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Tonight was not a failure of conservatism, but a triumph of military voters who have made their home in the Republican Party because we are the party of a strong national defense.

In both South Carolina and Florida, they won it for McCain. In the grand coalition of the GOP, we've talked about social conservatives and fiscal conservatives. We've all ignored the military voters, except John McCain. And he won them big. His message resonated.

And the man still has an +80% conservative rating. I shed no tears.

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But will they be their on Super Tuesday?

I think you can bet on it.
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

Oh - the veterans will be there. CA has over 2,000,000 vets, NY has over 1,000,000, IL slightly less than 1,000,000. Other states with a large % of vets are: CO (Ft. Carson/ AF Academy), CT (sub base), AL, OK, MO & GA (many, large army bases). Go to the census data and search 'veterans'.

"The Creator does not subtract from your allotted time the hours you spend fishing" - Blasingame, Field & Stream Magazine 1967

You know if true, it means that Rudy has made his deal. If true we might well be seeing the ‘selection’ of the GOP candidate, as well as the new Secretary of Homeland Security (pending a McCain victory)

Rudy ‘giving up’ AND endorsing McCain this early only makes sense if Rudy has made his deal, for with this, Rudy looses all leverage for the convention. While being McCain’s running mate is likely out of the question (no balance at all… no help) A major cabinet post would be in the mix. This here and now, is more than an Ambassador to someplace nice and warm.

But for McCain, this endorsement means everything, it could very well mean the race. Rudy takes voters from McCain… much more so than Romney. And with Super Tuesday next week and particularly the winner takes all states of New York and New Jersey, (and California?) states where even a weakened Rudy would do ‘well’ in… ‘well’ enough to perhaps cost McCain one or both of them. This is (would be) all about ‘stuffing it’ to Romney

This, again if true, is politics people…

there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress

I could see Giuliani being AG, but I think he's lost interest in those sorts of legal issues since 9/11. He's more focused on security issues. Could be wrong though.

I could see Rudy being AG, Sec. of State, Sec. of Defence, or Sec. of Homeland Security.

John Bolton for President

Rudy as Sec of State? I hope I don't have nightmares. Thanks.

I would chose Rudy as Sec of State over the job Condi is currently doing. I get the feeling that the State Department would be remade in Rudy's image, which would be to support our allies, like Israel, and kill terrorists and the regimes that support them. And I don't get the feeling he is really fond of the UN.

And I really don't think Rudy appreciates the Islamist apologists that now work at State.

Secretary of State would be better. Put the fear of Rudy into assorted dictators, terrorists, and Europeans instead of pro-life, pro-gun, and anti-illegal immigration Americans.

All things considered, Senator from New York would also be acceptable, being that Rudy is probably the best we can expect from that benighted state for the near future.

Oddly enough, Rudy not running for Senate in 2000, which kick-started Hillary's political career, may end up giving Republicans a chance to win the Presidency in 2008.

I think Rudy is best suited for Homeland Security or AG... but I digress. Let's make sure the GOP wins in November first.

there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress

branch of government--which is why Rudy would be a good pick

His rating with CU has gone done dramatically the past several years. Including 2006 when it dipped to 65. And his fellow AZ Senator has a rating of 96.

but I'd like to see Romney on the ticket, as Ramesh Ponnuru suggeste several months ago.

there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress

Starting tomorrow, Democrats will go back to saying that having a military record is totally unnecessary to serve as President.

You can bank on it.
plugged on Limbaugh and The Corner ... what did YOU do last week?

I will support him as our nominee, all the time expecting defeat. It would be nice if he would throw conservatives a bone or two during the remainder of the primary. I hope he picks a decent Vice Presidential candidate. That could be a major bone. It would certainly make it less difficult for me to vote for him.

I wish I could feel some hope for a Republican victory. Bob Dole II here we come.

Dole ran before 9/11. Before al-Qaeda and terrorism was taken as seriously by the American voting public as it is now.

I suspect the outcome of the 1996 election would have been a LOT different if 9/11 had happened in 1995 or early-1996.

The MSM is already starting to turn on their Republican poster boy. Did you happen to catch Anna Quindlen's article in Newsweek today? It was entitled "How Old Is Too Old?"

Here's a snippet:

Political operatives say that his age makes McCain's choice of a running mate particularly critical. But if you enter the process stressing a hedge against mortality or incapacity, shouldn't that suggest something about suitability for the job in the first place? The senator's pursuit of the presidency reminds me a bit of those women who decide to have a baby in their late 50s. The impulse is understandable, the goal possible. But, looking at all the facts, and the actuarial tables, is it really sensible?

Everyone knew Bob Dole was too old for the job. He was the wrong man for the job. There was no way he could beat a Clinton. This feels exactly the same to me now.

Yah, because Bob Dole had such a huge following among young people and independents, right?


This John McCain = Bob Dole argument is insultingly bad. It's like me saying Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwartzenegger are basically the same because they were both Governors of California who were previously actors. Both true, it just ignores the fact that they are basically nothing alike.

John Bolton for President

in a younger man's (person's) race. My enthusiasm for McCain matches the enthusiasm I had for Dole.

I was young and when voted for Dole. I'm older now and I'll vote for McCain. I believe this vote will be as much in vain as was my vote in 1996.

But you feel free to keep arguing with me because I could still be talked out of supporting McCain. Quite easily.

... is McCain's melanoma history. He's had 3 recurrences. A family member of mine had melanoma some time back. It was caught early, and after 10 years, he was declared 'cured' - but during that decade, the doctor warned him that a recurrence was most likely the tumor having spread internally, and it would be a very bad sign.

McCain had his bouts in 1993, and 2007 (2 instances). At 70+, his chances of surviving another recurrence are pretty dim.

why I need to see his VP before getting too upset. I really don't expect him to complete his first term...

are the two biggest issues facing all Americans (whether we sense that everyday or not), McCain would be far better than Hillary/Obama.

I remember on 9/11 watching those towers collapsing into clouds of smoke and debris, and thinking that this was all that mattered from this day forward.

Tax cuts, abortion, stem cells, regulation, etc. None of those issues matter anymore when terrorists are bombing our cities and endangering the people of this nation.

That's why I supported Bush/Cheney in 2004, despite my disappointment over some of the domestic policies and appointing people like Paul O'Neil (for example).

We have to keep our eye on the ball, and national security is by far the most important issue to all of us.

You are exactly right. Who needs health care if the Country ceases to exist?

I will vote for whoever opposes McCain. He repulses me worse than Hillary does. Not to worry I'm sure I won't be alone. Your crusty old Judas can valiantly lead the party to a historic loss that will never be forgotten. Conservatism will rise again after America has suffered enough under the socialists. I wash my hands of this party of lost identities.

I know I won't miss you, and I don't suspect much of anybody else will, either.

Not sure about the veterans though. I thought Fox posted a 34/40 spread for McCain. There was a lot going on and I may be wrong but I thought it would be a LOT more tah that.

I find it very difficult to grasp that Johnny Boy is going to be the pick of the litter.
There will be no fence and no border to speak of.
There will be more "moderate" ass kissing of Johnny's buds on the Left .
There will be bigger gov't , less freedom and zero accountability ..


God help the US !

than President Bush, and we still supported him in 2000 and 2004.

McCain ain't the end of the world. Hillary would be.

Look how much more conservative Bush appeared in 2000 before the inevitable slide to the left.

McCain is starting much further left to begin with--he starts with McCain-Feingold BEFORE capturing the nomination

GWB has torn asunder the GOP with his lack of political discipline and his parting gift to us is John McCain. GWB has a 30% approval rating for a reason and John McCain would be worse than GWB.

"It is the American sound. It is hopeful, big-hearted, idealistic, daring, decent, and fair. That's our heritage; that is our song. We sing it still." RWR - Jan 21, 1985

than President Bush, and we still supported him in 2000 and 2004.

McCain ain't the end of the world. Hillary would be.

based upon the premise that Kerry hoped would lead him to victory in 2004: "Our guy may suck, but theirs sucks even worse."

This is a much different landscape than 2004, though. The Democratic base is going full throttle right now, they have the halls of Congress in their hands, Bush is much more unpopular now than he was then (and not just with Dems-conservatives are also pretty unhappy with him).

The problem McCain has is not the problem Bush necessarily had. Bush always made the attempt to show the base that he understood, and he appreciated them. He worked hard to get the base out for him.

McCain's problem is that he has consistently told the base to go to h*ll. He is depending on moderates, liberals, and independents to carry him to victory. Well, in the general, when the media has left his side and the moderates, liberals, and independents have the genuine article on the other side, the base will become pretty important to him, but they will have (in a substantial minority to slight majority) left him because they see no reason to vote for him.

I wish that my choices weren't winnowed down to Romney or the Constitution Party. I don't like the idea of Hillary or Obama being the person sitting behind the desk. But, believing that the future of our country lies in the return of conservative beliefs, and believing that McCain would irrepairably damage the ability of the Republican Party to be the vehicle of that belief system, I cannot reward a man who holds us in such great disgregard with my vote. To do so would be to forsake my beliefs, and more importantly, my country.

Vote for the ulti-Mitt conservative. Romney '08!

DISCLAIMER: I am loosly affiliated as a volunteer for the Mitt Romney campaign. All viewpoints expressed are my own, not the campaign's.

I'm recalling tonight that we rarely elect Senators to the presidency, and - as was the case with Kerry, Dole - the senator reliably loses to a former governor. Looks like we'll be bringing that streak to an end in 2008.

I think either McCain or Romney can beat Hillary.... because in the long run Hillary's negatives are going to get heavier and heavier as the election approaches. She's a crook, and enough of the country knows it that I think we'll be okay with either candidate in play.

I don't think McCain has a prayer against Obama. Their differences truly are not that significant once we leave the homeland security and war in Iraq arena.... and I see those as losing importance steadily as the election approaches. The Jihadists would have to be complete morons to cause a lot of new grief now, and Obama would roll to an easy victory with the party split as I think it will be with a McCain candidacy.

If Romney can't galvanize the base on Super Tuesday, I'm hoping for a brokered convention.

is dependent upon candidates staying IN the race. As more and more of them drop out (as Rudy is rumored to be doing tomorrow), a brokered election becomes less and less likely.

"As for military veterans, McCain was getting 37 percent from this demographic - which is large in Florida while 36 percent were going with Romney. Giuliani was getting 14 percent of the veterans’ vote and Huckabee 8 percent."

Quote -"And the man still has an +80% conservative rating."

What would you think if your coach told you to go out there and give it 80% !!!. The best leaders go for 110%.

You'll sacrifice the latter, and never achieve the former. What we have to work with is what we have to work with, and you go to the polls with the candidates (or nominee) you have. It might not be precisely the one you want to have, but I guarantee there are some things you like about him, and I double-guarantee that there are worse options out there.

McCain is definitively mediocre.

I normally agree. Heck, it's normally one of my arguments as to why you can't expect prolific legislation that changes the course of history in one fell swoop.

McCain is a different dynamic, though. I've heard countless supporters of his on here who sum his attitude up quite nicely: We don't need to work with conservatives, because you'll support us in the general election anyway. And, if we don't get your support, we'll find it elsewhere.

This is a man, with (not all, but a lot of his) supporters who hold conservatives in disdain. This is a man whose biggest accomplishments and goals in the Senate are all bills which strike against the very heart of conservatism: freedom of speech (which is less important than a clean government to McCain), ensuring that our laws are upheld and lawbreakers aren't rewarded, and more of a regulatory bureaucratic state 'as long as it's for a common good'.

Sure, he might be tough on earmarks, but he worked against the 2001 tax cuts on the grounds that they were unfair to the middle class. He called for benchmarks before Romney ever did, and yet calls Romney the withdrawal specialist. He viciously and vulgarly insults members of his own party because they might disagree with him (funny how you never hear stories about him calling Ted Kennedy a "****ing jerk").

Jeff, what I and other disaffected conservatives on here care about is the future of our party. What kind of example does it set when we elect people who openly flip off conservatives, and simply expects their vote rather than working for it and appreciating it? Your disgust with Romney is palpable, but at least he has the common decency to work to show that he has changed from some of his past beliefs (no matter how much you may or may not believe in that change).

This election, to me, is about the future of conservatism. I believe it to be fully necessary for there to be a conservative movement in order to bring the changes we need in this country. McCain doesn't represent that, so he will not get my vote. Period.

Vote for the ulti-Mitt conservative. Romney '08!

DISCLAIMER: I am loosly affiliated as a volunteer for the Mitt Romney campaign. All viewpoints expressed are my own, not the campaign's.

...not to be overly insulting, but your signature line makes me suppress a snicker after reading how much you care about real conservatism.

    the man still has an +80% conservative rating

Remember what happened to the guy who tried to wade through a stream with an average depth of 4 feet?

Drink Good Coffee. You can sleep when you're dead.

McCain's rating has been beneath that 82 average for 10 straight years now. Blub indeed.

Finrod's First Law of Bandwidth:
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it takes the bandwidth of ten thousand.

If McCain is the nominee, that the vicious attacks from the democrats push him to the right. On many issues, I see this happened with GWB. I'd like to see, but am not holding my breath, for a sincere outreach to conservatives from McCain if he is the nominee.

Once he has hoodwinked the party for the nomination, he will run to the center. Noone ever runs on his base in the generals, but rather applies the "mean-voter theorem" and hopes the base tags along. McCain can't afford to look "too conservative" in the general. Any outreach to the base is supposed to take place in the primary.

[This is why McCain will lose. There are not enough moderates or independents to make up for the loss of conservatives in key states such as Ohio.]
"It is the American sound. It is hopeful, big-hearted, idealistic, daring, decent, and fair. That's our heritage; that is our song. We sing it still." RWR - Jan 21, 1985

Once he has hoodwinked the party for the nomination, he will run to the center

Clearly another Romney hook-line-sinker-sucker.

Just curious, are you actually happy with a McCain victory, or are you just giddy that Romney supporters are suffering?

**"The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should." - John McCain"**

...ironic that a Romney supporter would have the gall to accuse McCain of flipping or of saying what people want to hear.

I'm sincerely wondering whether a McCain victory is something you're happy about.

**"The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should." - John McCain"**

I think Rudy is on the Veep shortlist.

Rudy would be alright.
Romney would be good.
Thompson would be great.

Huckabee would make me seriously consider sitting this one out.

However, that role shouldn't be anywhere near the line of succession for the Presidency, especially given McCain's age.

McCain needs a VP who can either open up new territory on the Electoral map (e.g. Pawlenty) or someone who can rally the base around him (Coburn?). Rudy does neither.

The irony is McCain should choose Huckabee to tap into the massive network of evangelical volunteers that Bush and Karl Rove so cunningly bamboozled.

However, if he does that he'd probably lose even more conservatives.

Romney won't do it because he'll challenge again in 2012.

Rudy might be valuable if he can secure New York.

Fred is too old and truly doesn't seem to like politics. I was a Fred supporter, but didn't it seem like the whole time was about begging him? Begging him to consider running, beggin him to get in, and then begging him to start campaigning?

Maybe Pawlenty, but he is a moderate, or maybe Bill Ownes from CO, although his is a Romney guy.
"It is the American sound. It is hopeful, big-hearted, idealistic, daring, decent, and fair. That's our heritage; that is our song. We sing it still." RWR - Jan 21, 1985

Romney going anywhere in 2012. His bridges are pretty much burned in Massachusetts and he's not achieved enough on the national scene to rise like Nixon from the ashes of this campaign.

Adds nothing... he can’t reliably deliver any additional state to those that Bush got in 2004…

McCain will need a southern conservative… I hope it would be Thompson, I fear it would be Huckabee. But it might be someone like Martinez of Fl. Who came out for McCain.early.

Now if only JC Watts would run…

The only nominee who would be worse than McCain is Ron Paul. Huckabee will prevent Romney from winning enough delegates next week to be a serious threat to McCain and McCain will cruise to the nomination.

If McCain becomes President, he will spend his time seeking favor with the New York Time and Chris Matthews by angering conservatives.

I feel sick.


Buzz Blog

in the McCain Administration. John Bolton or Lynn Cheney as Sec of State.....too bad Duncan Hunter endorsed Romney or he would be a good Sec Def.

As VP, Rudy would not help McCain at all, so that won't happen. McCain needs a young, immigration hawk, conservative VP who can appeal to Southern voters.

Romney is not going to be McCain's VP -- forget it. They despise each other. and Romney doesn't add much to McCain.As to Huckabee -- that would be a mistake, in my opinion.

i'd like a young, Southern or western governor -- Sarah Palin of alaska would be ideal.

1. Duncan Hunter endorsed Huckabee, I believe. Tancredo endorsed Romney.

2. Rudy as UN Ambassador would be ideal. He could reform the UN and live in New York.

3. As for VP, I would prefer Mitt Romney, but I like Sarah Palin, also. She would be an interesting selection, but he won't choose her because she is a brand new governor. She has almost no experience running even one of the smallest states in the country (not in land area, obviously.) Tom Coburn would be great, and he's endorsed McCain so he is a possibility, even.

I just like the idea of Rudy getting in the face of third world thugs, dictators, criminals and terrorists otherwise known as UN would be great.

Hunter endorsed Huckabee, not Romney.

Just FYI

John Bolton for President

McCain's ACU ratings are propped up by his early years. His last 10 years are extremely liberal. Our party just self immolated. Oh well. There's always the Bahamas or the Cayman islands.

Look - John McCain is about one thing only and that is John McCain. I wish Fred had awakened before he ducked out and that the electorate wanted a leader rather than someone to rub their feet, but if (insert quirky drill sergeant phrase here about wishing and reality). Romney at least is running on something that at least sounds conservative. McCain is a photo negative of Clinton. He is saying whatever "we" want to hear. Oh yea, he is pro life, pro gun and David Petreaus got all of his ideas from good ole' John and the silly saps on the right lap it up. We need to stop the madness and put these guys under some sort of scrutiny. Fact is, McCain will (and has) make a deal with the devil for a couple of points in the poll and I promise you the polls he is watching are from CNN not Fox News.

"Mr. Churchill, do you realise that the public thinks you are going about this all the wrong? '[Says Sir Winston] I have often found my posture most unbecoming if I operate with my ear so closely to the ground'" - I am a Churchill Conservative in Reagan's clothes

You say "Romney at least is running on something that at least sounds conservative," then castigate McCain for "running on something that at least sounds conservative."

Eh? Your hatred for McCain appears to have overpowered your brain. Try drinking some water and resting for a couple days, and see if that unwinds the knot your mind appears to be in.

He just happened to be one of them. There's a big difference.

To say that McCain's "message" resonated with military voters is like saying Romney's "message" resonated with Mormons. for the veteran in the race? Hm....yeah, that phenomenon sure has evidence to back it up. After all, look at President Kerry. Wait--

You people who think McCain is a fine and dandy candidate for the GOP need to go join your new buddies on KOS and other fine liberal sites... they are all having a party tonight ever since their guy McCain won. Just go take a look for yourself.

When will people get it? The conservative base is not going to support a traitor, yes traitor, like McCain in the general election. They are not going to give the RNC any money and they are not going to door knock or make phone calls. They will stay home because nobody has done more to screw over conservatives than John McCain. Anyone who supports this jerk should get it over and send some cash to Hillary or Obama.

McCain is going to get blown out come November because the base will not show up and the moderates will vote for the actual Democrat, not the fake Republican.

RINO's suck

All I have to say to this is AMEN! McCain cannot Win the Conservative vote-- so all you McCain supporters can do now is to bend over and accept a Democrat presidency--because that is ALL you are going to get! Won't that FEEL NICE!

1.) Please moderate the language. Calling anyone a "traitor" is a risky move. Calling John McCain a "traitor" is perversely bad taste given his history. Call him a bad conservative if you must. Call him an infuriating maverick, a stubborn old coot, whatever. But not a traitor. John Walker was a traitor. Phillip Agee was a traitor. John McCain isn't a traitor.

2.) For crying out loud, every time someone misuses an apostrophe God kills a kitten. It's "RINOs suck," no apostrophe.

"every time someone misuses an apostrophe God kills a kitten."

Oh my gosh that was hilarious.

Earlier in someone's blog entry we were talking about saving puppies, now we're killing kittens. What a day!

plugged on Limbaugh and The Corner ... what did YOU do last week?

I knew you would jump in on that one. Seems its right up your alley comedicaly speaking.

Jack Bauer For President 2008

We're going to need you to moderate your tone a bit if you intend to join our community. Thank you for your cooperation.

You might want to change your signature, too. Since the ultimate RiNO is the one who doesn't show up when it's time to vote, you're only insulting yourself.

Or for crying out loud at least fix the grammar in your sig. Some people here judge you when you use poor grammar.

HTML Help for Red Staters

You seem to think you are smart. Can you tell us why the far left is delighted McCain won tonight? Do you think the socialists would be acting like this if Romney or Rudy had won tonight?

RINO's suck

Can you prove to us that the "far left" is delighted McCain won?

Because the Daily Kos has been shilling for D's who vote in R primaries for whatever reason to vote for Romney for weeks, saying he'd be a lot easier to beat.

John Bolton for President


I'm a veteran. And if you don't mind I'll speak for myself. So spare me the pretzel logic. If McCain is the republican nominee, two things are certain. He'll unite the conservative base(to stay home). And he will not win.

I will reiterate what coffee has said and add one thing:

McCain, by losing the GOP base of support in search of his "third way candidacy" will kill the GOP in the House and Senate.

No conservative activists working hard for the top of the ticket equals a lack of funds and energy for EVERYONE campaigning down the ticket. It's going to be a disaster, and if I was a solid conservative considering jumping in to a House or Senate race this year, last nights results would convince me to forget about it.

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