Pennsylvaniastan: Why You're One 'You're Fired' From Blowing Up Walmart

If you can read this blog, you're surprising the heck out of Barack

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Barack Obama: SnobSenator Obama this week at a fundraiser answered the question "What's the Matter with Pennsylvania."

After listing how President Clinton and then President Bush and "each successive administration," whoever that is, failed to provide jobs and money, Senator Obama outlined what he obviously feels are the bitter and ugly consequences. "It's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Senator Obama is deeply mired in leftist philosophies: moral relativism, multi-culturalism, open borders, and on and on. One of the most sacred of cows on that side of the fence is the basic philosophical understanding of the unwashed masses as being essentially incorrectable evolutionary throwbacks, cavemen ... barbarians.

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When the left speaks of terrorism, you are urged to understand why they are so; that times are tough and Americans have so very many Starbucks, oughtn't that lessen the guilt for beheadings? It is the same with criminals ... what happened to them to make them so?

Gangs? Lack of prosperity. Drugs? Lack of hope. Theft? Lack of Wiis. On down the line, there are bad behaviors that Obamites want put "in perspective." Excepting, of course, being rich. There's obviously no excuse for that (well, being an Obamite eases the stigma of wealth.)

So now Obama looks to Pennsylvanian small town Americans and what does he see? He sees what people from his philosophical school always see when they look at someone who didn't spend their early twenties lounging amid heavy conversation and heavy smoke at three in the morning among the ivy, "revealing" Marx to one another and using words like "proletariat" and "munchies", describing people like Al Gore as cerebral and admiring the spirituality of Richard Gere. He sees what he sees when he looks at people who live outside of Chicago, New York or Europe, or people who attend other churches. He sees a savage.

Savages are ruled by their fortunes. If you don't coddle them into college they're likely to be pimps, or gangbangers, or thieves or terrorists or ... small-town Christian gun-owners? (aside: Yes I said Christian. After Protestants and Catholics the state breaks down about 4% Jewish, 1% Muslim and .44% Mormon. So, yeah, he was talking about Christians.)

Don't take my word for it, listen to Obamite Jack Cafferty on CNN. He says, "The people are frustrated. The people have no economic opportunity. What happens to folks like that in the Middle East, you ask? Well, take a look. They go to places like al Qaeda training camps."

Senator Obama and his wife Michelle, like many from their side of the aisle, think that there's something the matter with you. If you believe in your second amendment freedoms, if you go to Churches that fail to focus on how white people are sticking AIDS all over the place, or if you think the government ought to have some inkling of who is coming and going across our borders, or worst of all, if you are a Republican ... well then you're really just one more curious little byproduct of a failure to redistribute income.

All us little people out here in the world who have not ascended to the heights of a more perfect liberalism, we're all the same. Whether it's owning a pistol, or using one to execute Beslan schoolchildren, Barack knows what ails us. Couple of jobs, maybe a free mole removal, little bit of Robin Hooding, and we'll be all set, ready to be led. We won't turn to guns and Jesus, if only we can afford cable. It's the materialism, stupid. (And he definitely means the stupid part).

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To dislike Obama is to be mentally deficient.

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

...after all, the "bat**** crazy" part of our brains isn't working in full swing like it is in his skull.

"No matter how much lipstick you put on the taxation pig, it's still a pig... and it's currently snout-down in your wallet." - Michael Fisk


- "Make love not war? Real men can do both!"

I happen to live in one of the small, rural towns in Pennsylvania that Senator Obama was speaking about. I find his remarks to be expected of someone who has never experienced life outside of the cloistered liberal environment of privilege. Frankly, I would rather he just spell out his Marxist vision of Utopia than back peddle on his socialism, racism and global appeasement.

Finally, as to CNN's assertion, look out West Virginia; "Aloha Snackbar!"

that I have yet read - and that I will read, surely.

I know enough that when a blue bumper sticker says, "got hope?"...

the next phrase underneath should say "Jesus Christ"...

instead of ""

Think back to one year ago. What were your thoughts of Hillary Clinton? Now think about your thoughts of Hillary today. If she somehow manages to win the nomination, Obama will have been the best thing to happen to the Clintons since Ross Perot!

Senator Obama has once again demonstrated that he thinks everything is about economics. That's a classic leftist-Marxist interpretation of civics and history: Religion, nationalism, race, all those are just smokescreens set up by the capitalists to divert attention from the "real" issues which are always economic class struggle.

If that's also his interpretation of the radical Islamist jihad against the West--it's all just economic payback for Western economic exploitation--he's going to entirely miss the ideological dimension.

If you check the terrorists' bios, you find that many of them are neither ignorant nor uneducated nor impoverished. Osama bin Laden himself is a wealthy man with a background in civil engineering. They really see this as a fight over religious and moral principles, and as a fight for control of people's lives.

Fighting for conservatism one day at a time.

musings were that they were made at a private fundraiser in San Francisco and that the taped recording was revealed on the Huffington Post.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer columns
"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

but he could be president. That fact makes my stomach churn. If he is the nominee, McCain's campaign will need to hit hard & incessantly at stuff like this.

"McCain's campaign will need to hit hard & incessantly at stuff like this."

Bust he is McCain's fellow Senator.

If any one is out of touch, no doubt, it is Senator Obama. Obama is presenting himself as a person who can unite this Nation. Fact is, there is way I will ever buy into the world view he is espousing. I get the feeling there are a few more besides myself who will not buy it either.

For sure there the good citizens of Pennsylvania are unhappy and feel disconnected from their government. I and many other Tennesseans share the same thoughts and concerns.

We do have reservations about the way our politicians have cheapened US Sovereignty with efforts to give away US Citizenship to individuals who have no regard to our laws - John McCain included. These invaders are killing us with diseases not seen in the United States for years. They are killing us with automobiles. They are killing us with arms. Senator Obama they are routing black Americans out of Los Angles at the point of a gun. Senator Obama, is this not good reason for concern?

We are alarmed at the attack on the First Amendments of the Constitution. The government’s assault on Christians is both unwarranted and illegal in itself. The folks in Pennsylvania are not stupid. They know this originates from left wing atheist, Islam, and other non-Christian religions. To be blunt, Senator Obama, they are feeling the heat and it’s coming from people such as you! Senator Obama why are you not tolerant and understanding of the way Pennsylvanian’s see things?

We are appalled at the utter disregard of the Second Amendment. The right to protect ones person, family, and property is born of natural instincts. This right is seen as being founded in the Constitution by the majority of Americans. Not to mention it is specifically written in the Consitution. Senator Obama, is it ok for you disregard the Constitution if you think it is in my best interest?

There is resentment for the manipulative practices of government at the State and Federal level. Specifying the type of light bulb we are to use. Dictating how we are to educate our children. Telling us what type of automobile we are to drive. Then telling us to fill it full of expensive gas for no reason - John McCain included. Driving up food prices for no good reason. Not letting a prayer to be said in the name of Jesus. Senator Obama, how long will it be before you are telling us what to wear and where we will be employed?

Bitter? Your damn right I am bitter. I could say it a little more forcefully, but there are rules about vulgarity for this post.

An Angry White Man married to a Typical White Woman.

...a racial and/or religious brush. Don't do that again here.

Moe Lane

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC. I've been usurped!

But I guess my reaction is a 'typical white person's take'.

OMG you made me laugh. Against his better instincts, Barak will condescend to shaking your hand.

"I believe we must adjourn this meeting to some other place." - The last recorded words of Adam Smith.

...a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right...

---Thomas Paine---

no need to try so hard anymore with these brilliant, thoughtful posts.

just might. Cafferty really is a gross ignoramous. It's bad enough to play catamite to Barack's Tiberious in the public forum, but he was so over-the-top that he made it completely worse.

"I believe we must adjourn this meeting to some other place." - The last recorded words of Adam Smith.

candidate (I once thought otherwise) and can't get off that train. As much as Obama's offensive, bigoted, and arrogant remarks have been parsed, something really leaps at me: "anti-trade." This represents hypocrisy times two in that Obama has beat Hillary about the head over NAFTA, Bill's trade lobbying and record, fill in the blank, and the first thing he does in a closed room with beneficiaries of our trade agreements is tar those who support Clinton as "anti-trade." Wow. Hubris, Thy name is Obama.

This election would be a landslide.

The Democrats have fallen all over each other trying to get farther out on the left wing. They have all landed out of step with the American people. Now, as they try to defend what their champion said, they are being further exposed as the anti-American elitist socialists they are.

Unfortunately, our team can't seem to figure it out.

understands the need to pretend to be a populist.

The discussion of guns reminds me of a moment in a Democratic debate where ownership came up.

This debate took place on April 26, 2007 (it seems much...longer ago) and the moderator asked if any of the candidates had guns in their homes as adults. The response was edifying -- ALL the dems EXCEPT Hillary, Edwards and Obama raised their hands -- Biden, Dodd, Richardson, Gravel...even little Dennis Kucinich!

Wonder where Hillary keeps her guns?

By the way, in the pictures I've seen Hillary drinks the shot and then the beer (maybe the other way around). I always thought the correct way to down aboilermaker was to drop the shot, glass and all, in the beer and then down the whole thing. That's how we did it when I lived in Philly.

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