Hillary! To Cure Aids With Love

Well, not really, but the double intendre oozes

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I almost let THIS go by the board, but I couldn't help myself...it's a disease you know, and I am seeking a support group.

Money and government alone cannot solve the problems, she said. AIDS "is a problem of our common humanity, and we are called to respond with love, with mercy and with urgency," she said.

Well, 'pieces' of this are true enough [the money and Government parts], but really..."love?" And, to sling biblical references around (well, ok-she WAS at a church) and suggest that she'd "been raised to understand the power and purpose of prayer" while quickly contradicting her message by rattling off how much MORE money her Government would spend just got me to giggling...which is it babycakes? Prayer, love, or greenbacks? Inquiring minds really DO want to know.

I was reminded of an old Sam Kinnison act where he suggested the answer to hunger in Africa was NOT to send them food, but to send them U-Hauls so they could...I don't know...MOVE to where the food was?

Anyway, it continued:

More below the fold...

Earlier this week Clinton released her proposal to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, which focuses in part on fighting the spread of the illness in minority communities. As president, she would double the HIV/AIDS research budget at the National Institutes of Health — to $5.2 billion annually — and spend at least $50 billion within five years around the globe.

On Thursday, speaking to about 1,700 conference attendees, she said as president she would also call for spending $1 billion a year to address malaria infection in Africa. She set a goal of eradicating malaria deaths in Africa by the end of her second term.

Now, I don't want to come off as insensitive here, but really-what will $1 billion do exactly? Should we consider, as Limbaugh and others have suggested, sending them a couple million barrels of DDT instead? Nah, can't do that!!! My God people, it causes cancer in rats donthca know.

In all seriousness, I have a great deal of respect for the work of "I Will Africa" and malaria truly IS a 'fixable' problem, but Hillary and big chunks of beaureaucratic cash is NOT the answer-it has failed every time it's been tried. Just remember all she has accomplished for children's health issues in her extensive and illustrious career...absolutely nothing.

Sadly, while the I Will Africa folks are beaming over this remark from Hillary:

Our Favorite quote from the Senator's speech is when she said that it is appalling "that one million people die every year from a bug bite, and nearly all of them are children."

the children are still dying.

And Hillary continues to ooze contradiction and faux concern for a problem she really doesn't understand NOR give a flip about...unless she thinks it might score her some points.

And the children are still dying...

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I wish for once a politician would focus on a large slant in where medical funding from our country goes.

With Shillary's plan we will be spending the same amount on HIV/AIDs as we are on cancer.
Now based on the only numbers I can find there were roughly 1,185,000 HIV cases in 2005, with the death number standing at 17,011. Now compare that with cancer new cancer numbers each yeah @1,2M and Just cancer DEATHS estimate in 2007, 559,650, Half the number of all people with AIDs will die alone this year from cancer.

I know cancer isn't as sexy of a cause for these putz's to promote, and they can't make their bleeding heart "We're gonna help Africa with this problem" speech, but I wish these people would do a price comparison to amount spent per person and then the cause of their problem.

SO on the numbers $8,666 would be spent per death for cancer and $305,684 would be spent per AIDs death,(not including the 10s of billions in foreign aid)

While it shouldn't matter how someone contracted their case you can estimate at-least 95% got their case from unprotected sex or shared needle use. For cancer if you factor in every type of cancer with a direct effect from smoking its roughly 44%. So 1 is much more preventable yet we throw ass loads of money at it.

Though this is me going on a tangent I just for once would like to see a strong political figure make cancer a bigger priority over AIDs. There are more people affected by it because of no fault of their own, babies, children, teenagers having to go through a disease where the cure is sometimes just as harmful as the disease itself.

haystack's 12th:
Conservatives (and Presidential Candidates especially) shall offer no aid and comfort to the opposition in times of legislative conflict (and ensuing political campaigns).

(with apologies to a certain famous witch) If Hillary can get AIDS funding jacked up, then she can come back and demand out of fairness we bump the cancer funding up to 100x what the AIDS funding is. Voila!

Notice she says: "I've been raised to understand the power and purpose of prayer." Not, for example, "I believe in the power and purpose of prayer."

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