Oh, sure, *now* the Netroots care about anti-Semitism in Tennessee.

It only took them, what, four months?

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Paul Rosenberg (Obama supporter) is mad, mad, MAD! about the way that EMILY's List (Clinton supporters) candidate and Harold Ford (Clinton supporter) protege Nikki Tinker is using a virulently anti-Semitic flyer against incumbent Congressman Steve Cohen (Obama super-delegate).

As the parentheses might tell you, I'm not really buying his ostensible motivations for writing this piece. Then again, I had already given the "typical Republican" response to this sort of thing - appalled disgust - back in February (see also Ed Morrissey). This is in sharp contrast to Open Left, a site that pretty much ignored the problem at the time (search terms were "steve cohen" and "steven cohen," and only got involved in recently (note hit piece against EMILY's List here). But hey, at least they care now, right?

Even if it's only because of their highly entertaining internal grudge match.

Moe Lane

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Oh, sure, *now* the Netroots care about anti-Semitism in Tennessee. 1 Comment (0 topical, 1 editorial, 0 hidden) Post a comment »

This should turn out good when Obama tries to get Jewish votes by offering them stereo-typical things, such as gold bars and bagels. He'll soon enough show that he doesn't care about them or Israel, he talks too much and is already starting to stumble, the falling is soon to come.

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