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The Incredible Reversible Man

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Senator Obama is Superman. He is the hero of the age. A post-modern poster boy, Obama is post-everything: post-racial, post-partisan, post-pastors, and post-primaries. He is black and white, and he is Muslim and Christian. He is Liberal and Conservative, American and African. He is man and he is woman.

Senator Obama is not merely Superman, though. He is supernormal, as well as paranormal and even extra normal. The halo and chest-"S" imagery embraced by the campaign and their familiars in the media illustrate this in post-religious pop splendor. He is the evolved man. Also Sprach Obama. So say we all.

Such is the myth of the man as it stands today. The primary trials have ended, the ascension has begun.

The veneer of post-perfection is, however, imperfect, and beneath the cape and halo the other Senator Obama is glimpsed. Of late the glimpses have been more frequent and apparent, as the surety of destined enthronement has reduced the trepidation of his inner Hulk. His sainthood is not yet complete, and when still this side of paradise, the enraptured can yet return to rationality through rage.

It has been amply noted at RedState and across the web the ways in which Senator Obama has altered heading in the excellent adventure of his campaign. A further enumeration here would be both tiresome and cumbersome (a simple googling of Obama gaffes and Obama "under the bus" should suffice.) As NRO notes at the link above, even the rare media type is finding it impossible to let some things slip by unremarked.

Still, ground gained is not remotely meeting ground lost. To the tune of celebrity sing-a-longs, change chants, and iterative intonations from the anointed classes, thousands of worshipful continue to believe. Barack Obama remains a pop-culture phenom masterfully manipulating those adoring masses. Pop culture is more than his enabler, it’s his vehicle; pop-culture mentality is his great ally. The thrill-seekers and fulfill-seekers have imbued his campaign with a sneering and pompous religiosity, contemptuous of the bitter motivations of the common man. Upon his shoulders rest the fevered ambitions of the counter-culture relics who funded his political birth. He carries toward the White House the restless longings for a guilt-free, self-indulgent lifestyle of the ambiguous youth rebels of today, unsure of who or what to rebel against. On the blank pages of Obama’s political self are being written the projected desires of a population polluted by identity politics, who dream of a man who will be all things to all people.

Senator Obama has been content, even eager, to allow this mythos to swell up around him, to envelope his campaign. He is, perhaps, drunk on the devotion, seeming to buy into his status as the impervious hero. He is increasingly given to acts of arrogance worthy of an aspiring emperor or developing deity. He is recreating America in his image, one symbol and tradition at a time.

This may yet backfire. Already it is alienating Clinton voters. The rubble from the primary rumble is clearing, and some have started to stir from their stupors and reflect. They have begun to wonder which identity is the real Barack Obama. Which is a face he dons for the crowds? And, too, which is the face they projected onto him?

Senator Obama has been many times unmasked, to little effect. Now as he begins to act without costume, his self-unmasking seems to cause some small reaction. When Superman stands revealed, how many will see Clark Kent and how many will see Lex Luthor?

But then, he still has the media, doesn't he? Conspiring, designing media, whispering seductively in his ear: "we can rebuild you, we have the technology."

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absentee, I think your photo of Obama reminds me less of Spiderman, and more of Two-Face from the Batman comics, with the evil/good sides transposed. had the order right, had you been drawing that distinction. Obama's creepy smile on the right side of the image belies his sinister inner socialist. Come to think of it, Two-Face might be a wholly apt analogy. Half crusading lawyer out to "rid the world of corruption", half megalomaniac bent on enforcing his darker motivations on a disbelieving world. Maybe RedState could enlist Frank Miller to do an update on the Two-Face mythology, starring Obama. I'd empty my pockets for that comic book.

I couldn't find a still image but here you go:

Great blog absentee. Love it.

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