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Every once in a while I am more thankful than ever for today’s technology which allows me to talk to you directly instead of having to go through the filter of the main stream media.

Some of them are intent on making the outcome of the campaign dependent upon their pre-conceived notions. Every once in a while their incomplete and slanted coverage makes this clear.

Today I had this story written about me regarding what I said at a Town Hall event in Burlington, Iowa by a reporter who wasn’t even at the event. Incidentally, I declined to be interviewed by this particular reporter yesterday for reasons which will soon be apparent.

In referring to me, she reported “he doesn’t like modern campaigning, isn’t interested in running for President, and will not be devastated” if he doesn’t win.

Below is a transcript of what I actually said in response to a question by a local Burlington resident which was the basis of the reporter’s story.

It is clear that there are those in the media who will exact a high price for candor and from those whom they consider to be insufficiently ambitious. But it is with increasing amazement that we see that those who are willing to slant or leave out important parts of a story to make their point.

If a candidate succumbs to this he will be reduced to nothing more than a sound bite machine.

As for me I am going to continue to say exactly what is in my heart and is on my mind and give straight and honest answers to those who ask straight and honest questions.

Incidentally, the audience in Burlington broke into applause in the middle of my answer. The reporter wouldn’t know that because she wasn’t even there.

The transcript is below the fold . . .

Q: (Courtesy ABC News) My only problem with you and why I haven’t thrown all my support behind you is that I don’t know if you have the desire to be President. If I caucus for you next week, are you still going to be there two months from now?

That is a very good question, not because it’s difficult to answer, but I’m gonna answer it in a little different way than what you might expect.

In the first place, I got into the race about the time people normally get into get into it. The fact of the matter is people get into it a lot earlier than they used to. For some of them, they were juniors in high school.

The first place, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. I wouldn’t be doing this. I grew up in very modest circumstances. I left government and I and my family have made sacrifices to be sitting here today. I haven’t had any income for a long time because I figured to be clean, you’ve got to cut everything off. I was doing speaking engagements and I had a contract to do a tv show. I had a contract with abc radio…and so forth. A man would have to be a total fool to do all those things and to be leaving his family which is not a joyful thing if he didn’’t want to do it.

I am not consumed by personal ambition. I will not be devastated if I don’t do it. I want the people to have the best president they can have.

When this talk first originated from people around the country both directly and through polls, liked the idea of me stepping up and of course, you always look better form a distance.

But most of those people are still there. I approached it from the standpoint of a deal. A kind of a marriage. If one side of a marriage really has to be talked into the marriage, it probably ain’t going to be a good deal. But if you mutually decide it’s going to be a good thing. In this case, if you think this is a good thing for the country, then we have an opportunity to do some wonderful things together.

I’m offering myself up. I’m saying that I have the background, the capability and concern to do this and do it for the right reasons. I’m not particularly interested in running for president, but I think I’d make a good president.

Nowadays, the process has become much more important than it used to be.

I don’t know that they ever asked George Washington a question like this. I don’t know that they ever asked Dwight D. Eisenhower a question like this. But nowadays, it’s all about fire in the belly. I’m not sure in the world we live in today it’s a good thing if a president has too much fire in the belly. I approach life differently than a lot of people. People, I guess, wonder how I’ve been as successful as I’ve been in everything that I’ve done. I won two races in TN by 20 point margins in a state that bill Clinton carried twice. I’ve never had an acting lesson. I guess that’s obvious by people who’ve watched me…

When I did it, I did it. Wasn’t just a lark. Anything that’s worth doing is worth doing well. But I’ve always been a little more laid back than most. I’m only consumed by very, very few things. Politics is not one of them. The welfare of our country and our kids and grandkids is one of them.

If people really want in their president super type-a personality, someone who has gotten up every morning and gone to bed every night and been thinking about for years how they win the presidency of the united states, someone who can look you straight in the eye and say they enjoy every minute of campaigning, I ain’t that guy. So I hope I’ve discussed that and didn’t talk you out of anything. I honestly want – I can’t imagine a worse set of circumstances [than] achieving the Presidency of the United States under false pretenses. I go out of my way to be myself.

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Supporting you all the way, including financially!

I too am supporting you all the way, including financially. Keep up your hard work!

If Fred does not get the nomination , I will be very concerned for the conservative movement and would consider voting third party if a "Conservative Party" were presented.

Starting a conservative party nationally to challenge the Rino's and the Dems. Of course alot of people say that you could not win, but I disagree with that. People are to a point where the party is less important that what the candidate stands for. (A good example is the election of alot of blue dog Dems to congress from red districts).

He tells like it is.

" Got to love the Lord for making things like that."
Morally Compromised

We realize that your time is at a premium, but any time that you can come here with your thoughts, we would be love to have you.

Also a supporter. know the folks back home are pulling for you. You can bet your bottom dollar on it! On Jan 3rd you'll see alot of great folks in Iowa doing the same thing.

When your riding down the rode in that big old gold bus...just look beside you, behind you and in front..we're all there with you.

Give'em hell Fred, give'em hell.

Setting the record straight with Fred's straight talk. Supporting you all the way, every way I can.

Jill should get the Jason Blair treatment. Fabrication is a big no-no.

I am a Positivist Pastafarian for the alliteration alone.

Hmmm by Uriah

I've always said that Fred Thompson's best asset is Fred Thompson. The ground game is where he shines.
Thanks for the note to us.
For reference for those interested:
You didn't think Washington was the first did you?

Support you for all the right reasons, and there are too many to name. However, I have to name one; "you're a clear, consistent, conservative", who was, and is and will always be.

I believe most of those here will be thankful for your post and certainly will offer their support in your efforts to make your message in your own way. Were they only so tolerent of other candidates it would indeed be a better party.

Every Republican candidate has a standing invitation to post on this blog as I understand it.

Founder and contributor to The Minority Report and Editor for The Hinzsight Report

First off, it's true: If Huck wanted to post here, he'd get fronted instantly.

Second, are you suggesting that the attacks on Huck are all based on lying reporters, that all the direct quotes we've been mocking are false? Funny that even his most vocal supporters here aren't even claiming that.

HTML Help for Red Staters

Thank you for the clarification Sen Thompson. I'm behind you 100% We all look forward to your nomination, and will do our best to represent you.

And thanks for taking the time out to stop by. I too am giving all the support I can.

Joe Schmo's blog


Never in my half century of wandering the earth have I put any stickers on my car (allow a part-time preacher that much vanity, all right?), but tonight it proudly says across the back of my old Chevy: "I'm With Fred."

I've sent money, and when I get more, I'll send more. Meanwhile we pray that you'll be in the lead everywhere by then.

Jeremiah 17:9.

From another first-time bumper sticker donner...
I am also with Fred.

He hath delivered my soul from the battle that was against me: for there were many with me.
Psalm 55:18

these are comments on Freds post. please refer to the second paragraph. If the shoe fits etc. But enough. This will all be over soon.

...not only are you incapable of using the "Repay to this" button but you're equity incapable of explaining your position!

Founder and contributor to The Minority Report and Editor for The Hinzsight Report

whenever you Reply to my blogs and comments. Donations are always welcome :-)

As for "equity incapable", I'm gonna have to look that one up.

Thompson / Romney

==== 13 ====

... lots going on at this particular time -- point got across I hope? :0)

Nice to know the spelling police are on full alert!

Founder and contributor to The Minority Report and Editor for The Hinzsight Report

Huckabee has posted at redstate before and was treated excellently.

Tommy Oliver

Fred, I know you're doing this for the right reasons. You want to make America better and safer for your children and grandchildren. You're not doing this out of ambition or for the prestige of being president. You are the one candidate who truly wants to make our country better.

I am praying for you and your family as you continue to fight for America's future. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!


I like what you say Fred and agree a whole lot about press spin.

At least a lot of independent groups are now keeping scorecards as to the credibility of reporters.

I also hope this is the last election cycle where Iowa and NH get the opportunity to act as semi-pro king makers for the entire country and we move to having the first looks done in the states that have the largest numbers of voters with the most even split of party loyalty to have a much broader base do the evaluation.

I saw stats on how many visits to those states have happened compared to visits for the rest of the country and it seems to be exactly backward of what should be happening.

Minor states get in depth candidate exposure and large states will get 10 stops in 15 hour fly by that you may miss if you blink.

There has to be a better way.

It is odd that so much rides in this setup on the endorsement of a single newspaper of modest circulation who's own editor was evaluated as a less than optimum moderator for debate purposes.

One paper and one lead person with all to much leverage.

You've got a lot of loyal supporters here.

What this incident illustrates is the terminal incompetence if not malfeasance on the part of many in the Drive-By media. Thank you for clarifying what was really said, and thanks to the internet and transcripts we no longer have to get stories first filtered through so-called journalists.

Back a couple of weeks ago those of us here supporting you listed the reasons we will vote for you. I listed a lot; one of them was your refusal to kowtow to the media. They know it and they're out to get you for it. This was an example.

I love it!


You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

or who have wanted to be president since kindergarten, scare the bejeepers out of me. No one worth having as president grew up wanting to be president. That's just sick.

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

to Senator Thompson's post here, ended up as a diary here.

FYI, I'm in the bag for Super Tuesday in the big MO.

I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful 100 percent.

Thank you Fred for the honest and down to earth note -- so few seem to have a conscience anymore, especially the Press...they wouldn't know a Statesman if they tripped over him, one doesn't have to run around slavering profusely because they are obsessed with wanting the job so badly, like several in this race... Your people are supporting an intelligent gentleman with the ability and toughness to work with and help America and Americans. You have done more to lay the facts all out on every issue and every event happening in the world to everyone so very well and concisely --but it is the twisters of truth who do the damage every day. We are with you 120% in every way we can be ++++
You are so very much appreciated by honest and good people--I know, I have been working with them for over 10 months--ONWARD and UPWARD FRED!

political prayers, sir. I have very young grandchildren and you are the man I want leading this country at this time in particular for the sake of their safety and their future. God bless you for putting up with all the ridiculous garbage that goes with campaigning! And thanks for helping to out the idiots in the media--press conferences with you at the podium are gonna be some rare fun. We'll provide the popcorn, you provide the smackdowns. Deal?

because they've front-paged a link to the bogus story about you "not being interested in being President". Please set them straight (not that they'll listen, being the Clinton News Network and all that...).

When are you visiting St. Louis? I'll buy you lunch... :-)

The Unofficial RedState FAQ
“You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say. ” - Martin Luther

Go get 'em Fred

Romney-- I would cry all the way to the polls
McCain-- I would hold my nose and cry on the way home
Huckabee-- No way, nohow
Giuliani-- See above

Go Fred, Go!!

Many months ago, a good friend of mine from Louisiana called me one day all excited. He told me, "Jerry, you are not going to believe this, but we've got another real live cowboy running for President!"

I asked him who he was talking about? He said, "Fred Dalton Thompson. He's going to be on Chris Wallace's show this Sunday and he is going to let it be known that he is thinking about running. He's the first REAL MAN we've had to choose from since 1984."

I told him okay, I like the idea. And I, for one have never looked back.

The day after that last IOWA debate, my same friend Bob, called me and asked if I had seen what you had done at the debate? I told him that I hadn't watched the debate, but I had seen the "NURSE RATCHET" incident on the news. He told me to be sure to tune into the RUSH LIMBAUGH show that day because he was going to call and raise a rucus. Adding, "Jerry, we have just GOT to get this man elected Presiden. An opportunity for our beloved republic to gain a leader like his rarely comes, and we are lucky enough that it has come twice in our lifetimes."

Well, I listened, and sure enough there was my friend Bob talking about "MY PRESIDENT" on the RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOW!

You got to be careful about Bob, you never want to put him to a task that you don't want accomplished. He's sort of like a cruise missile.

He's been making calls for you to IOWA and everything. I knew when Bob called me all those months ago that you were somebody special, because Bob is ICE COLD. He is simply NOT EASY TO IMPRESS. I've known him all my life and I trust him so I paid attention and started watching you.

Everytime I see you, every time I hear you speak or read something you write, I am more impressed. And I am even less easily impressed than my good friend Bob.

Senator, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank you and your lovely wife for giving up the nice life you had to offer your service to our nation again.

We need your leadership badly.

I am a retired Marine Corps officer and have four sons in uniform, in the service of our nation today. We cannot afford the immaturity and utter foolishness that I see from nearly every one of the other Presidential candidates.

I agree with my friend Bob, I don't want a cool-headed crisis manager, a fortune 100 corporate CEO and I certainly don't want a pretend country preacher for a President. I want a leader.

You're that leader Senator Thompson. Our nation cries out for your leadership. My brave brothers and sisters who gave their lives in the service of our nation cry out from their graves for your unflinching common-sense and true-from-the-heart leadership.

on March 11, 2007. I know that because four days earlier, on March 7, I wrote this piece, entitled "Fred Thompson -- A Man for All Political Seasons"

I hope you don't consider me too presumptuous to call you that at this point. I'm just amazed and pleased that you would take the time to speak directly to us political junkies here at RedState.

Since you posted this, I am hoping that you will come back and read these responses because there is something I want you to know. One of the things I love the most about you is that you do say exactly what you are thinking. That is such a rare trait in politicians, shoot anyone, these days.

I also love your yes and no answers. Talk about a rarity, I almost enjoy the look of shock in the reporters faces when you do that as much as I enjoy hearing it.

There's one other thing I want you to seriously consider. If we are blessed with you being our next President, I hope one of your first orders of business will be to either pardon or commute the sentences of Compean and Ramos. Those men, protectors of our real, on-the-ground, first-line guards of or national sovereignty should be free.

God bless you, Senator Thompson. Please tell your beautiful wife thank you too for supporting you in stepping up to the plate.

Thank you for speaking to the People, and bypassing the filter of the media! The USA needs that!

God Bless.

According to Wikipedia, you'll be winning my state, Alabama, your very strong in the polls here.

I and my family are thrilled with your candidacy and look forward to you taking Iowa and South Carolina....thank you and your family for taking this opprotunity to run as the only true conservative in the election.

I hope you challenge FOX on Sunday for their support of Guiliani and dismissal of you.

GO FRED GO!!!!!!!

Freedom of Religion not Freedom from Religion

Most people know the MSM have an agenda.It's good to see them put in their place.Keep it up.
We like.

The comments I have read above are all true about you. It is so very difficult to add any more without being duplicative. What I do want to say comes straight from my heart. I had given up on politics and politicians for quite some time. The surreal atmosphere of blarney was just too much to consume. I had to spend too much time overcoming health problems like Pancreatic Cancer to think of things around me; my country, my citizenry, our future as a nation. You, dear Senator have opened my eyes and my heart once again. You have made me feel like an American, a proud American who can hold my head high and give NO EXCUSE FOR OUR COUNTRY. Thank you for what you have already given to me. Thank you for what you have done and what you will do for this great Nation.

Your Friend,

You're a great man, please continue to show us this.

Jason in NorCal

Keep correcting the record, and throwing those snowballs, literal and figurative. This is just another example of your strong, "I'll do it my way" style that was demonstrated when you would not raise your hand and when you chose to campaign the New-fashion way. America needs a leader who is strong enough to be an individual and intelligent enough to know when to dovetail with others. Thank you for giving Conservatives an outstanding choice.

Two of our kids saw you at Leisure World in Nov. Now they and their friends are on fire for Fred! We brought them up to be Conservative and now they are thrilled to have someone to wholly support.

Soldier's Mom - Golfer's Wife - Home alone a lot

I too would like to thank you and your family for making this sacrifice for our beloved republic. I've never had the privilege of meeting you in person, but I feel like you are someone I've know all my life.

Your genuineness, strength of character, and sense of duty and honor are all obvious. I have never been more sure of anything in my whole life.

I look forward to you leading our beloved republic and restoring it and preserving it for the generations yet to come.

Thank you, and may GOD bless you and keep you and your family!

We need you!!!!

Early in 2007, a like-minded coworker and I were lamenting the emerging field of GOP candidates and the dismal state of the war in Iraq. Since we couldn't have our first choice, Dick Cheney, my friend expressed his fervent wish that Fred Thompson would consider running -- although neither of us really thought we could get that lucky.

Less than a year later, Iraq has turned around and we have in Fred Thompson the most principled, consistently conservative candidate since 1984. In any other presidential race (for example, 1996), the GOP base would have gladly coalesced around someone with his credentials and convictions.

Fred possesses the intellectual and ideological clarity, wit and gravitas of Cheney without the baggage. Most of my favorite political writers and commentators recognize Thompson as the only true conservative candidate in either party. And yet I read and hear that Fred is the second choice of many influential conservatives in the blogosphere. Why would anyone opt to settle for other "moderate" candidates based on perceived electability before the first votes are counted? Obviously, the drive-by media who are trying to sabotage the Thompson campaign see him as a credible threat to their agenda.

Fred, I continue to pray for you, your family, your health, and the success of your campaign. We need you. America needs you.

Hang in there, Mr. President. I sent my first check last week, and more will follow.

As far as the MSM is concerned, I suggest you go over their heads, directly to the public. I look forward to your appearance on FOX on Sunday.

Your experience with the reporter is not all that uncommon. And that explains why the newspaper industry is in the tank today.

Just hold your nose and move forward. We're with you.

Thank you for running for President, Senator. Very few men would have decided to make the sacrifice.

You are virtually unassailable on the issues, so the MSM has decided to attack you and your family personally, which is regrettable. As you explained so perfectly, you left very well paying jobs to campaign. Perhaps those journalists and pundits should keep that in mind before they attack you. Other candidates are still accepting money for speeches. Instead of being with your wife, your two young children and your grandchildren, you have been on a bus in Iowa, truding through ice and snow, for weeks. I have two young children about the same age so I know what you are experiencing.

I am confident that you are going to win. Regardless of the outcome - you are a patriot.

God bless you and your family.

they still can't realize the change in media, a change that doesn't allow them the tripe and distortions that are intrinsic to their "craft", to borrow from Dan Rather.

Caught in a brain dead time warp they are living in the 80's, believing a few lies are best for us cattle. They keep getting caught, they keep doing it.

Stick to your guns Senator Thompson.

"a man's admiration for absolute government is proportinate to the contempt he feels for those around him". Tocqueville

I remember my father, who served as councilman for over 30 years, turning to me one day years ago and saying, "Don't ever call me a politician."

I understand well where Senator Fred Thompson is coming from. He understands America's exceptionalism and how our Founding Fathers worked to create one of the greatest, most comprehensive documents in all history - the Constitution of the United States of America.

He sees us deviating from the premises set forth in the Constitution and wants to get us back on track in a way that will maintain those premises in an increasingly connected world.

He doesn't care for the increased pettiness surrounding the election process. Who can blame him for that? If the deliberately dishonest media, which now includes the blogosphere, was not part of that problem, this discussion would not even be taking place. We are not choosing the next American Idol. We are choosing the new leader of the free world. Let's behave like we are intelligent enough to understand what that position entails.

Senator Thompson is honest, authoritative, and a true intellectual with the ability to lead America forward without deviating from the ideals that have made us so successful and so respected. The leftist promulgation of the idea that we are not respected or that we are to blame somehow for the problems of other parts of the world is false and is designed to create a sense of guilt to feed the power of socialists who could not exist without creating an unhealthy victim mentality.

Some of our current candidates seem to be either changing their prior opinions for campaign purposes or taking a class in International Affairs 101 while on the campaign trail. If voters ignore lack of experience and inauthenticity when electing the next President, we do so at our own risk and at the risk of free societies everywhere.

If the new media wants to be considered credible, then the discourse within it must be honest and held to a higher standard of decency than it currently maintains.

I may be a liberal Democrat who strongly opposes just about every political position Fred has ever articulated since Watergate, but this sort of intellectual honesty is refreshing. Would that it would inspire the others to do likewise! Well done, sir.

I've been noticing a distinct pattern to these MSM hit pieces, which indicates to me that they fear you.

Just as they'll build up non-conservatives like Huckabee or McCain, they seem more worried about you than your poll standings would seem to justify. Unfortunately for you, I think your present poll standings are the result of their efforts to paint you as lazy, which they began right after their attacks on your late entry. (They used this exact same laziness attack on another consistent conservative, who turned out to have been quite a successful president, and to whom you've sometimes been compared as well.)

Keep up the good work, and good luck in Iowa!

Go Fred Go. We need more citizens who are not blinded by insatiable personal ambition serving the country. Maybe bring back an old tradition that has fallen out of practice.


It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

Envisioning when all that is Left is the Right.

I’m only consumed by very, very few things. Politics is not one of them. The welfare of our country and our kids and grandkids is one of them.

And this right here explains why I will support you to the very end, at least financially as I doubt my state of NJ will go GOP no matter who the candidate.

Thank you Senator, and keep it going! The country really needs you in this critical time. We just can't afford a self-aggrandizing, power-hungry, "been thinking about this since junior high school" candidates we have running, in both parties.


"When men fear work or fear righteous war, when women fear motherhood, they tremble on the brink of doom; and well it is that they should vanish from the earth." - Teddy Roosevelt

It is absolutely vital that we run against media deception. I hope Senator Thompson and the other Republicans continue to expose those who believe themselves gatekeepers. The American people can make up their own minds. We do not need the facts filtered by "professional" journalists. Red State and other new media do not reach enough people to break the gatekeepers desire to present the news with their own spin. We need the candidates to go after lies, distortions and propaganda.

The Constitution does not give the New York Times the power to select a President. It is time we took that power back.

Senator Thompson has released a video message to the people of Iowa about why he should be Commander-in-Chief. The link is below.

. . . for president as thoroughly as you seem to do, how can we be sure you won't loathe being president?

When you are president you are subject to unending, withering criticism that makes campaigning for president look mild. Terrible, bad things like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina have a habit of popping up routinely and demanding 20 hour workdays and seven day work weeks. You get little or no thanks no matter what decision you make.

You are apt to be completely miserable as president. I believe you've said as much, at least indirectly. When you're miserable and detest a job, it's hard to provide your best effort. That's just a fact of life. It's also bad on your health--emotionally, mentally, spiritually, in all ways. Four years of misery will age you 10 years. Eight years might take away two decades of life.

I don't think we're often well served by men who have lusted after the job their entire lives (e.g., Bill Clinton). On the other hand, an optimistic and cheerful attitude is a great plus in performing a job with such terrible burdens. President Bush has persevered for seven years despite an onslaught of vicious criticism and unrelenting second-guessing that no other president in my 50+ years of life has had to face. He's coped in large part because he has a naturally optimistic attitude. I don't detect that same quality in your personality.

I believe you're an eminently decent man and a sound conservative (apart from McCain-Feingold) and I would ecstatically welcome your presidency BUT FOR my reservations as outlined above. Still, if you are the nominee, I will support your campaign to the limit financially and in other ways.

You're saying that because Fred despises the dog and pony side show that is the modern presidential race, it logically follows that he'll make a bad president.

Now, there's a stretch.

the job candidate with the solid resume, who has proven to be loyal employee in the past, and who is more that ready and capable of doing the job, and will accept the assignment if offered, but this candidate dislikes the interviewing process -- or the job candidates with the spotty resumes, who have experience doing some tasks but not others, have not always been the most loyal of employees, and have been known to exercise questionable judgement in the past -- but each one of these is jumping up and down screaming "pick me, pick me"

Who do you hire for the assignment?

Fred Thompson is the only choice.

...not last too long around here with such a lack of respect for a POTUS candidate. A one-day wonder should tread a bit more lightly.

The Unofficial RedState FAQ
“You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say. ” - Martin Luther

The difference we see is that between wanting the power & glory, & being called to serve for the good of the country based on policy & issues.

Historically, one of the most successful presidents we've had was Polk, who had 4 things to do, did it in one term. I'm not saying, if elected, Fred would be a one-termer - I am saying he is running for the right reasons. He is also incredibly right on the issues & has the strongest policy base from which to run & do the job of president.

Fred has young children & grandchildren. I have my first grandchild, & that changes one's perspective regarding the future. I want a future for my child & grandchild of positive possibility to succeed. Fred wants that for his children & grandchildren.

is another example of knowing what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and where to say it. The crunch time starts now, and closing arguments are in process.

I'm with Fred, counsel for the defense (of America).
Redneck Hippie

looking forward to Iowa, too!

Stare decisis is fo' suckas -- Feddie

Fred Thompson is so different from all the other suits out there. It is completely refreshing to hear someone talk about the real stuff, not the politics of the moment stuff.

Just listened to his 18 minute speech to Iowa with my husband, and my verdict? No bullshit.


This man is the only presidential candidate I have ever supported financially.

I believe America and Americans need Fred Thompson as president. He's the man.

Most importantly, thank you for posting here. You make a strong and very refreshing argument against those whose primary ambition in life is to be President. I agree with most, if not all, of what you said.

Here's the problem, though. We live in the media age. The media has injured our culture in several ways, including hurting the prospects of a candidate like you. In the what I consider unlikely event that you secure the nomination, I am extremely concerned that several more months of stories about how lazy you supposedly are will contribute to the election of one Hillary Rodham Clinton in November. Whether those stories are true is irrelevant. They are there.

Ten months is a long time to endure negative story after negative story. Things like the Bhutto assassination will come along and the late night comedians will constantly crack jokes about you sleeping through national security briefings. The blind ambition of Illinois' third Senator will, at the very least, show her to be energetic and anxious to deal with the world's problems, even if her real ambition ends on election night.

Sadly, I no longer think that it is possible to campaign your way and win. I consider that a sad reality but a reality nonetheless. Instead, I think we need to find candidates with more ambition than you seem to have yet hopefully not so consumed with becoming President that they forget all the things they said to do so once in office.

If you get the nomination, I'll gladly support you. Unfortunately, though, I think the days in which someone could campaign your way and win are in the past.

...the republic is truly lost...

Having an educated electorate give way to an American Idol type popularity contest will lead us to disaster!

What a shame!!!

Founder and contributor to The Minority Report and Editor for The Hinzsight Report

Where? Who? You've been spending too much time on RedState with those who are up on current affairs. I'd venture to say that at least a third of voters couldn't name their own Congressmen, and at least a fifth couldn't name the Vice President. You give people way too much credit.

I just realized, upon reading that post, that I don't know who my Congressman is. I've always considered myself a politically-savvy news junkie. If I don't even know who my Congressman is.... ouch.

In my defense, I just moved to North of Dallas about a year ago, having been at Biola University (Linda Sanchez' district) for 4 years, and hailing from Randy "Duke" Cunningham's district for the 18 years prior. Turns out I live in the TX 26th, and my Congressman is Michael Burgess.

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... I'll bet you, those same people know who they're voting for in the Presidential race and why!

And an educated electorate doesn't necessarily mean higher education but basic education reducing even the small amount of education the electorate has now to looks and sound bits will damage us beyond repair. imo

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Many of those same people know that they're voting for the Democrat or Republican nominee because they happen to be the nominee of their respective party. I'd go so far as to say that even those who are more educated are less discriminating than most of us here and make no distinctions among the field of candidates currently being considered by their respective party.

As to voter education being dumbed down, that happened in 1992, at the absolute latest. That year, a candidate was elected on "change" without the vast majority of voters having the slightest idea what types of changes he meant.

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