of not being patriots" garbage? We need a President who will play hardball not a President who would rather write another article.
Republicans, and Americans, cannot afford to take a chance on Fred Thompson. A hands-off approach to the Presidency would lead to nothing but opportunities for the dems to use their mouthpieces in the media to ask who is really running the country, the President or his staff?
Wake up people, we are not the America we were before 9-11. Choose your leader carefully: Fred does not have that fire in the belly.

i agree on all counts.

Can we expect to see the MSM trot that phrase out each and every time Sen Thompson is mentioned as an attempt to portray him as unfit for office?

Just asking...we all know how that "Gravitas" smear worked out.

"I want a candidate who has such a burning desire to be the President that he eats and sleeps thinking of nothing else."

Why? I'd sooner have a man who was willing to serve as President because there were things he wants to accomplish and he knows that the only way to accomplish them is as President. That is how Fred Thompson has described his situation, and he does not sound as if he would squander the opportunity he will seek with a burning desire, rather than desiring the office and its perks, by being "lazy."

I want an honest President.

I do not want someone who has always wanted to be President or whose daddy wanted them to be President, a la John Kerry, Al Gore, etc.

But yours is one way of looking at it.

who spent their entire being thinking about being President because we actually have someone like that and her name is Hillary and we know what kind of President she would make. I think love of country instead of love of self is the better trait for a President.

Yeah... because he take's prylosek!

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

"...the last person I want to see in the White House is a man who, by his own admission and that of others, has a reputation for being lazy."

Hello!!! Are you just completely ignorant of recent history? Go research Reagan's life.

...a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right...

---Thomas Paine---

If fire in the belly means free money for morons, as President Bush is apparently announcing today, then fire in the belly can stick it.

HTML Help Central for Red Staters

5 by bs

And I like the new program name: "Free Money for Morons". That should be the Drudge headline...

...when they see me they'll say, "There goes Loren Wallace,
the greatest thing to ever climb into a race car."

"Neither do I want a candidate who has to be urged to run. I want a candidate who has such a burning desire to be the President that he eats and sleeps thinking of nothing else."

Ahh!!! Nothing says great candidate for president like a strong case of megalomania.

...a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right...

---Thomas Paine---

Do you think the person you're replying to thought John Kerry fit the bill?

HTML Help Central for Red Staters

I do not know. Maybe. His/her talking points on Fred are consistent with those used by leftists, Paul supporters, and some Mittbots

...a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right...

---Thomas Paine---

One of your... (ahem)... many "interesting" issues with Fred Thompson is, "He may write a good article using lots of tough words but anyone can read a script..."
And you think the other candidates aren't reading scripts written by someone else?
They are called "speechwriters". Yeah... There are people out there who actually do that for a living and every politician you ever hear speaking is reading words written by someone else.
Shoot... Elizabeth The Attack Dog Edwards has even complained that one of Obama's speach writers (who use to be Johhny's writers) has been tacky enough to use some of the same verbage from little Johnny's (failed) attempt at VP.

The difference between Fred and Johhny (and Hilly and Obammy...mie?) is Fred actually understands and believes the words he reads... and therefore the message in his "script" remains the same... it doesn't change from one week to the next in order to appeal to different focus groups or to compliment the results of the latest opinion poll.
Consistency is they key, dearie... The best that will ever come from a "fire in the belly" is hertburn or an ulcer.

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

speech... and heartburn

Funny though... they do sem to go together.

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

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