Putting the Webb VP speculation in perspective.

Short version: Please pick this man. Oh, *please*, pick this man.

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I've been officially undecided whether Obama (assuming that he gets the nomination) picking Webb for the VP slot is a good idea, or a bad one: but this roundup of reactions by James Joyner to the idea (see also Ross Douthat, Yglesias guest-blogger Cathy G*, The American Conservative for a take from a demographic that Obama might theoretically want to go after, and last but definitely not least, BeldarBlog, who would have as much fun with this as I would) (H/T: Glenn) has convinced me: if Obama gets the nod, he should go with James Webb.

It'll be a gas. We have years and years of the man's comments and observations, and while his convenient apostasy may have been acceptable for a Virginia Senate campaign, Webb will not be able to run as a stealth Republican in the general election. He'll be the running mate of a man who has Code Pink leader Jodie Evans bundling for him (via Melanie Morgan); it is not only acceptable, but actually necessary to pin the man down on whether he was lying then, or lying now, about what he believes in. And the really funny part is: you know that temper thing that Democrats keep trying to pin on McCain? Yeah, well, let's just say that Jim Webb may not be exactly the most phlegmatic guy in the world, and leave it at that.

So by all means, Senator Obama: please go with this guy.


Moe Lane

*This one requires special note: Kathy G brings up that wonderfully embarrassing Washingtonian piece that Webb had to apologize to women for - grudgingly - during his Senatorial run. Unfortunately for Webb, he didn't also apologize to the Vietnam antiwar movement for similar comments... which means that it's still fair game (how do we know that he meant it?), and you can expect that it and other little comments** will be brought up a lot, just to see how many blood vessels Jim Webb will pop from the strain of having to plausibly disavow a decade's worth of hurtful and hateful comments towards progressives.

And, not to give advice to progressives, but really: you guys should make him crawl.

**So, how do you feel about Hanoi Jane Ms. Fonda these days, Senator? Seeing as you're both on the same side now, and all.

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Obama has a problem with some liberal women. Webb has a ridiculous history with sexists statements. Exposing Webb's sexism could supress the vote especially if McCain nominates a woman

If the Obama camp decides he needs beefing up in the national security department, Gen. Clark or Gen. Zinni would fill that slot much better.

If they think he needs beefing up in the disappointed female Hillary supporter category, McCaskill or Sebelius best fills the slot.

If he needs swing-state help, Strickland is the way to go.

Political experience (and/or Hispanics): Richardson.

I'm not sure what Webb would bring to the table. He barely won Virginia (and only with the help of Allen seemingly actively trying to lose), so I don't see him doing much to put Virginia more into play than it already is. Sure he's got a bit of experience, but no more than several of the above-named. Not that I don't like Webb, I just don't see how he makes political sense.

...Please pick Webb....then maybe after Obama/Webb crash and burn in the POTUS show, I'll be rid of this guy in VA...all I've got left to hang on to these days is Congressman Wolf.

In his reply to the State of the Union Message, Webb said that "The average U.S. worker takes a year to earn what his boss earns in a day."

This is clearly an outrageous lie .... if you don't believe me, find any friend or any person on the street, and ask them the name of their boss. Then ask them what they think their boss makes. You will not find even a single person whos boss makes anywhere near 365 times what the employee makes, let alone the "average worker". I work for a large company, and nobody in my company has a boss who makes even 20 times what they make.

A man who can lie like this in such an important speech has no shame whatsoever, and cannot be trusted with any responsibility.

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