Crack Whores Run The Politico

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I have come to the conclusion that crack whores run the Politico.

I know that might not be a popular statement. After all, crack whores do apparently have a better track record of credibility than the Politico lately, but still -- the only rationale I can get is that they are in somebody's pocket for their next hit of crack.

Yesterday, they ran a hit job on Thompson saying he was getting out of the race.

Today, they say Resignation greets Thompson's third place. Unfortunately for them, there is again video that does not show much resignation.

This is like Roger Simon's hit job, also in the Politico, in which he claimed Fred botched a meet and greet. Yet, when video came out, it showed very clearly that Simon had gotten it wrong.

This is like them claiming John Edwards was getting out of the race when he didn't.

I like several of the guys at the Politico a great deal, but this is really pathetic. If not crack whores in charge, I suspect they've fallen for the shtick where they are getting good access from trusted people in one campaign and they've begun to lose some objectivity -- they no longer question.

But, whether crack whores are running the place and needing to stay in good with their source of crack hit funds, or whether they just have fallen in love with a particular few sources and no longer take things with grains of salt, their coverage has lately been less than accurate when it comes to the Thompson campaign.

And now the FredHeads want to stick it to them.

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Politico hates Thompson ever since they caught the reporter lying about that story.

I'm still with Fred, if not more so. From reports on the ground in Iowa, many caucus-goers were under the impression that FDT was getting out. There is no way of knowing how much of an effect that had on his totals, but clearly he performed worse than he would have without the hit piece.

I was wondering if the rumors of Fred leaving would have the same effect that calling the election for Gore in 2000 has in the Florida's panhandle. The leftists accuse us of voter suppression when we ask for IDs yet the true voter suppression always comes from them in the form of MSM stories designed to discourage conservatives/Republicans from voting to outright vandalism like the tire slashing in 2004.

I have more money to send, it's on its way to Fred. I'll still look over at the Politico sometimes, but with no more respect than I have for some of the leftist parrots.

Jeremiah 17:9.

...You don't usually see the term "crack whores" used so often in a political posting.

I mean, sure, once or twice, maybe... but five times? Never.

Well done.
“It must not be supposed that folly is as powerful as truth,
just because it can, if it likes, shout louder and longer than truth.”


Yes! by DaMav

Another fitty bucks on the way from me. You bet.

Enough of the slime from the Politico is enough. I've been at a slow boil and I'm glad to see someone document it and fight back.

The Politico is pretty much a big pat-on-the-back circle* for Washington elites. It's a cross between "Variety," a cocktail party at David Broder's house, and a junior-high girl's slam-book. It represents a worldview that's very superficial, very self-important, deferential to power and prestige, and disdainful of actual political convictions and genuine disagreements over issues.

And what's more, the Politico reporters have a terrible habit of jumping the gun, using blind sources, and deciding what the conventional wisdom is in advance and judging everything based around that.

As you can tell, I don't much care for it, and I sympathize with FDT fans in this case.

*More descriptive metaphor omitted in deference to posting guidelines.

I think Politico was literally pushing Huckabee and McCain while at the same time slandering the more conservative Thompson and Romney.

These folks LOVE McCain. The video here shows Mike Allen of the Politico gushing about what a great victory fourth place is for McCain, such that "there's no one you'd rather be than him."

The question must be asked, "How much is the Turk paying you?"

I'm with Fred! and his trophy wife.

The videos prove it.

What took so long?

It's more like crack whores that are recovering alcoholics and on lithium for their personality disorder (which every other day they forget to take). Oh, and if you saw their BS defense last night you also know they are trying to spin an alternate version of reality.

Welcome to the New Republic and Jayson Blair dust heap.

"Nec Aspera Terrent"
bene ambula et redambula
Contributor to The Minority Report

Down right bias or parody...I haven't made up my mind which best applies.

Sigh, makes me appreciate the journalistic integrity of the New York Times....

I sent two more donations this morning and if the Good Senator really wants to fight it out and work his butt off, we can win this. I am fighting with you FT as long as you want to fight.

Don't get me started. I hate Politico at least as bad as you do, and I'm at least the Reagan Conservative that you are.

But this is a family-friendly site. Do NOT use a term like that.

And I'm not asking, not saying please. Clean it up, or go play with the Freepers.

Stare decisis is fo' suckas -- Feddie

I apologize. It is no excuse, but the media coverage makes me so sick and I overreacted.

Sorry, I get overly hostile myself. Apology is of course accepted. I just have a major thing about the "f" word and the "gd" word in our site. And yep, I'm good and hacked at Politico too. So brothers in arms then, let's get back to kicking leftist butts!

Stare decisis is fo' suckas -- Feddie

Just joking.

Fred has a new Red Truck Campaign and I just got an email. We need to fill it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spread the word.

FYI with 97% reporting
Fred Thompson 15,726 13.4%
John McCain 15,383 13.1%

Not sure how that is a tie, or how they can even leave Fred out of their coverage as if he died, but the media sure is trying to do that.

I was fairly disgusted when I saw how the Politico in particular, and the MSM in general (especially FoxNews and MSNBC) where gushing over marginal-4th place McCain whilst making like it was Fred's funeral.

My checks cleared, and I'll send in my $50 right about... now.

Smile, Fellow FredHeads. This game ain't over by a long shot.

Fred Thompson: Hands Down, the ONLY Consistently Conservative candidate.

Stare decisis is fo' suckas -- Feddie

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