If Gregoire Were a Republican, This Would Be Front Page, Above the Fold in the New York Times

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ImageTwenty-three of our United States have entered into agreements with Indian tribes to allow casino gambling. Of those twenty-three, twenty-two collect millions of dollars as part of revenue sharing agreements.

What about the twenty-third state? Well, that would be Washington State and we're coming to learn that it is more and more likely Washington collects no money from Indian gambling operations because Governor Christine Gregoire decided she'd rather get campaign contributions.

Washington State Republicans and some Democrats are demanding an investigation into Governor Gregoire's handling of revenue sharing agreements with Washington State Indian tribes.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports

Gov. Chris Gregoire is benefiting from more than $650,000 in campaign contributions from Indian tribes that hit the jackpot in 2005 when she killed a gambling compact potentially worth more than $140 million a year to the state.

Unlike 22 other states that collect millions from revenue sharing agreements for tribal gambling, Washington gets no money from tribal casinos under the compact that Gregoire renegotiated with the Spokane Tribe.

The newspaper quotes Senator Ken Jacobsen, a Seattle Democrat, making a good point for a Democrat: "Why would you give someone a monopoly without taking a cut?"

And that is exactly it. In 2005, Washington intended to enter into agreements with the tribes that would have expanded tribal gambling operations and given Washington a cut of the money. But, before the legislature approved it, Governor Gregoire insisted the deal be renegotiated. Her staff was directly involved in the negotiations and they negotiated the state out of millions of dollars.

Gregoire, in what seems to clearly be a quid pro quo arrangement, received $650,000.00 in campaign contributions. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports, "The bulk of the tribal campaign contributions came from tribes that opposed the 2005 agreement Gregoire killed."

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That's why we have Governor Granholm in Michigan. Got to keep them abortions legal first and foremost!

screwing the people for campaign contributions....YEP...nothing new here just move along ;-)

Freedom of Religion NOT Freedom from Religion

Way back when she was state attorney general, I heard rumblings from people in her office that cases were getting brought or settled based on 1) what would make Gregoire look good, no matter how bogus the case (pretty typical, but wrong) and 2) perhaps based on who the target was and their political affiliation (very, very, very wrong).

She should not be governor.

there is two America's

If they can't manufacture enough votes in King County, she can get help from one or two of the reservations.
Obama's guiding principle: "I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks."

Lets hope this issue brings Dems and Repubs together. Then after kicking out and jailing Gredoire they should jail any tribal leaders who were in on this scam and then recollect all lost money + intrest.

Voting for the Sexy(Pres) - Sexy(VP) Dream Ticket
Jindal/Palin 2012

I'm so glad to be leaving this socialist state. 30 days and counting...

it sucks if you wash your own dishes it seems....
Obama's guiding principle: "I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks."

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