Death by Committee: The GOP pre-emptively surrenders November.

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Yesterday, we pointed out the dire circumstances of the GOP in the House. Well, John Boehner has his solution.

He has formed a committee comprised mostly of people who formed the previously established committee that was doing the same thing to come up with new things to do that they could not come up with while on the old committee.

Here's the thing -- the GOP has been great in the minority battling Nancy and her gang. They've been great at floor strategery to embarrass the Speaker and screw with the blue dogs, putting them in awkward positions.

But they have done absolutely nothing to show that, were they back in the majority, they would change their ways and recommit to smaller government. And at the end of the day, that's what it all boils down to. Everyone knows that the Democrats are worse than the Republicans on a host of issues. But everyone also knows that the Republicans, in their final few years in power, were tools of big business interests -- and those big business interests were only committed to lining their pockets and expanding government spending on their behalf.

The GOP is the party of the entrepreneur. That has become, along with social conservatives, their natural base. But in leadership, the GOP ignored both for the highest bidder and until Tom Cole shuts the heck up about what a great guy Don Young is, well, to hell with them.

If they won't clean their house up now, I'm prepared to sit back and let the voters do it for them in November. Remember: I'm all for being on the team, but not when the team is solely interested in me filling out the roster, but not letting me on the field.

So, pay attention House Republicans: if you are not willing to publicly turn your back on people like Don Young and Jerry Lewis, to hell with you all. I'll support individual candidates, but I will continue to withhold support from the NRCC.

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"This is not the same-old worn-out committee. We're offering a new type of committee to bring hope."

...those are solid up and coming Reps in my opinion. I don't see what the problem here is, frankly. What exactly should Boehner do? What more CAN he do? The situation is what it is.

“.....women and minorities hardest hit”

You are totally right on those three.

Unfortunately, the situation is what it is and it is there because the House GOP has been unwilling to repudiate people like Don Young.

Fight On!

...then it's highly unlikely that a political party will boot out a duly elected Rep, especially someone with the seniority and stature of Don Young. In any event, Young has a primary challenger, so we'll see how that works out.

“.....women and minorities hardest hit”

At the very least, they could offer no comment about Don Young when asked by reporters about him, instead of praising him.

Likewise, even the Democrats stripped William Jefferson of his plumb committee positions when the FBI raided his office.

Fight On!

In Congress, the Dems are smart enough to pay them well for being a docile minority. It's actually easier that way. They get the bucks, the bimbos, and no pressure or responsibility whatsoever. Like Cypher Reagan, a lot of Don Youngs and Jerry Lewises just want to be plugged back into the K-Street Matrix.

Their districts are gerry-mandered, their party is hopelessly out of power, and they get $2mil in earmarks apiece to shut up and stay fat, dumb and happy. Tranquilo, Baby!

"I believe we must adjourn this meeting to some other place." - The last recorded words of Adam Smith.

Because the congressional GOP was behaving the exact same way (or even worse) when they were in control of the House. So it's not like those wascally Democrats are bribing them. It's because they are bribing themselves.

It's real easy for us on RedState to rail against earmarks. But earmarks wouldn't be in the budget if the congressman's constituents refused them. They are there because they help that congressman get re-elected.

In your lifetime, how many times have you seen citizens actively protesting against earmarks for their OWN district?

in the northeast we are losing some seats in the house that have been held by Republicans. I'll have more on this later. Buffalo, for one, is losing a seat now help by the GOP.

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity

And the GOP has been sowing this impending disaster for several years now, and their time is about up. There is no effective GOP leadership in Congress. They don't need a committee. All they need is a leader that can read and digest Newt Gingrich's recommendations and make it happen. Will they act decisively? I doubt it. When you hear Boehner's response to form another committee, you reach for the barf bag. He has absolutely no sense of urgency, and we should not be surprised, come Novemmber, when the GOP is back in the doldrums of permanent minority status. When it comes to legislative failures, the difference between the GOP and the Democrats is the GOP will be held accountable and voted out, and the Democrats will be rewarded for their dismal results with more seats.

especially on that last point. I guess it has something to do with us being the party of personal responsibility. We are willing to toss our bums out, the Ds seem to reward them.

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CFR, Amnesty, Spending, Corruption,
Earmarks, Socialized Medicine:
”Your Silence Is Your Consent!”

The republicans do not have a clue as to what the problem is that they are having. A six year old could tell them.

They ruined a good deal. If they had stopped the outrageous spending with earmarks when they were in control, they would still be in pawer.

I also refuse to give to the RNC. I will give to indivual candidates that I know are conservatives and will likely be responsible for the peoples money.

Its time we voted the people out that are stealing our hard earned tax money.

The RNC, NRCC and NRSC use our money to ptop up candidates that vote against our interests like Chafee and Specter and demand we continue to feed the beast with our money!

Its time to to starve the beast and end this death by a thousand cuts we are dying as Republicans!

CFR, Amnesty, Spending, Corruption,
Earmarks, Socialized Medicine:
”Your Silence Is Your Consent!”

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