Ironic: Hillary Criticizes McCain on Iraq From America, McCain With our Troops in Iraq

The political diva might want to stop over sometime soon.

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From the ground in Iraq on his eighth trip there, Sen. John McCain's campaign was able to respond to Hillary Clinton’s criticism of him earlier this morning in her speech on America’s presence in Iraq.

Clinton, speaking from the comfort and safety of American soil, has been to Iraq only twice. Her Democratic opponent Barack Obama has visited only once. Amidst a poll released today showing the positive changes Iraqis see overall, Clinton once again denounced the foundational agenda America serves in Iraq.

Playing off of McCain’s badly misused quote, she said, “"Withdrawal is not defeat. Defeat is keeping troops in Iraq for 100 years." Ignoring the progress of the surge and scaling back of troops, Clinton failed to mention the positive polls or applaud the progress our troops have made.

McCain’s campaign had this to say:

"At a time when Senator Clinton knows that American and allied forces are making real progress in Iraq, it is unfortunate that she would look to score political points by mischaracterizing Senator McCain's statement with intellectually dishonest attacks. The differences between Senator McCain's position, that we must win this war, and Senator Clinton's position, withdrawal and de facto surrender on day one, are important enough to have an honest debate over. It would be the height of irresponsibility to stick with campaign promises to the left-wing of the Democratic Party and proceed with withdrawal regardless of what the situation is on the ground in Iraq in January 2009. The point that Senator McCain was making was one about American troop presence versus American combat presence. He was speaking of a post-war scenario, not a hundred year war, when he suggested that the American people could support maintaining a military presence in Iraq should the Iraqi and U.S. governments determine it to be in their mutual interest, just as the U.S. and German, Japanese, and South Korean governments did after conflicts. One would suspect Senator Clinton is aware that American troops have been present peacefully in Germany and Japan for more than six decades. The American people deserve more than blatant mischaracterizations, and we invite Senator Clinton to participate with us in an honest debate."

Also in Iraq today is Vice President Dick Cheney. I’m curious what stats would surface if I documented how many times Democrat leaders have been to Iraq versus Republican leaders. I’m guessing the numbers would be vastly different. Maybe that's why Republicans are more inclined to highlight the good things that have been accomplished. Clinton is all politics. McCain is the real thing and he proves it by putting his boots on the ground.

UPDATE: Also this:
A new Rasmussen Reports survey shows Republican John McCain leading Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in Florida.
Just thought you might like to know...

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I am going to really start liking him.

BTW, Obama has been to Iraq how many times? Bueller, Bueller,...

made me want to come over and post this question:
"Since Glenn and Mary seemed to be trashing Senator McCain
for his trip to Iraq, will you now come after them as you have me?"

McCain obviously beleives what he said:

we invite Senator Clinton to participate with us in an honest debate

No one would extend this invitation who wasn't willing to wait 100 years.
"You can't save the Earth unless you're willing to make other people sacrifice" - Scott Adams (speaking through Dogbert)

something about how she wants to "end the war in Iraq and win the war in Afghanistan." That sounds kind of like "No to recall, yes to Bustamante," to me.

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