More on Linda Douglass: Democrat Hack In Media Clothing

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The Media Research Center has a long list of documents showing Linda Douglass has always been a Democrat hack inside the MSM.

Here's one of my favorites from way back in 1993 on HillaryCare:

"White House officials said today the plan will require almost no new taxes. Most of the funding will come from employers who will be required to pay into a state system."

Read on . . .

As recently as December she was in favor of asking people who submit questions for debates what their partisan affiliation was. I'm sure she did not want to be asked though.

In 2001 she parroted, without question, Democrat talking points on the Bush tax cuts.

The even-handed approach that [Terry] Moran displayed on February 8 was discarded a month later by his colleague, ABC congressional reporter Linda Douglass, who on March 8 read a description of the benefits of the across-the-board income tax cut that could have been written by Daschle’s press secretary. "People making $56,400 would get back $511 a year," she told viewers. "Those making $1,000,000 would get back more than $28,000." She never hinted at the fact that the lower-income household in her example was obtaining a larger percentage cut than the high-income family, or that the high-income family was responsible for far larger payments to the government.

In 2006, Douglass tried to play down Sandy Burglar's theft and destruction of classified documents. She also has a history of fawning over Nancy Pelosi.

Next time a reporter claims objectivity, just remember Linda Douglass did too. And given the fawning, uncritical coverage of Obama lately, you can bet we'll see more journalists crossing into campaign hackdom on his behalf.

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