Obama's Gun Obfuscation

Obama Sraddles On

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Yesterday, reporting on reactions to the Supreme Court's decision striking down the D.C. gun ban, the Associated Press headlined "McCain backs gun decision, Obama straddles issue."

Here's video of Obama straddling the issue:

Just before the Supreme Courts decision was public, Obama disavowed his "inartful" statement calling the D.C. gun laws constitutional.

Wait. There's more.

Scholar John Lott Recalls Obama Stating: "I Don't Believe That People Should Be Able To Own Guns." John Lott:

"In fact, I knew Obama during the mid-1990s, and his answers to IVI's question on guns fit well with the Obama that I knew. Indeed, the first time I introduced myself to him he said 'Oh, you are the gun guy.' I responded 'Yes, I guess so.' He simply responded that 'I don't believe that people should be able to own guns.'" (John R. Lott, Jr., "Obama And Guns: Two Different Views," Fox News, www.foxnews.com, 4/7/08)

In 2004, Obama Voted Against Self-Defense Rights.

"[Obama] opposed letting people use a self-defense argument if charged with violating local handgun bans by using weapons in their homes. The bill was a reaction to a Chicago-area man who, after shooting an intruder, was charged with a handgun violation." (Ryan Keith "Obama Record In State Legislature Offers Possible Ammunition For Critics," The Associated Press, 1/17/07)

Obama Was Director Of Anti-Gun Joyce Foundation, Which Spent Millions On Gun-Control Causes.

"Adding even further skepticism to Obama's claim of support for the 2nd Amendment is his previous service as a director of the Joyce Foundation. Since 2000, the Joyce Foundation has provided over $15 Million in funding to radical gun control organizations such as the Violence Policy Center and the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence. The Joyce Foundation is tightly linked to the Soros Open Society Institute -- an extremist group that advocates a worldwide ban on civilian firearm ownership." (Illinois State Rifle Association, "ISRA Blasts Candidate Obama On His Record Of Hostility Toward Law-Abiding Firearm Owners," Press Release, 8/24/04)

In 2004, Running For U.S. Senate Obama Called For Federal Legislation To Pre-Empt State Concealed Carry Laws.

"In a February survey of Democratic primary candidates for the U.S. Senate by the Tribune, Obama said he opposed allowing ordinary citizens to carry concealed weapons and that a federal law banning concealed carried weapons except for law enforcement is needed." (Liam Ford, "Keyes Backs Law On Concealed Guns," Chicago Tribune, 8/25/04)

In Response To A 1996 Independent Voters Of Illinois Questionnaire, Obama Indicated That He Supported Banning The "Manufacture, Sale And Possession Of Handguns."

Question: "Do you support state legislation to ... ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns?" Obama's Response: "Yes." (Independent Voters Of Illinois Independent Precinct Organization 1996 General Candidate Questionnaire, Barack Obama Responses, 9/9/96)

Hardly change you can depend on, but more change that works for Obama.

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every position possible on the issue of gun control and the second amendment. He has both upheld the idea that the 2nd amendment is an individual's right to own a gun and D.C.'s ban on handguns. Furthermore, his positions are almost always in line with the audience he is in front of or the political situation at the moment. His answer in the 1996 survey was to a far left group. He maintained a very aggressive gun control position throughout the primaries and now he is suddenly lurching to the middle on this issue.

In fac, this is part of a pattern I noticed over the last month or so of Obama's cynical and disingenuous lurch to the middle

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor

The Provocateur

Daniel 2:20 And he [God] changeth the times and seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding.

Maybe he's trying to do it so much that people won't even care anymore.

McCain for POTUS so the left can't ruin SCOTUS.

McCain for POTUS so the left can't ruin SCOTUS.

he truly believes that if he just says, "no that is not what I said" then bibbidy-bobbidy-boo he did NOT say it.
I would love to get him with Hannity..split screen; one screen Obama, one screen the interview above. I would love to see him dance around that.

Senator Obama seems to be running towards the middle since he wrapped up the democratic primary.

It makes sense. Its not terribly honest, but many will not recognize it.

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