One More on the Politico Hit Job

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According to people who actually know, I'm told $1,878,138 has been raised since the debate on December 12 from 24,949 people, including $719,534 from 10,237 people. For the week before, week of and week after Christmas, I think that’s pretty good. The Politico might not think so, but I think it gets Fred to South Carolina.

Frankly, regardless of the results today in Iowa (and he's going to do better than some are expecting), I think Fred Thompson needs to pull a Reagan '81 (i.e. make a big, bold "I ain't going anywhere" stand), march to South Carolina, and start throwing punches.

Clinton lost Iowa and New Hampshire before winning South Carolina and coming back. Fred has the online support. He's going to do better than people expect in Iowa (he actually is). Huckabee is going to beat Romney today so those two are going to fight like drag queens wearing the same dress to a party. Fred needs to leverage these three things and go to South Carolina.

If nothing else, the hit job in today's Politico should piss him off enough that he does just that.

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Thompson will finish 3rd at best in Iowa, and possibly dead last in NH.
I'm not sure where he stands in Michigan, but he won't win.

I'm not sure how this puts him in a position to be competitive anywhere.

where Republicans get elected on a regular basis. That is where Fred should shine.

I didn't know that.

“.....women and minorities hardest hit”

to a party." Dang Erick you win the award for making me laugh....and it's rather early for that....Congrats...

Great info by the way, I have been wondering how much money had been raised by the Thompson campaign...

I find that when people fight this hard against a good man, it's because they are scared...Thompson doesn't play by their rules and they don't like it. However, I and his supporters, LOVE it...

Texas Proud and Texas Loud

That line is actually inspired by a true story. One of my best friends got out of law school and started practicing law in Albany, GA. His firm had the indigent defense contract with the county. One of their cases involved a drag queen who showed up a New Years party only to discover -- horror of horrors -- another drag queen was wearing the same dress. So Drag Queen A does the only sensible thing. She clubs the other one with a pipe.

Fight On!

as if trying to wear high heels isn't bad enough...

Texas Proud and Texas Loud

I played in bands at the 688 Club on Spring Street in Atlanta back in the 80's. After our set, we used to go out back for a smoke and watch the mayhem ensuing from Loretta's, a nearby bar for black drag queens. The 688 is long gone, but the show goes on at Loretta's.

I'll wager that your combatants were not white drag queens. The white ones would just cry and puke while a friend held their wig, or try to burn each other with lit cigarettes;)

We all get accused on black helicopter theories for simply noticing the obvious.

The media realizes, and did early on, that with Fred as the nominee and President, that he will bypass their liberal filter and go straight to the people, and this frightens them.

Besides, they want a democrap to win, and they are more fearful than anything of a true Conservative winning, thus the propping up of rinos like McAmnesty and the Huckster.
I fully expect Fred to exceed expectations tonight, and stake his claim in SC.

Pray for Fred today!!!

This is probably the third or fourth comment I have read where someone says that scares the media, that speaks directly to the people, that the media wants a Dem to win. While I don't doubt this is possible, it does smell of fanboyism. Even if they really are out to get you, you can still come across as paranoid.

Replace Fred with RP, and this could have been a boilerplate of every RP comment across the Internet. The fact that I agree with you wholeheartedly, but was still a little embarrassed for you, should give you pause and hopefully convince you to dial down the extremism.

Just my $.02

...where they reaffirmed the fact that they HATED Fred Thomspon and they would do everything in their power to make sure he doesn't win. They then chuckled, started a fire, and reaffirmed their commitment to the Communist Party.

Good grief, Charlie Brown.

...but tell me with a straight face that the media wouldn't approve of the rise to power of the American equivalent of a social democratic party.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC. I've been usurped!

The congressman from my great state, loves the media...and they love him, because he always puts on a good show...

Fred wants to speak to the issues, he won't pander and he doesn't take their guff...

Fred isn't using the MSM to get his message out, he's using the internet and word of mouth, that's got to burn...

Texas Proud and Texas Loud

I was not comparing Fred to RP. I was comparing this particular Fred supporter to the stereotypical RP supporter. (I just noticed that peg c replied to my comment stating the differences between RP and Fred, so apparently I was the one that was not clear. My apologies.)

As for not pandering to the media, I agree that it is refreshing. Unfortunately, reality starts to creep in, and you realize that if Fred wants a legitimate shot, he's going to have to play the game. That means not only winning over the small percentage or so of voters like you, that want to hear the issues, but the large majority that want to hear platitudes and empty promises that make them feel good.

Fred isn't using the MSM to get his message out, he's using the internet and word of mouth, that's got to burn...

You don't think this has been a RP talking point for the last year? This is the comparison I'm making. Of course Fred and RP are different, especially on foreign policy. I just get the feeling that Fred's supporters are starting to sound more like RP supporters.

I haven't seen any of the same spam, the same 'my guy must win or else' in online poll comments, etc. that I saw from congressman RP's crowd...

However, I do have a life outside of RedState and politics, and that might be the reason...I generally don't have time for non-sense and pay no attention to things such as the ramblings of fools (RP supporters).

Texas Proud and Texas Loud

Senator Thompson said it himself that he would go over Congress' head if necessary and take it to the people. Now if he'll do that to Congress what is there in the MSM from stopping him doing the same to them?

That was one of the great moments of the Iowa debate that got lost in the "no hands" show that made the rounds. There were others.

doesn't mean they're not out to get you. The media is 98% liberal and supports any Republican candidate that will destroy our party.

Fred is a Reagan conservative (Peter Robinson himself said so; of course you probably don't know who that is). RP would deny the realities of the last 50+ years. There is a world of difference between the supporters of Fred and the supporters of RP -- or Huckabee for that matter. Furthermore the Drive-Bys know this and their desperate desire to deny reality fuels their fear of Fred, who is as realistic and forthright as they come - 2 things the media cannot deal with.

1 example: Fred not only acknowledges Islamofascism and the GWOT as the most critical issue facing us over the next decades, he is determined to defend America and fight it. RP doesn't even admit we have enemies and Huck wants to love them to death.

I hate government every bit as much as RP does. If he were aggressive on the GWOT, foreign policy and defense, I could support him. He lost me the moment his Iraq policy came out of his mouth. I knew we weren't dealing with a serious person. He is isolationist in a way that defies reality and would deal this country a death blow. The exact opposite is true of Fred and THAT (among so many other things) is why I support him.

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

The fear and loathing in the media (including FNC) for Fred are palpable. I love it!!


You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

In 1988, the 3rd place finishers in the Iowa cauci were GHW Bush and Mike Dukakis..BOTH won the nominations...


The anti illegal immigration groups are making a huge push against Huckabee and McCain in Iowa. They have run radio ads and made automated phone calls. That will hurt the Huckmeister...

I think Romney wins

That has begun to hurt Huckabee. Thompson is now receiving some of those evangelical votes..

What is the source? I have been praying that my brothers and sisters in the Lord would see the light.

over the past week attacking Huckabee. Email me at yahoo. my user name is my email address and I will forward to you.

Here is one article:

A Plea from Arkansas: Christian Conservatives Need to Take a Closer Look at Mike Huckabee's Record as Governor
by David Thompson

and said he would also be an easy opponent. Funny that the Romney supporters always fail to mention that.

and said he would also be an easy opponent. Funny that the Romney supporters always fail to mention that.

Huck has nowhere to go after Iowa no matter what! The only people that want Fred to quit is liberals (D's & R's) and the MSM, including Faux News. The media is afraid as are Dems.

I'm a Fredhead. Been a Fredhead since the beginning.
Erick. Dude. "He has the online support"???
We're starting to sound like the Ronulans.

I made a similar comment above to another person. There are at least three comments in this thread alone along this vein. Did I miss the memo? Is this the new strategy for Fredheads?

It doesn't matter if a statement is true or not. Certain phrases have become trite and associated with the fringe Ronulans. I just don't think anyone is going to have success reclaiming them for another candidate.

and at times I even dream that he might beat the Huckster for 2nd.

Upsets do happen, but I also know that it is very unlikely.

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

Not only will he do well in votes but also with money.
We are going to SC and we are going to win. Heck I think if Iowa was on the 19th like it should be he would win there to.

"I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way."
John Paul Jones (letter to M. Le Ray de Chaumont,16 Nov.1778)

Rush isn't going to endorse Fred outright, but maybe this hit job will prompt him to spend a good portion of the show defending him. Yesterday, Rush said there was only one Reagan conservative, but he didn't name him. Peter Robinson and his former boss in the Reagan White House said Fred is the Reagan conservative in the race. Fred should tell the press to eat and go to South Carolina and try to win there. Screw New Hampshire and their insane love affair with McCain.

In a previous show (before the Christmas break I believe) Rush pointed out that Thompson is the most conservative of the bunch. He won't openly endorse anyone but he does criticize or praise them when they deserve it. I've even heard him say some good things about Romney.
Click here to donate to the Fred Thompson campaign.

and start in on McCain tomorrow. It is critical to knock Huck off his perch before tonight's caucii and try to rattle New Hampshire's cage of insanity after today. Rush has a visceral hatred for McCain that he does not have for Huck, and I think he views McCain as even more dangerous in some ways.

I know Rush prefers Fred. If Fred were to drop out and endorse McCain that would NOT play with Rush, who I believe would give unspoken endorsement for Mitt. Rush said he'd pull the lever for McCain in Nov. if it's him against [name your unqualified/insane Dem here] but I know he'd do it holding his nose and gnashing his teeth. I'm with Rush...God don't make me do this.

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

I am not naive nor in love with the man. I have studied this extensively, and Fred agrees with me and my positions almost 100%. As far as I can go to believe in him, I trust him and I think like him. Thus, he is my candidate. I also happen to be a Reagan Conservative, and am very afraid that one of these rinos will fracture our party (maybe it needs it) and we will get creamed in Nov.

By the way, I could use that $0.02 as I have a bunch of $0.39 stamps and do not want to waste 2 stamps when I could go buy a $0.02 stamp.

Appreciate it! :)

First or second, the Huckster is going to South Carolina. So is either McCain or Romney. And while he won't win the Palmetto state, so is Giuliani. So if goes on to SC, he campaigns as an also-ran.

A poor showing for Fred (and by that I mean anything other than a strong third or better) won't leave him with any chance to do well in South Carolina. And what happens between now and then in NH and MI will make him look like an asterisk. He doesn't have $10 million to fight until SC and that's what he would need.

So while it's disappointing that someone with Fred's views is about to become the George Allen of 2008, that's his fate unless he hits a grand slam tonight.

Yawn. by docj

Look folks - I like Fred. He's my going away second choice, a mile ahead of my third and only a quarter-step behind my first. I seriously hope he manages to get going and am open to the possibility that maybe he's the only guy who has this "sleeping through the early primaries" stuff figured out and he'll end up the last guy standing.

I could be thrilled with that. Honest.

But seriously, how many more "maybe this will be enough to get Fred going" or "maybe if someone (COUGHrushCOUGH) would endorse Fred he might get some traction" or "Fred is The Man™ and the media are just frady-scared of him" stories do we have to live through before Fred starts to, you know, acatually at least act like he wants the job one-tenth as badly as the people who are pimping him want him to have it?

His many virtues - like being damn-close to spot-on on virtually every issue - not withstanding, Fred's campaign is starting to remind me all too much of Phil Gramm's in 1996. I was on board with Gramm early (still have an actual "Gramm 96" campaign button, if you can believe it) and stayed to the bitter end. I've seen this movie already. It ends poorly. Wish it didn't (in '96 AND now), but it does.

History, tragedy, farce and all that.

Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock.

and Fred's superior quality are going to keep the campaign going through South Carolina and beyond. The more I hear about Fred's demise, the more I am certain it is a bunch of hooey. Every thread, every day, it's Fred's Done. I really think it would be hilarious to see Fred pull off a surprise in Iowa. I don't drink, but I just might drag my sinus-infected, coughing, gagging and sneezing carcus to the Walgreen's for a bottle of bubbly.

I haven't been able to call Iowa as much due to loss of the use of my vocal chords, but I would encourage EVERY body to do what they can to help Fred out. Those who are contributing, I salute as patriots. Those who blather, a pox on you and your keyboard, too.
Redneck Hippie

According to Rush, it's all Barbara Streisand. He's talking about it right now.
Click here to donate to the Fred Thompson campaign.

Jason in NorCal- If you want to volunteer for Fred08 email me.

How cagey Rush is! First he says there is no Reagan in the GOP field. Then he quotes Fred's entreaty to good Democrats whose party has left them from his 17-minute address to Iowa voters and asks who said that. After the break, his staff guess Joe Lieberman and Ronald Reagan.

Rush reveals it is Fred and finally commends Thompson for his principled conservatism.

Fredheads, this may be as close as it gets to a Rush endorsement this early.

From Rush: "If you tie yourself to a candidate, you're dead". He's not going to endorse anyone.

The vibes I got from his comments just before 12:30CST were that he's fine with Fred, Mitt or Rudy and not fine with McCain and Huckabee (no surprises on either). The caller just before that was beating up on Romney for being a flipper, and you could tell that Rush was biting his tongue to keep from putting the guy in his place.

The Unofficial RedState FAQ
“You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say. ” - Martin Luther

Hey, bs, what vibe did you get when Rush detailed how he heard that the Politico story about Thompson dropping out was wrong before it was published, how he investigated the story, how he cited Rich Galen's denial that the story is not true?

Meanwhile, the caller beat up on Romney, just as you stated, and Rush "was biting his tongue" -- not defending Romney.

If Rush wants to unofficially endorse a candidate without breaking his longstanding rule, wouldn't he drop hints and play with us by denying his endorsement -- just as he did today?

as it played out here on RS - he quoted the rebuttal from the Thompson campaign. I actually expected him to be a little harder on the Politico, but he simply stated the facts and quoted the players.

I'm great with his positive comments about Thompson, but I fully expect him to continue to be positive about Romney and Giuliani also, if nothing else to remain semi-neutral.

The Unofficial RedState FAQ
“You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say. ” - Martin Luther

At Hot Air, Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House posted a comment that the Thompson campaign filed for the March primary in Texas before the deadline ... yesterday, when Politico has people "close to" his campaign planning his early exit ... yesterday.

I agree. With a good 3rd place showing and Romney winning Iowa, Fred Thompson stands a good shot at placing a close 4th in NH, despite current polls.

There are two debates screaming for his "adult", strong conservatism. He and Giuliani would compete for 3rd in NH.

Making a stand in SC is a no-brainer in any event. Fred Thompson has a vast network of supporters in SC and in Georgia, who would cross the Savannah to rally for a win.

Michigan: Fred has my absentee ballot cast for him.

Wyoming: Will that caucus get any play? Worth a few stopover for Thompson on Friday/Saturday?

If Fred surges and makes a strong third place showing, he can easily do well in South Carolina, which is tailor-made for a candidate like Thompson. If he places well in Iowa, he should immediately move to South Carolina and not leave until that primary is over. If the stars align properly for Mr. Thompson, and he manages to win SC, he should be in a very solid position to win Florida, and from there he has a clear path to the nomination.

“.....women and minorities hardest hit”

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