John McCain is sorry that you don't like his teeth, Molly Priesmeyer. [UPDATED]

Unfortunately, he's had a history of problems with them.

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[UPDATE: The author has since indicated that she was unaware of the nature of John McCain's torture; she was merely mocking the man's appearance on general principles. The resulting apology is somewhere between a sorry-you-were-offended and an actual apology - which, depressingly, is better than usual.]

I'll link to the article, but there's no semantic content past the title ("The dental gap: Does John McCain have presidential teeth?"). As Ed Morrissey notes, McCain's had dental problems... ever since North Vietnamese torturers smashed his teeth out of his mouth. See here and here for details.

Now, the Minnesota Monitor is an arm of Soros-funded The Center for Independent Media (as Ed noted a while back), and the number of the latter is 202.387.3669 . I fully expect them to be able to brazenly justify funding a media organization that mocks torture victims, but it never hurts to check.

(By the way: I had originally seen this story last night, but had decided against putting this post up. And then I found out that Priesmeyer is fully aware of the controversy, but has apparently decided to neither correct nor update her commentary.)

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John McCain is sorry that you don't like his teeth, Molly Priesmeyer. [UPDATED] 15 Comments (0 topical, 15 editorial, 0 hidden) Post a comment »

if I said this woman is just another stupid, liberal beyotch?
Geez, the levels the dems are stooping to. And it is only March.
Yes, let's please have a discussion about John McCain's teeth and remind America, yet again, all that he endured on behalf of his nation.

I hope they keep it up. Maybe they could mock the funny way his arm moves because it didn't heal correctly because the NV's never set it from breaking when the plane crashed (he had to have it re-broken and healed when he got back to the states years later).

Heck, why don't they mock him for going bald too? I'd take a bigger % of the bald vote.

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Yes, there's the trauma, but also the malnourishment aspect of the captivity. Don't imagine the diet was rich in calcium.
Did George Washington have any teeth? I thought I read that he actually had hippo teeth.
John really needs makeover, some lifts, nylons, make-up, botox, tummy and bummy tucks...oh wait a second, he's not Robert Redford. He wants to be President. While I don't agree with him on some issues, I admire his gumption and his service to the country. Cosmetic issues are irrelevant.
If appearances are the measure, he wins the beauty contest of the three remaining hands down in my book. I don't think he maintains his fitness by chain smoking and I am sure he buys his jacket and slacks in the same section.

because he can't raise his arms higher than his shoulders, another consequence of his abuse as a POW. that we know Barack only reaches across the aisle that divides the left from the far left, that his vision of unity includes a hate-filled racist, and that his fight against special interests didn't include fighting a guy named Rezko, those smarter-than-you lefties need some reason to stand by their man . . . pretty teeth is plenty deep to keep the base excited.

While McCain was enduring the atrocities of the Hanoi Hilton, Molly Priesmeyer was apparently bravely enduring her own tribulations in a dentist's chair, Obama was playing twister with the Weathermen, and Hillary was making up stories about how she almost enlisted in the Marines.

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Anyone got a mirror?

Funny they still see it as a joke, albeit a lousy one now.

UPDATE: McCain's teeth--an apology.

To answer the question from GOP blogger Michael Brodkorb that kicked off the controversy about this post yesterday: No, neither Molly Priesmeyer nor I was aware that McCain had had his teeth broken as a North Vietnamese prisoner of war. No, we would not have piled on with further aspersions on the appearance of his teeth if we had known.

The item was not intended to make a serious point of any sort, as we thought the headline suggested right off the bat ("The dental gap: Does McCain have presidential teeth?"). It was a bit of web ephemera that we found funny mainly for its absurdity--sort of like the videos we've posted from Obama Girl, the McCain Girls, and La Pequena, and items we've written about phenomena such as social media sites obsessed with Barack Obama. The POW backstory turns a joke noted in passing into a lousy joke. And we're sorry for that.

We're also sorry that this dust-up has inadvertently provided yet another sideshow in which genuinely important questions about the candidate and his campaign are circumvented. There's far too much of that going around.

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Anyone got a mirror?

They posted an update apologizing for a "lousy joke" as a result of now knowing that McCain's teeth were kicked in.

Note to editors: It was a lousy joke before you knew about his treatment in the prison camp.

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The Left loves Che, and Mao, and Uncle Joe, and Ho Chi Minh, and Fidel...

you know, real people who tortured and murdered real people...

but hates Cheney and Bush and Rummy for making real torturing, murdering, terrorists wear panties on their head...


Another example why America will never elect a woman President.

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Molly = stupid
Women = stupid

Good job showing yourself to be a fool.
I don't even think gamecock would agree (and he is looking for wife #...what is it 4?)

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