F7: One Day to Stop Hillary

At least we can all agree about this

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I strongly encourage you to take time during the frustrating hours until we get Super Tuesday results to consider donating to Rightroots' F7 effort. Details here:

F7: One Day to Stop Hillary (and Obama) is a grassroots campaign by Rightroots to mobilize thousands of Republican donors to contribute to our party's nominee on Thursday, February 7, 2008. Without our support, the Republican nominee could be buried by Clinton and Obama's cash advantage shortly after winning the nomination. Help the nominee hit the ground running on Day One by taking the pledge and coming back on February 7th to make history.

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since its unlikely to be decided after today.

I especially doubt that Romney will go quietly after what he perceives (incorrectly, IMHO) as McCain's "cheating" in WV today.

Good grief we may have done such a great job of scapegoating Hillary that we are going to walk out of this primary season without Hillary to kick around anymore.

No we'll get Obama, the radical liberal in moderate clothing.

Obama is going to be a much bigger problem, because the media won't let it be a fair fight.

We may just stop Hillary, and assure ourself of 8 years of the most liberal presidency in US History.

Obama is what I fear most. A Democrat with real charisma and charm.
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

on who the Republican nominate...sorry to say. It should not be so, but is certainly will be with the current nominees.

Formally known as Deagle... "Golf is a way of life..."

Thanks for the head's up on this. It's a great idea.

darn it...I love me some Ann Coulter, however I don't care who the GOP candidate is...I will support the Republican (or RHINO) running.

The money crunch that the GOP finds itself in is no surprise. I use to be good for monthly's during the cycles; this year, last year, 2006.....$0.00!

The reasons are countless but now McCain? I wont donate a dime; I'll need it for my Global Warming Tax and for the expired tax cuts and for retirement since Social Security wont be addressed.

We deserve to lose. Either way we get to blame liberalism.

Two words: laughably petty. If the conservatives only argument for election is "stop the liberal" it's going to be hard to justify voting. I can tell you one thing, I've been to rallies on both sides and the Democrats aren't screaming "stop the conservatives!" Silly, silly people.

I have seen the light!

When Dems were raging against the Bush "machine" and chanting "No Bush", "Bush Lied", "Stop Halliburton", "Fur is Murder" and "Macs are computers" it wasn't petty at all!

Screaming that the election was "stolen" and conjecturing computer voting scams of epic proportion wasn't petty! Putting up "We're Sorry" websites wasn't petty!

The Democrats never shout "Stop the Conservatives" or "Stop Bush" of course. TV lies about that and fakes videos because they are part of the illuminati and work for Halliburton's Diebold division under threat of being shot by Dick Cheney.

No, Democrats are never petty nivek.

Oh crud, I've gone and mixed up never and all the time, always again, haven't I? Laughably.

And I think you've confused my reference to the current primaries with the past eight years. Oh well.

No can do.

Because there is no way the likely candidate, McCain, is going to beat Obama. It's not going to happen.

With Clinton there's at least the chance that enough people hate her to get them to vote against her.

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