Obama, Afghanistan, Idiocy, and the Flag

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Blackhedd put this in an email earlier and I wanted to share. He's cool with that:

Of course, this link has been passed around a lot, but check out David Wright’s (the ABC reporter) update.

So Obama got called out on calling for Arab-speaking translators for Afghanistan. Well, his campaign responded to that, saying basically: Hey, numbnuts, there are plenty of Arabic-speakers in Afghanistan. They’re the foreign fighters who have been infiltrating the country.

To which David Wright responds: Umm, I’ve been to Afghanistan a lot. Those Arabic-speakers are shooting at us, not talking to us.

That’s the cat the Obama let out of the bag. He talks a lot about resolving the situation in Afghanistan while pulling out of Iraq, but he’s probably planning to invite the bad guys to a tea party. He’s probably too smart to say it out loud after he said that’s what he’d do with the Iranians.

About the flag pin: I’m just imagining the conversation he had with Michelle: “Barack, this isn’t about being true to yourself. That’s just sissy s**t. This is about getting POWER. You can’t do squat unless you get the big job. So suck it up and let the morons see you wearing their stupid flag. After you’re inaugurated, you can wear it upside down if you want.”

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Ever since Obama got his patootie handed to him in Pennsylvania, he's been walking around with that flag pin stuck on talking about the American way of life, blah, blah, blah.

Are Americans really that stupid to not know that his handlers got to him and said, "Uh, Barry, you better cool it on the GD America stuff and the guns and religion and start fooling the people into thinking you're one of them, OK?" Anybody really think BHO just woke up a couple of weeks ago and thought to himself, "I AM a Patriot, darn it!" Give me a freaking break.

If America is dumb enough to vote for this smooth talking Socialist stealth candidate, they will get exactly what they deserve.

just the ones voting for Obama

M Penny

stupid or woefully naive.
Either is dangerous for us come November.
People better wake the h*ll up or we are going to be in serious trouble on all fronts.
Just a typical, small town, white girl...

Voting for McCain should be on that show.."World's dirtiest jobs" ....

Suck it up..Loofas and Soap for everybody

It seems that what the GOP needs is a Republican Bill Clinton (with better morals) ....dingo

..., at least as it pertains to my vote, is complete radio silence.

Every time I get my head around voting for him he goes and speaks his mind about something and completely gets me mad at him again.

half are below average in IQ.

Given that the average isn't that good, that's bad news.

Had Michelle Obama (or anyone else) ever had said anything like that, she'd be absolutely right to have done so.

How would you understand what the foreign fighters are telling you when you are waterboarding them if you don't have Arabic translators?

We're not waterboarding them to actually get information, we are waterboarding them because we simply enjoy torturing people.

Fun by sinz52

We're not waterboarding them to actually get information, we are waterboarding them because we simply enjoy torturing people.

Especially if they're WOMEN! Yeah!

Is this a fetish website?!?! I had no idea. Pics please.

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