If Fred Wants to Win, He Needs to Put the Band Back Together


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Fred Thompson was once the guy who would keep the coalition together. He was the guy who would excite the base. He was the guy who could save us.

And for a while he did. He got people excited who thought that they all suck. He earned the endorsements of major pro-life organizations and his tax plan was praised by conservatives everywhere. Continuously, in debate after debate, it is Fred Thompson that the fact check groups say is doing well. In fact, I'm watching the Iowa debate right now and Fred is doing great.

But, let's be honest. The Fred campaign fizzled. They're on life support making a last stand in Iowa.

And yet . . . the campaign still has a pulse. The pulse remains because all of us got a taste of what a Fred Thompson candidacy could mean. Remember the Michael Moore video? Remember the initial online reach out? Remember how much excitement there was?

Despite what you read in the paper in some sort of hagiographic profile of Ken Rietz (I still have no clue who the dude is), there were two guys who made the Thompson campaign generate the excitement. Those guys were Mark Corallo and Ed McFadden.

Read on . . .

You might not have heard of them. You probably haven't. They didn't get fluffy profiles in the Washington Post. But they did get Fred Thompson lots of positive attention. They are the guys who made Fred Thompson the candidate we wanted to embrace. When they were shoved aside, Fred went down hill.

Randy Enwright and the McLaughlin Brothers? They're two of the best, most productive assets in the Thompson campaign. Corallo and McFadden brought these guys to the table. The Michael Moore video response? Corallo and McFadden. The new media reach out effort that generated the initial buzz? Corallo and McFadden.

It's time for the Thompson campaign to show the nation it is alive and wants to win. It's got the pulse. Now it needs the blood pressure. It's time for the Thompson campaign to bring back Corallo and McFadden.

In the remaining weeks before January 3rd, it's going to be very difficult to get media buzz, despite Fred's best efforts. He's competing against Santa Claus and all the other candidates. But announcing he will bring back Corallo and McFadden -- that he was putting the band back together -- would get Fred lots of media attention. It would send a strong signal that he actually wanted to win. If Ronald Reagan can fire John Sears, Fred Thompson can bring back Corallo and McFadden.

Then, of course, he'd actually have to listen to them.

Fred, it's time to bring back Mark and Ed. If you really want to win, you need them and you need them now. Only a shakeup coupled with renewed passion will get you the positive attention you need.

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I've wondered for a while why he insists on running a hybrid of Bob Dole's 1996 campaign and Steve Forbes's 2000 campaign. I know who occupies my bottom two slots, but I'd like to see some clarity among the top three.

We are all heroes, you and Boo and I. Hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!

A double whammy.

You just wrote him off too soon :-)

Or so I hope the polls will be telling me soon.

after what they dealt with in terms of being micromanaged and interfered with?

Any word if they're still available or if they've signed up with someone else?

is whether bringing them back would be more disruptive than helpful at this stage ... But this WOULD certainly inject some serious buzz back into the campaign ...

Regardless, I think Fred can still win this -- and unite the party like no one else can. After all, if a candidate like Kerry could do it last time around, someone as forceful and principled as Sen. Thompson certainly has a chance.

Fred doesn't have the personality to make up this kind of ground in such a short period of time.

Does Fred have access to enough cash to stay in after a fourth place finish in Iowa and a third or fourth place finish in New Hampshire?

I would put real money against that proposition

Depending if Romney or Huckabee plummet. NH doesn't matter and then he goes and wins SC.

Fred Thompson is an enigma; his campaign was over before it started when he refused to get off his duff and get into the campaign in the summer, instead waiting until September. I sensed no excitement or enthusiasm from him about taking this challenge on and running an aggressive campaign. It seemed to me that it was "take it, or leave it" exercise for him. If you can't demonstrate you want the job, people turn you off; and that is, in a nutshell, the post script of the Thompson campaign. He didn't make the sale. He had his initial burst of interest when he decided to get into it, but he's done nothing to excite the base and the polls are showing it. So he can debate all he wants, but in the end, he's going back to TV, and that's all she wrote.

pols and polls and pundits had Fred losing by over 20 points to Cooper in '94 for Al Gore's seat. Fred won it by over 20 points. He won it by even a bigger margin the second time he ran. Expect the unexpected wins with a Fred Thompson campaign. When Fred runs for something he wins. Most of the other top tier candidates running can't say that.

Now there's no more oak oppression,
For they passed a noble law,
And the trees are all kept equal
By hatchet, axe, and saw.

If not, this party might very well be doomed to either a soulless power hungry individual or someone who is a moderate.

I will vote for the honest moderate before the soulless "conservative" any day of the week.

is show that clip that Jeff Emanuel has over in RedHot on TV in Iowa and South Carolina a few thousand times and he wins.

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." ~Professor Dumbledore

I'm not playing on a sports team with several of you. Get behind in the game and WHAMMO! Throw in the towel and head for the showers. Just when the team needs your best efforts you ditch. Brett Farve nor Tony Romo are thee.

However, you might be right that Fred doesn't win the nomination. But, if he does, there's going to be a lot of crow to eat.

With Fred till it's over.

mhgoldwing1 says .......I'm glad that I'm not playing on a sports team with several of you. Get behind in the game and WHAMMO! Throw in the towel and head for the showers. Just when the team needs your best efforts you ditch. Brett Farve nor Tony Romo are thee.

However, you might be right that Fred doesn't win the nomination. But, if he does, there's going to be a lot of crow to eat.

With Fred till it's over.

my feelings exactly. Very surprised by the defeatists attitudes here.

Fred could also blame the Fredheads who are obsessed with berating Romney and turned a blind eye towards Huckabee. I marveled when Fredheads declared Huckabee's ascent a blow to Romney. Huckabee is not a viable national candidate, but he is strong enough to crack Fred's Southern strategy and steal Fred's thunder in South Carolina and Florida. Romney's organization was already entrenched. He will do great in NH and MI and very well in IA and SC. Fredheads dropped the ball when they let the Huckabee and McCain campaigns, which were on life support, to grow unabated.

I wish FDT had shown this fire earlier. I think he would have if he had entered in May like most of us expected. Even though I probably would have always had Romney #1, at that point in the year I was hoping for a Fred/Mitt ticket giving Mitt the opportunity to establish his conservative bonafides.

At this point I think he missed the boat. Unless Huckabee makes an incredible gaffe Thompson's best chance is to crack 20% in Iowa. His long shot scenario would be Huck wins Iowa but Fred overperforms. McCain wins NH but doesn't have the funds to continue. Romney sputters after disappointing in the first two states. Thompson overperforms in at least one other state and then squeaks out a victory in SC.

Not a single vote has been cast and its too late?

Wow ...

Definitely not too late, NRL has the grassroots to organize, all they need is for their supporters to get off huck and on Fred, and I think we have a race.

I'm always amazed at the numbers of politicians that decide to throw their hat into the Presidential ring considering the time, effort, money and ungodly intrusion into your personal life that is demanded. But, that's the nature of the beast. Having said that, if one decides to do it, like the Giuliannis, Romneys, McCains and Thompsons, I would think you would, at the very least, have an understanding of what will be required of you and your organization in order to win. This is where I feel Thompson went off the track; he never gave me the impression he was in it to win it. If you're not able to do that, then don't waste your time. It seems rather straight forward to me, and from what I'm reading and hearing back here in Massachusetts, the message should be pretty clear to Fred by now.

you haven't seen Sen. Thompson campaigning in person. If you had, I don't think you'd be parroting some of the mindless drive-bys ... He's definitely in this to win it.

Excuse me, I don't need to see him in person. I have seen enough of him on TV and he barely registers on the excitement scale. If he's "so good" what's missing here that's keeping him in single digits? He waited way too long to get into it, he created a perception of not being serious, he's hardly grabbed anyone's attention, and he's now floundering in the bottom of the pack. If anyone should have been able to pull off a "Huckabee" it's him, yet there he sits in the bottom of the pack. At some point the also rans are going to have to give it up; so give me one good reason anyone should think that Thompson's campaign isn't done.

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