I Did What? Wow!

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Folks, if you're interested, I went on CQ Radio earlier today and talked about all the interesting things I've learned about myself from the Democrats. I've put up the audio clip below.

or listen here:

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Keep up the good work, and the good humor.

...Senator. I know you are getting busy, but please stop by as often as you can, you have a lot of supporters here!

Managing Editor

I'd like a job in the West Wing. Let me know when you're hiring, Mr. President.

and say that the Democrats and the MSM is very afraid of a Fred Thompson Presidential run, oh how sweet it is:)

Fred will be a success. Why? He fights back, even in an intelligent way. Way to go!

Bush should have learned a big lesson early on that taking the "high road" with the drive-by media will hurt you, not help. You must call out the morons and take them to task. The only two that have demonstrated this is Fred and Rudy.

Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you. Washington Elected Elite

Fred, when you enter officially there is going to be the greatest political tsnanmi ever witnessed. The American people are starving for a principled, conservative leader whose feet are solidly planted. You are THE MAN !!!

"Fred, when you enter officially there is going to be the greatest political tsnanmi ever witnessed."

Will someone please explain this logic to me? Is there anyone out there who isn't sure he will run? Are there really thousand's of people thinking "I'd love to support Fred, but I'm not sure if he's going to run! I'll save my support for after he decides!"

I predict his numbers will have a short term pop when he announces and then he will fade away. Everyone who knows him as an actor is already supporting him and everyone else who will be introduced to him for the first time is not going to be impressed...

I'm sure you have good reason to believe that, too, beyond a "feeling."

Donate to Fred Thompson's Campaign right here...you know you want to!

I have a "feeling" about what? That he won't be well received" Uhm, yes, it's my opinion. I thought he was horrible on Leno. I started watching his Q and A in London and couldn't watch more than a minute, it was absolutely pathetic. He is a great writer, but what I've seen of him in person is not impressive. He may do when with old southerners, but I think people in most parts of the country are going to be wondering what all the fuss is about over the slow, mumbling southerner who's never lead anything before.

Fred, you are a good man, but if you think that you can win a nomination but blogging to political junkies like us, you may be disappointed. You need to declare and hustle on the ground! Show me some fire in the belly!

You need to declare and hustle on the ground!

He has been traveling and speaking nearly every day since he formed his exploratory committee. In fact, if you listened to his podcast, he expressly says he took time out from his traveling to post here.

If you are of another candidate, that is great, please don't criticize another on this site, we do far too much of that. Let the lefties call the names and point out faults, they are far better at it then we are anyway!

Managing Editor

I, and many others here, are interested in everything you have to say. We are junkies after all. Thanks for stopping by.

And, as I said earlier, you had me at hello.

I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful 100 percent.

within 20 points comment, very funny Senator, had me laughing pretty good

Wit and humor are the best rebuttal - it makes you appear good natured and your opponents look classless and dull (which in this case they are).

Also, it sure beats having your wife call in to TV show to sandbag your detractor.

Maybe you'll even bring Maryland around.

I'm not a great fan of Thompson, but that was funny at the end of the clip. I have to find out more about the guy. I hope he has a great personality.

btw, is Romney more like Reagan...or Thompson? What I mean is, who could match the gipper the best?

If Thompson has more of that humor, I would like to see him as Prez. I'll see what he's like in the coming weeks and months. We need a president w/ a good sense of humor.


But I have a good feeling about Thompson/Romney and 16 years.

"Grant what Thou commandest, and command what Thou dost desire." -Augustine

take it to the Dems and the MSM never cowtow to them they are like wolves when you show fear they attack. Senator McCain has learned that lesson well, heck last year the MSM and Dems loved his "maverick" ways, this year since he is running against them he is no longer a good guy. The MSM and the Dem's are interchangeable please treat them as such. My family is waiting to hear more from you on AMNESTY and lower taxes and smaller government other than that we are pretty open. Good Luck on your Presidential run.

Fred himself might have said.....

"Twenty points Democrats. You might want to think about that."

Fred will both with the Republican nomination and solidy trounce the democratic.

In terms of this "fire in the belly" issue, I do think that fire in the belly is important, but being a declared candidate at this point is not a good litmus test for "fire in the belly."

Our Presidential campaigns are orders of magnitude longer than anything else in the Western world. The idea that Fred Thompson needs to make mind numbing trips back and forth to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and other places in the summer of 2007 is herd-like thinking. I remember listening to local radio in 2004 making fun of President Bush's trips to Michigan---he visited several times, stayed for only a couple of hours, and caused massive traffic jams. As one relatively neutral radio personality pointed out, why not stay longer, say what you have to say, and don't make repeated trips? It is kind of non-sensical when you think of it. The point of such daily mindnumbing travel was to get local news coverage. How many people watch local news anymore?

Everyone besides us junkies are going to be sick and tired of this campaign way before November 2008.

Great last line! Way to leave 'em laughing. Work on cutting down on saying "uh." For special effect, replace it with a strategically placed "Well...." before a sentence to sound like the Gipper. :-) Hope to see you in Charleston, SC soon, Senator!!

Click here to join the effort to elect Fred Thompson!

I like Fred, and I also think
Jeff Sessions should be drafted to run....
Elizabeth Dole should be the first female
VP...She is staunch...One of the top
10 conservatives in the Senate.
Repubicans win easily in 08, if we
can survive another year & 1/2 of the
present administration...

After her dismal performance as head of the NRSC, she might need to just stick to being a back-bench senator from North Carolina. She did run on privatizing social security and has been very savvy in fighting this immigration bill, however. Maybe she needs another chance, but we'll see. We can leave that up to Fred.

Wow...she must be ancient. LOL. I guess that she is still around should answer some questions about how many good years Fred has left in him at his age. :-)

keep the posts coming!

“Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15.”
-Ronald Reagan

Not much of that from the "R's" these days. It's refreshing.

Just I I think Rudy brings an air of competence that the current president lacks, Fred seems to have the "hold on there a sec, pardner" schtick down to combat the boatload of BS he'll have to face.

Again, with apologies to others here who are doing the hard work for other candidates, Rudy vs. Fred in the primary season could not be ignored...

We would also like to know your advice for somebody like my daughter, who's going to graduate in two years, advice that you would give a young person.

SEC. RUMSFELD: Advice for a young person. Study history.

They're gearing up for you because they can see what a threat you pose. Anyone who can excite us conservatives also inherits the Derangement Syndrome crown, so we now have FDS. Those here who do not have curiosity and approach you with an open mind IMO have already thrown in with Republican candidates you threaten. Sure looks like a good time is coming! Please keep responding to ALL this stuff, especially from the nutjobs on the left and in the Drive-Bys. Get in their face!

Go Fred!!

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

It was good to hear Fred Thomson, it means he's paying attention to what is going on here and I'd like to see more of it. I've found that Redstate is multi-state where opinions from across the country can be enjoyed by everyone from everyone. I've learned a lot since I signed up here and I'm hoping that Fred and his staff see this as a powerful tool that should be used as often as possible, i.e. posting as often as possible. Let Redstate help win Fred the nomination. At this point all we have is a bunch of hopefuls gathering support that will get the win in their respective parties. You've got to have a strong base to win before the actual run even starts. What better place for a national forum then here?

Personally I'd like to see Fred team up with Sen. DeMint. DeMint seems to be like Fred, a straight talker. Having a woman or black ( I hate the phrase African-American. I have to be classed as Caucasion and not Irish-American. We are all Americans, nuff said!) seems to be the current fashion but we need to consider what is best for America, not what is fashionable.

Fred Thomson seems to be the one to beat, the sleeper but I agree, he needs to declare!

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