McCain Would Oppose Law of the Sea Treaty

Mounting Republican Opposition

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There’s more encouraging news today about mounting Republican opposition to the Law of the Sea Treaty. Sen. John McCain told bloggers this morning that he would oppose the measure if it came to the Senate floor as it currently exists.

I’d like to make some changes to it. I think that we need a Law of the Sea. I think it’s important, but I have not frankly looked too carefully at the latest situation as it is, but it would be nice if we had some of the provisions in it. But I do worry a lot about American sovereignty aspects of it, so I would probably vote against it in its present form.

I would like to see a treaty as far something to bring order, for example, in a place like the Arctic right now, where thanks to climate change, it’s going to be far more important than it was. You watch the Russians asserting their sovereignty over it, and I’d like to see some order out of that chaos. But I’m just too concerned about the aspect of United States sovereignty being handed over to some international organization.

Yesterday Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson voiced his opposition to LOST.

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Huckabee started the opposition and now other candidates are following.

If he weren't running for president, would he still oppose it? McCain is generally supportive of what the "powers that be" want.

Hopefully, this opposition will keep up and we can drown this treaty once for all.

Now we need to get the other candidates on board as well.

We also need to get them all to adopt Fred Thompson's recent write up for illegal immigration and border control.

Maybe there could be soe real unity within the Republican party beginning to show.

Jim Tomasik

Is it just me, or does his statement seem tepid?

Why in the world is George W. Bush for this monstrosity?


“Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn't so.” – Ronald Reagan

The USA already accepts nearly all the provisions of the LotS treaty as customary international law, so there is really no downside to not signing. The seabed provisions (the only section we oppose) are just so bad that there is no amount of negotiating that can fix them. We lose nothing by walking away.

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