Professional Undecideds?

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What's up with Frank Luntz's focus groups? He apparently has a professional undecided in the midst of it. See the video:

Hat tip to Free Republic.

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Apparently, people have spotted 3 people that are the same in both focus groups.

but it doesn't really prove anything. Is it really all that hard to believe that people who were undecided a few months ago might still be undecided today?

Personally, I think anyone who says they're undecided in this race either aren't paying serious enough attention or don't know what it is they're looking for.

and have been since the beginning of this race.

mostly, I guess. I don't know. I keep going back and forth between almost all of the candidates - except Thompson, surprisingly, since he's the only one I've given money to this cycle. I'm with the focus group though, I'm leaning back Romney's way (again).

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to be honest, I'm surprised someone like Jeff still considers himself undecided. Maybe I need to reconsider my general antipathy towards undecideds....

out of being a professional undecided.

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Well for a corporation that prides itself on controlling the debate this is simply business as usual. They probably gave Hillary's campaign the idea of placing ringers in the audience. Of course FEMA, the Pentagon and the Whitehouse itself have been exposed repeatedly for planting false reporters and other fake news releases so I suppose that's how the game is supposed to be played.

There is an audio tape of Luntz trying to influence the focus group off air which should be posted sometime today. That will certainly spice up the stew pot!

Who is going to post it? And why hasn't it been posted yet? What are they waiting for?
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Or a plant for Romney, trying to look like a plant for McCain!

Or a plant for McCain trying to look like a plant for Romney trying to look like a plant from McCain...:)

Anyone but Hillary seemed to be his general consensus.

Whether or not he's making a career of trying to get his 15 minutes of fame or not, it's obvious he doesn't want Hillary, or any Democrat, in the White House.

It's not like one debate was in Iowa and another in New Hampshire -- both were in his state, and it's a pretty small state.

Luntz wants us to believe that his focus groups are random selections of undecided voters. If he is using people again and again, without acknowledging it, then I think something is very fishy.

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just happened to break for Romney....I mean he was ok last night but there was no big aha moment that would make someone just change their mind.

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Way, way behind them. So I won't get any of their stink on me. Used to be a viewer, but most of TV seems less relevent to me these days (too many filters between raw events and me). I'm happy to do my own analysis, instead of accepting "approved" and pre-digested stories at face value.

As a professional who has paid for many focus groups in my career you always have to take the results with a grain of salt. It is more important to listen to what people have to say and what they think versus trying to measure the results.

A few vocal people can sway opinion and you do have professional focus group people. However, I don't know if these two were undecided before and undecided now, but anyone who manages recruitment for focus groups should have uncovered this. Nice catch.

On Hannity & Colmes this evening, Frank Luntz did explain, in a rather lame way, why he uses people multiple times in his focus groups. This was terrible ... how does following 3 people give you a statistical sample? If the whole group was the same, OK, but not 3 people!

Secondly, listen carefully to Frank Luntz on the conversation with the "undecided" Republican leaning Independents. He asks them about phone calls from all of the candidates. He asks them if they are undecided. He asks them if they will support Romney. He then says "What can WE do to change your mind?". Sounds to me like he is working for the Romney campaign. He then asks the group if they are deciding between McCain and Romney. Some people seem like Romney, some appear undecided. I find the combination of episodes between yesterday and this evening extremely unseemly.

I don't have a recorder at home, and I'm not sure how to get it off of Foxnews or YouTube if it has been posted. The show finished about 20 minutes ago.

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Ugh. by docj

I really, and I truly mean really, don't understand what it is with some people and this growing swamp of RDS, but I'm pretty sure Romney does not have enough dough to put everyone he's accused of having on his payroll actually on his payroll - even for a day.


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Since the debate saturday i was waiting for something like this to come up. His groups are as idiotic as the people running.

From his democratic debate the woman front and center didn't shut up, she also apparently backed Edwards, Hillary and now she backs Obama. She didn't seem shy at all to talk, and seemed more as if she was spewing talking points. I believe she was hardly undecided at the time, and was bashing Hill left and right and singing the praises of Obama.

The gentleman next to her was also throwing out the all too common "He's so enthralling like a young Robert kennedy" line. This also seems far from undecided. Guy should have wiped his mouth off before slobbering over Obama and then going on camera.

Lastly there was a woman who said she supported Hillary and is another newbie to Obama, but yet she says what turned her off to Hillary was how Hillary agreed to the Patriot Act....That was years ago, how did that change your mind today? Was she just trying to spit more hate towards Hillary that hasn't been bought out in the MSM?

Now I'd like to see Hillary go down in flames as much as anyone else, but in the general election. Too many people seem to fall for the facade Obama throws up, he's for change, but not actual change, just he word itself, as for changing things, he seems o not have a clue.

Fox needs to dump Luntz already, he just seems like a shame who wants to pump up the uber amazingness of his Luntz-o-Meters or whatever it is he has.

All Luntz's air time should now be a 20 minute showdown between Margaret Hoover and Kirsten Powers.

Came across this video on Youtube that incorporates a Penn and Teller expose on Luntz. Interesting!

Still waiting for the guy who recorded the focus group session on Sunday to post his piece. This is definitely snowballing on FOX (like their stock is not falling fast enough).

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